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Delicious Pairings: 7 Best Side Dishes & Treats for Tea

We drink tea in times of pleasure or sadness when we are ill or healthy.

It’s no accident that the most popular drink in the world is also one of its oldest.

The flavor and taste of tea are very subjective.

Some people may compare it to a woodsy or earthy flavor, while others find a distinct smokiness.

The flavors of many fine teas change as the tea cools from hot to warm and finally cools to room temperature.

Teas can have deep aromas and complex tastes, and the way it feels in your mouth when you drink is just as much a part of enjoying tea as its taste.

The caffeine in tea affects everyone differently, depending on factors such as body weight, amount of exposure to caffeine, and whether or not one is also ingesting other sources of caffeine.

Both green and black teas contain caffeine. Most herbal teas contain no or very little caffeine.

Tea is the most popular beverage globally after water, with over 3 billion cups drunk every day.

That being said, what to serve with tea? In this article, we will list and describe some of the best side dishes to serve with your hot and delicious beverage.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes or Treats for Tea?

why consider serving side dishes or treats for tea

Although some people may prefer a plain cup of tea on a cold winter’s day, others want to make their hot beverage more special.

Many tasty treats make great pairings to a good cup of hot tea.

Some breakfast and brunch spots serve baked goods to eat with your morning or afternoon cuppa.

Others, like coffee shops, offer scones, muffins, and other pastries alongside their caffeinated beverages.

Tea also goes well with many types of sweet and savory dishes.

Some people may say that you don’t need treats to go along with tea because it’s already naturally sweet, but if you are using creamer or sugar, the drink may be too plain for your taste.

Individual preferences vary when it comes to how much sugar or cream is added to tea.

These treats are not limited to traditional baked goods; many restaurants offer salads, grilled items, and other dishes alongside their tea choices.

The next time you consider stopping for an afternoon pick-me-up or brunch date with friends, make sure to take advantage of the extensive list of great accompaniments that tea has available.

What to Serve with Tea? 7 BEST Side Dishes & Treats

what to serve with tea savory side dishes and treats

Here is a list of seven savory side dishes and treats that we believe will be perfect for your next tea day.

1 – Wafers and Cakes

wafers and cakes

The sweet and crunchy wafers go well with tea because they are light, thin, and delicate.

They are often served on their own or accompanied by other items on the menu.

Their texture makes them easy to break apart in your mouth so that you can eat them with ease alongside any style of tea.

There are many types of cakes served with tea, including chocolate cake, fruitcake, and pound cakes.

Cakes vary depending on the ingredients used to make them.

Some may include raisins or nuts, while others might be flavored with spices like cinnamon or allspice.

The next time you order a pot of tea at your local coffee shop or tearoom, ask what type of cakes they have available.

2 – Quiche


Quiche is a savory dish made from eggs, milk or cream, and cheese baked in a pie crust.

The custard-like filling contains vegetables or meat and has a fluffy texture.

The contents vary depending on where you eat the dish, but the traditional dish is made with eggs, milk or cream, cheese, and vegetables.

Quiche can be eaten for breakfast, brunch, or as a light dinner option.

The veggies can vary, but they are often paired with onions, leeks, or bell peppers.

Quiche contains high amounts of protein because it uses egg whites to create its fluffiness.

You can find quiche at many restaurants, either as a standalone dish or part of the brunch menu.

It can also be ordered to go for an on-the-go meal.

If you are hosting tea at your home, consider bringing out quiche alongside your other baked goods or snacks.

This savory plate is perfect for people who want something more than just sweet treats to munch on.

3 – Sandwiches


Tea sandwiches are often served during afternoon tea or high tea because they go well with the other items on the menu.

They also fit nicely in people’s hands to be eaten without any utensils for added convenience.

There are several types of sandwiches served with tea.

The first is the traditional cucumber sandwich made with three pieces of bread and filled with cucumbers, butter or mayo, and seasoning.

Another popular tea food is the egg salad sandwich, which uses soft bread such as brioche.

The last type of common tea sandwich is watercress, which is made with two pieces of bread and uses watercress, cucumber, butter, or mayo as its filling.

If you are hosting tea at home, consider preparing some different types of sandwiches for your guests to enjoy.

You can also choose to serve just one kind of sandwich to make it easier to manage on the serving tray.

4 – Classic Scones

classic scones

Another type of baked good that is often served with tea is the scone.

Scones are light, crumbly dishes that can be eaten as a snack or as part of a meal.

This treat has been gaining popularity over the past few years because it can be paired with many types of teas.

Scones have a concise baking time and use heavy cream as their main ingredient.

They may also be flavored with fruit or chocolate, although they aren’t typically served with any filling.

Scones are often eaten plain, but many people like to top them with jam and clotted cream for added sweetness and flavor.

These ingredients complement the scone’s texture and help it go down smoothly with tea.

If you are hosting tea at your home, consider baking scones the day before to save time on the big day.

You can also prepare them ahead of time for easy serving when your guests arrive.

5 – Easy Iced Buns

easy iced buns

Iced buns are a sweet treat that is served with tea in many parts of the world.

They can be eaten as a snack, breakfast, or as part of a meal alongside other treats.

The main ingredients in iced buns are yeast and butter.

The dish gets its name because these ingredients are mixed to create a flavorful dough that can rise for several hours before baking.

Once it’s ready, the dish can be topped with a variety of ingredients.

The dish is often made into a circle and filled with nuts, fruit, or even chocolate chips before it is topped with creamy icing.

Iced buns are sometimes served alongside scones at afternoon tea because the small size makes them easy to eat without utensils.

6 – Earl Grey Teacakes

earl grey teacakes

Earl Grey is a type of tea that is popular in Great Britain.

It can be made using black or green leaves, but most people enjoy it with black tea because the taste of the bergamot shines through.

Consider making teacakes for those who like Earl Grey and want an easy way to prepare this dish at home.

This treatment uses the same tea like Earl Grey and pairs it with other ingredients such as sugar and cocoa to create a sweet, moist baked good perfect for tea lovers.

Teacakes are easy to make at home because all ingredients can be mixed by hand or using an electric mixer.

They only require one bowl and a baking tray to prepare, making them a simple option for afternoon tea.

7 – Sugared Flower Shortbreads

sugared flower shortbreads

Shortbread is a traditional Scottish dish that has been made for centuries.

It usually consists of three ingredients – butter, sugar, and flour – blended to create a sweet treat that can be enjoyed with tea or dessert.

This mixture is shaped into an oval shape before being baked until it turns golden brown.

Once it is finished, the dish can be topped with various ingredients, such as almonds and sugar.

Shortbread is often served alongside tea because it pairs well with both hot and iced varieties.

The treat also has a long shelf life, making it ideal for serving at home or transporting to an outside location where tea is being held.


In conclusion, what to serve with tea is a critical decision.

If you want to impress your guests, consider serving each meal course on its own so that your table setting looks complete and formal.

Of course, formal tea will not be appropriate for every occasion.

If you are hosting a casual gathering or are simply looking to take the stress out of the equation, consider pairing each dish with one type of tea, such as black or herbal.

Whichever route you decide to go, these seven dishes are sure to please your guests and improve their experience at your tea party.

what to serve with tea

What to Serve with Tea? 7 BEST Side Dishes & Treats

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  • Wafers and Cakes
  • Quiche
  • Sandwiches
  • Classic Scones
  • Easy Iced Buns
  • Earl Grey Teacakes
  • Sugared Flower Shortbreads


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