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7 BEST Side Dishes to Serve with Lamb Kofta Kebabs

Who doesn’t like food cooked in skewers? They’re smoky, crunchy on the outside, and moist inside.

Lamb kofta kebabs must be one of the tastiest foods on the planet.

The typical lamb kofta kebab contains minced lamb and veal with a Turkish spice mix.

However, many variants have come up in recent times.

But you can enjoy kofta kebabs with many items.

Are you wondering what to serve with lamb kofta kebabs? You don’t have to stress too much because we will tell you about the seven best dishes you can have with the kebabs.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Lamb Kofta Kebabs?

why consider serving side dishes with lamb kofta kebabs

Lamb kofta kebabs make a delicious meal, but the dish can’t satisfy you entirely unless you consume a significant amount which isn’t a healthy practice.

You have to eat the kebabs with other foods to have a balance of flavors and satisfaction.

If you include the kofta kebabs for an occasion, you certainly need some side dishes to pair up, or everyone will go home hungry.

What to Serve with Lamb Kofta Kebabs? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Let’s find out what you can have with the kofta kebabs.

1 – Tzatziki


We will begin the list with a popular dip found in the cuisines of Southeast Europe and the Middle East.

It can also be a soup or sauce, depending on your requirements.

Tzatziki tastes delicious and complements lamb kofta kebabs nicely.

Hence, you can serve it alongside the meat.

The common ingredients of the dish include strained yogurt, garlic, olive oil, salt, cucumber, parsley, dill, mint, and lemon juice.

You can also make it with diluted yogurt and other veggies.

It’s served cold and can be a side dish, appetizer, or meze (a course with small dishes).

2 – Roasted Eggplant Salad

roasted eggplant salad

Eggplant or aubergine doesn’t get much attention, and people are hesitant to use it, but it tastes great when cooked correctly.

Roasting is one of the best methods to cook eggplant as you get a smoky flavor out of it.

The roasted eggplant salad is a yummy dish that can accompany lamb kofta kebabs.

The veggie is a staple in cuisines of the Mediterranean region and cooked in different ways.

Roasted eggplant salad is among the popular dishes found in the region.

The common ingredients for the salad include eggplant, pickled chilies, basil, parsley, black pepper, dill, salt, olive oil, pistachios, lemon paste, and maple syrup.

The final product will have smoky, sweet, tangy, and juicy flavors that go perfectly with the meat.

3 – Chickpea Salad

chickpea salad

Chickpea is a popular ingredient in Mediterranean and Middle East cuisine.

Also called garbanzo beans, they add flavor to savory dishes and bulk up sweet treats.

Chickpea salad can be an ideal partner for lamb kofta kebabs too.

The salad is fresh, crunchy, and has distinct flavors.

It can therefore balance perfectly with the meat dish.

You need plenty of ingredients to make the salad but don’t be intimidated.

It’s pretty simple to make, and you won’t be disappointed.

The common ingredients include chickpeas (drained), red onion, cucumber, kalamata olives, feta cheese, lemon juice, cherry tomatoes, black pepper (ground), red or white wine vinegar, garlic, olive oil (extra virgin), kosher salt and fresh herb (oregano, mint, dill, cilantro or parsley).

4 – Tabbouleh


Eaten initially in Lebanon and Syria, tabbouleh has spread far and wide across the continents.

It’s one of the most popular salads that contain multiple ingredients.

You can also serve the dish alongside lamb kofta kebabs, which will taste superb together.

The main ingredients of this dish include soaked but not cooked bulgur, parsley, mint, tomatoes, onion, olive oil, sweet pepper, lemon juice, and salt.

You can also use semolina instead of bulgur and pomegranate seeds instead of tomatoes.

You can serve the dish cold or at room temperature.

5 – Spicy Middle Eastern Potatoes

spicy middle eastern potatoes

If you have not tasted this dish before, you should do it now because it tastes divine.

Spicy Middle Eastern potatoes also complement lamb kofta kebabs nicely.

You can make the dish in three ways; twice fried (deep and shallow fry), boil and fry, and roast and toss.

Each variant is yummy, and they all pair well with the kebabs.

You need potatoes, salt, and for the sauce, cilantro, garlic, red pepper, and olive oil.

Choose the Yukon Gold variety, as they have a slightly waxy texture and moist flesh; they’re perfect for roasting.

Roast peeled and sliced potatoes with salt and a drizzle of olive oil.

In the meantime, make a simple sauce with chopped cilantro, minced garlic, and crushed red pepper in little olive oil.

Remove potatoes when cooked through and add the sauce and toss.

Add the remaining cilantro and crushed pepper just before serving.

6 – Spinach and Feta Dip

spinach and feta dip

We have one more dip to go with lamb kofta kebabs.

It’s the popular spinach and feta dip that people use with multiple dishes.

The spinach dip is pretty simple to make since you need many ingredients.

It also takes about 10 minutes, and you can make it in advance as it’s served cold.

The usual ingredients include baby spinach, cream cheese, garlic, feta cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt.

All you have to is put all the ingredients except salt in a food processor and blend.

Once smooth, add salt and taste. Transfer the dip to a bowl, add more cheese, and serve.

7 – Hummus


It’s the last item on the list but certainly not the least.

Hummus or Houmous is a popular Middle Eastern dip and spread that finds its way into the menu of any occasion.

It’s a pretty simple dish but insanely delicious and versatile.

You can eat it with many items, including lamb kofta kebabs.

The typical ingredients for hummus include chickpeas or garbanzo beans, garlic, lemon juice, tahini, salt, extra virgin olive oil, and cumin.

You must add all the items to an appliance and blend till smooth.

Blend a little longer if it isn’t that smooth. When done, add a little water.

Serve alongside the meat, or you can also add some herbs and spices like parsley, smoked paprika, and cayenne before serving.


So, the list is complete, and now you have seven dishes to serve with lamb kofta kebabs.

You can make one or more whenever you have the kebabs on the menu.

Whether you add the dip or salad, it will be a hit with everyone.

You may also make Fattoush, stuffed vine leaves, French fries, and beetroot falafel to the list for more variety.

what to serve with lamb kofta kebabs

What to Serve with Lamb Kofta Kebabs? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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  • Tzatziki
  • Roasted Eggplant Salad
  • Chickpea Salad
  • Tabbouleh
  • Spicy Middle Eastern Potatoes
  • Spinach and Feta Dip
  • Hummus


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