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Can You Freeze Liquid Egg Whites? [Tested & Detailed Guide]

If there is one ingredient that you can think of to turn into a dish quickly, an egg probably comes to mind.

Eggs are delicious, and you can use them to make a variety of dishes.

An egg contains plenty of substances that are beneficial for health.

They are handy to have at all times. No pantry can be complete without eggs.

Do you know? Egg whites are even healthier because they contain protein but no cholesterol or fat.

You can use egg whites both in desserts and savory dishes.

You can add them to make tasty meringues, macarons, and pavlovas or use them in dumplings and frittatas.

They are also effective in weight loss programs.

But eggs tend to spoil quickly, which can be risky as it can cause infection.

The only way to preserve them is to keep them in the fridge.

But can you freeze liquid egg whites too? You surely can freeze them.

Does Freezing Affect Liquid Egg Whites?

does freezing affect liquid egg whites

Since you now know that it is possible to freeze liquid egg whites, you may want to know if freezing affects them too.

The answer is there is not much change in texture when thawed after freezing.

But one exciting change takes place in the process, and it is a positive one.

Freezing and thawing liquid egg whites enhance the egg white’s foaming ability.

It is a good thing because the foamier it is, the airier it becomes.

As a result, your baked dishes will be light and delicious.

Freezing egg whites may, however, make the proteins weaker and even alter the shape.

It is the opposite with raw egg yolk.

When you freeze them, the yolks become like gel, and the process is known as gelation.

The taste of the egg yolks can also be sweet or salty, depending on what you add during the freezing process.

The taste may change more when you add the yolk to various dishes.

If you happen to buy frozen yolk products, see that you get the ingredient details.

If you want more airiness in your dessert, then freeze some liquid egg whites before whisking, and you will have excellent results.

You can also use the frozen whites for making various dishes whenever necessary.

How to Freeze Liquid Egg Whites?

how to freeze liquid egg whites

Freezing liquid egg whites, yolks, and whole eggs (after cracking the shells) lengthen the shelf life.

But it is not to be done at random. Else, you may not have the eggs as expected.

Even if a little complicated, following some valuable tips and steps can help freeze the liquid egg whites in the best way.

What are the proper steps to freeze Liquid egg whites?

It is safe to safe to say that different people follow different ways to freeze liquid egg whites.

But you only need a method that can preserve the liquid egg whites in an ideal way.

So, here are the necessary steps that you can use to freeze your egg whites.

  • Crack the shells and separate yolks and whites: If you don’t have extra egg whites from before, break the shells of whole eggs. You can then separate the whites from the yolks and keep them separately. If you have leftover whites, follow the next step.
  • Put egg whites in a jug: You can put all the egg whites into a jar instead of a bowl to pour quickly. Don’t whisk them up or add any condiments. Since the yolks tend to change upon freezing, use them as soon as you can.
  • Pour onto an ice tray: Take an ice cube tray and pour the egg white onto each cube hole. Once done, cover the tray with clingfilm or something similar. Let it freeze overnight.
  • Bag and seal: You can remove the ice tray in the morning and place each egg white cube in a freezer bag. Next, seal it tightly.
  • Put to freeze: Put the bag back in the freezer. You can take the egg-white cubes whenever you need them.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind.

Don’t freeze large quantities at once if you don’t have more ice trays.

Try with one-two eggs and see how many cubes they fill.

How many methods to freeze Liquid egg whites?

You can freeze egg whites even in an enormous container, but that is not practical.

You will have to defrost it and refreeze the remaining quantity.

So, it is best to freeze in the earlier mentioned method.

How Long Does Frozen Liquid Egg Whites Last in the Freezer?

Frozen egg whites can last up to 12 months at the most.

So, while freezing, write the date to know when you have to stop using it.

How to Thaw Frozen Liquid Egg Whites?

how to thaw frozen liquid egg whites

Since it is safe to freeze the egg whites even up to twelve months, you can get more ice cube trays to freeze more.

Thawing is a simple process, and you can use the thawed whites for any dish.

But make sure to have them cooked or add them only to those dishes that have to be cooked.

Please take out the cubes and thaw them overnight in the fridge whenever you need to use egg whites.

You can also put the cubes in a bowl and place them in a larger bowl filled with normal water.

It may, however, take a while. If you wish to use the entire cubes in the bag, you can put them under tap water.

You can keep the thawed eggs at room temperature for up to thirty minutes before using them.

Regarding whole eggs or egg yolks, use them as soon as they melt.

It may not be safe to keep them longer at room temperature.

It is not advisable to refreeze egg whites as the whole texture and flavor may change and deteriorate.

So, when you need the whites, take out only what you need and use the entire quantity of that batch.

can you freeze liquid egg whites

Can You Freeze Liquid Egg Whites? The Complete Guide

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Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
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  • Liquid egg whites
  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
  • Labels and markers


  • Prepare all the mentioned equipment and ingredients in the article.
  • Follow the steps for proper freezing.
  • Label the container with the date and contents.
  • Depending on the recipe, thawing time may vary.
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