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Perfect Pairs: 8 Top Side Dishes to Serve with Salsa Chicken

Salsa Chicken is a delicious, healthy dish that is easy to make.

There are many variations of salsa chicken, but they all primarily use chicken.

The flavor of salsa chicken can vary depending on the type of salsa used, but generally, you will get a hearty, spicy meal.

The taste itself is powerful yet delicate. It’s important to note that you should experiment with making Salsa Chicken yourself.

The flavor and taste of salsa chicken are subjective, so make sure to try different variations until you find the perfect one for your palette.

Serving Salsa Chicken with a side dish is important to complete the meal and prevent it from feeling too light.

If you are serving Salsa Chicken, make sure to prepare one of the following side dishes.

These will fit perfectly with the Salsa Chicken and will complete your meal.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes for Salsa Chicken?

why consider serving side dishes for salsa chicken

Salsa chicken is a delicious, healthy, and low-cost meal that can be prepared in no time.

However, it can also be a very plain dish if not paired with the right side dishes.

By adding certain sides to salsa chicken, you can make this meal more hearty and enjoyable.

Another reason you might want to consider serving side dishes for salsa chicken is because of the different flavors that can be achieved through varying sides.

Some possible combinations, like rice and beans or tortillas, are staples in Mexican cuisine.

You can also try pairing your salsa chicken with more creative side dishes like bread rolls or mashed potatoes to add some variety to this dish.

Having boring or plain sides with your salsa chicken can take away from the effect of this flavorful dish.

If you want to be adventurous and try something new, consider serving side dishes for salsa chicken at your next meal.

What to Serve with Salsa Chicken? 8 BEST Side Dishes

what to serve with salsa chicken best side dishes

Here are some great side dishes for salsa chicken that will add a bit of variety and flair to a simple dish.

1 – Black Beans & Rice

black beans rice

Who doesn’t love a good plate of rice and beans?

This simple dish is an easy way to add flavor to your meal without spending too much time in the kitchen.

If you are serving this side with salsa chicken, you could chop up some cilantro or other herbs before adding it for extra taste.

Though rice can be a little dry sometimes, the beans give it some extra juiciness and flavor.

These two staples of Mexican cuisine make for a perfect pair that also happens to be super affordable.

2 – Butternut Squash Soup

butternut squash soup

If you’re not in the mood for rice and beans but still want to add some Mexican flavor to your meal, then consider adding butternut squash soup.

This type of soup is naturally vibrant in color and has a spicy flavor that will be very pleasing with salsa chicken.

The main ingredients are usually carrots, onions, and potatoes.

However, a little bit of cayenne pepper or chili powder will help bring out the spiciness added by this side dish.

This soup is very creamy and thick, which can be great if you’re looking for something that isn’t as liquidy as salsa chicken (though it does come in a can, after all).

3 – Cornbread Muffins

cornbread muffins

You’re in luck: these muffins are very easy to make and can even be prepared in a microwave.

If you don’t feel like making this side dish, you can always buy some at the grocery store.

Cornbread muffins are great comfort food with a sweet, soft taste that complements salsa chicken wonderfully.

The combination of spicy salsa chicken and sweet cornbread is sure to please any palate.

Adding butter on top of these muffins is also a good choice for some extra flavor.

If you want to make this side dish even more hearty, try adding some bacon or cheese into the mix.

4 – Garlic Rolls

garlic rolls

Sticking with the bread theme, what better way to serve salsa chicken than with warm garlic rolls?

These simply-flavored rolls can be prepared in just a few minutes and pair perfectly with the spicy salsa chicken.

Adding some olive oil to these rolls before baking them is another way to enhance their flavor.

If you want to add even more spice to this side dish, you could also sprinkle on some red pepper flakes for an extra kick.

5 – Steamed Spinach

steamed spinach

For some, spinach might be a little difficult to swallow.

But if you’re willing to give it a try with salsa chicken, then more power to you.

This side dish provides an incredibly healthy option that is great for everyone at the table.

Spinach can provide a surprising amount of protein and fiber, which helps keep you fuller for longer.

The unique flavor of this side dish can be a great contrast to the flavors from salsa chicken itself.

It is also very easy to prepare since it doesn’t require any added ingredients or spices.

6 – Green Bean Casserole

green bean casserole

Green bean casserole is a classic dish that many people enjoy at holiday dinners or family gatherings.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even add some browned ground beef to this side dish for something a little more hearty.

The taste of green bean casserole can be a little bland if not prepared correctly.

Adding some salt, pepper, and garlic powder to this dish can make it even better if you’re willing to take the extra time.

It is also best to choose a healthier option for baking this side dish rather than just putting it in the microwave.

Allowing it to bake while covered with cheese can help bring out the flavors of this side dish.

7 – French Fries

french fries

If you’re looking for something a little more classic, then French fries are an option to consider.

This side dish is very affordable and simple to make, especially if you have some leftover frozen fries in your freezer.

They can also be a great side dish for those who don’t want a lot of carbs.

French fries are a classic accompaniment to salsa chicken and can even help cool down the spicy flavors from this dish.

They have a complex taste that is salty but with an additional kick of flavor from some chili powder.

Another reason why French fries could be the perfect side dish for salsa chicken is its versatility.

If you want to try something different, you can also fry some onions and put them inside your tacos or burritos.

8 – Burrito Bowls

burrito bowls

Finally, for those looking to spice things up, a burrito bowl is the perfect side dish.

It may also be a little difficult if you’re not used to being in the kitchen.

This side dish can include a lot of different ingredients, including but not limited to: rice, beans, shredded cheese, salsa, and veggies.

Including all these ingredients can give you a lot of flavors and healthy nutrients to keep you going throughout the day.

By putting all these ingredients together, you can create a truly unique side dish that is sure to please.

As long as you have some cooked rice on hand and some leftover salsa chicken, you’ll have everything you need to prepare this side dish.


Salsa chicken can be a great option if you’re looking for something new to serve your family.

However, you must pair this dish with the right side dishes to ensure that everyone at the table will appreciate what they eat.

Keeping all these options in mind and including one or two can help make any dinner more memorable.

As long as you prepare everything with love and serve it on your best dinnerware, you’ll be able to impress even the pickiest eaters.

what to serve with salsa chicken

What To Serve With Salsa Chicken? 8 BEST Side Dishes

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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 1 Serving


  • Black Beans u0026 Rice
  • Butternut Squash Soup
  • Cornbread Muffins
  • Garlic Rolls
  • Steamed Spinach
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • French Fries
  • Burrito Bowls


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