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What Does Earl Grey Tea Taste Like? Flavorful Tea Experience

Health has become an essential part of taking care of your body.

So many food varieties help to increase your health, like energy drinks and power gummies.

Among them, one of the most helpful health supplements is drinking tea. And what is better than to drink the famous earl grey tea?

Earl grey tea is a famous tea blend with the added flavor of Bergamot oil. It is one of the best-known tea blends in the whole world.

Earl grey tea’s flavor gives a very floral scent, and the taste has a citrusy note because of the Bergamot present in the tea.

What is Earl Grey Tea?

what is earl grey tea

The main ingredient for a good earl grey tea is Bergamot. Bergamot is an orange fruit.

It is commonly grown in parts of Italy. It is a hybrid of lemon and bitter orange.

Its rind is cold-pressed to produce its oil. This oil is added to earl grey tea to give its famous blend.

The earl grey tea leaves get extracted from a tea plant called Camellia Sinensis. It contains potent antioxidant properties, which makes it the perfect health drink.

The Earl Grey blend name comes from the British Prime Minister Charles Grey. ​

His most famous title was Earl Grey and hence, the name Earl Grey Tea.

What Does Earl Grey Tea Taste Like? Does Earl Grey Tea Taste Good?

what does earl grey tea taste like

Earl grey tea has a very delicate smell. Its aroma is very flowery and soothing for your senses.

It gives a very refreshing and pleasing taste to drinking it.

Many tea brands sell earl grey tea. Because there are many flavors added into the tea, this results in varied flavors and tastes.

The trademark of all these types of earl grey tea is Bergamot oil as the main ingredient.

One of the most popular tea brands is the ‘Twinings’ brand. It is a London-based tea marketer and uses cornflower and Seville oranges in their earl grey tea.

Twinings Lady Grey Tea is lighter than earl grey tea. It also has a unique taste with a soft citrus note.

Click here to know more about earl grey tea and Twinings Lady Grey’s differences by tea enthusiast Lu Ann from The Cup of Life.

Tata Tea is another Indian company that produces earl grey teaa under their brand name ‘Tetley.’

It is the largest producer of Assam and Darjeeling tea in the world.

The taste of their earl grey tea has a strong flavor but not too overpowering. Its taste is classic, soothing, and gives a delightful aroma.

Tea with Bergamot oil helps in lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure. Since it reduces your cholesterol level, it allows you to have a healthy heart.

Bergamot contains flavonoids that are good for improving your digestion.

Click here to know more about the benefits of drinking earl grey tea from HealthLine.

How to Drink Earl Grey Tea Properly?

how to drink earl grey tea

Earl Grey Tea is best when you prepare with boiling water. That way, you will enjoy the whole aroma and flavor of the tea without any other added ingredients.

Please ensure that you boil the exact amount of tea and duration for boiling the tea as mentioned in your Earl Grey Teabox.

It is a personal choice whether to pour milk and sugar into your tea. Some may like it, and some may not.

Our advice is to try both blends and see which one you prefer at the end. If you feel your Earl Grey Tea is quite bitter with plain boiling water, we recommend you to add some warm milk and a sugar cube for starters.

That way, you can either add more or less according to your taste and preference.

Click here to prepare Earl Grey Tea step-by-step if you are a first-timer.

Earl Grey is also a popular ingredient for many types of cakes, chocolates, and ice cream.

Not only that, Bergamot oil is used as an ingredient for making perfumes.

Try this Earl Grey Cake with Vanilla Buttercream recipe from Liv for Cake.

Also, try this simple Earl Grey Tea ice cream from Epi Curious.


does earl grey tea taste good

Earl Grey Tea is described as “the melodious harmony of citrus flavours and warm spices that blend together to form a divine sip.”

We cannot exaggerate beyond their words how much Earl Grey Tea means to daily tea drinkers.

We ask you to try it out. Maybe this will be your new favorite, and you may have never known it.

what does earl grey tea taste like

What Does Earl Grey Tea Taste Like? Does Earl Grey Tea Taste Good?

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