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Juicy and Succulent: What Does Veal Meat Taste Like?

We all know Veal is a type of meat.

However, we are often confused about what it is exactly. Is it beef? Or is it different from Deer meat?

In simple terms, Veal is the meat of a young calf. It is an integral part of Mediterranean, Italian and French cuisines. Veal goes deliciously with potatoes, noodles, and rice.

There are numerous health benefits attached to Veal. It is low in fats and contains tons of vitamins.

If Veal comes from the same animal as beef, you must be thinking, “What does Veal taste like?”

What is Veal?


Veal is the meat of young female or male calf. However, the preference goes for males as it doesn’t produce milk.

Did you know there is a classification in the types of Veal? .The five types of classified Veal are:

Bob Veal is the youngest type of Veal. The meat comes from five days old calves.

Milk fed Veal comes from 18-20 weeks old calves. The color of the meat is ivory to cream with a firm texture.

Grain fed or also called as Red Veal, is 22 to 26 weeks old calves. The meat at this stage is dark in color.

The Rose Veal comes from 35 weeks old calves, and the meat is pink in color.

Free Ranged raised Veal comes from 24 weeks old calves. Unlike the above types, it grows the calves in green pastures.

What Does Veal Taste Like? Does Veal Taste Good?


Veal has a velvety texture and is fine-grained and firm. The delicate flavor of the meat is quite refreshing than as expected. Though it might sound weird, Veal is like the chicken of red meats.

Comparison between Veal with beef is often; however, it has a delicate flavor than beef.

It is also slightly more tender as the muscles were not used, unlike beef. Veal meat is also comparatively easier to digest.

When you look at Veal, it seems a lot like any other meat. It has a grayish pink and red tone to the flesh.

Veal is like the tender version of beef. The meat is not dense and contains a small number of fats, unlike Bear meat. 

The taste profile of the different types of Veal:

Bob Veal has the mildest flavor. The reason being it did not get time to develop its characteristics. It almost resembles the texture of jelly.

While free ranged, Veal has a more robust and distinctive taste. The environment it grows up at definitely attributes to its flavor. Thus making it leaner and firm in texture.

Nutritional value

Let us venture into the nutritional value of Veal. These facts are from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Agriculture Research Service). These values are per 100 grams.




66.16 g


197 kcal


18.58 g


0 g

Fatty acids (Total saturated)

5.108 g


12 mg


1.37 mg


2.51 mg

Vitamin B-12

2.28 ug


31 mg


198 mg


103 mg

When you compare rabbit meat with Veal, it towers over it in most aspects.

Veal is said to have more vitamins like Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B3. It also has more minerals, like Calcium and Sodium.

Best Ways to Cook Veal


Finally, we are at the best part. We will be learning the best and right way to cook with Veal. With the help of Chicago Tribune, you will only need to follow the pointers given:

  • Poached Veal is an easy recipe. You need to poach the required amount of Veal with some vegetables and white wine. Cook the Veal till it falls apart and reduces the stock to a sauce. Plate it up with the sauce drizzled over it.
  • A famous Italian summer dish is Vitello Tonnato. It is a cold dish that combines the flavor of Veal with seafood.

Veal is the right choice if you want the meat to be tender and lean. Veal is a versatile ingredient and finds its use in various dishes.

If you are looking for quick recipes here are some:

  • Roasting vegetables with Veal is also an excellent recipe. You need to chop some greens of your choice. It can be potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and seasonings. Roast the mixture until it turns golden.
  • Another classic recipe is Pan Fried Veal chops with lemon and rosemary. Rub the Veal with olive oil, rosemary, and seasoning before frying it with butter. After 15 minutes, take it off and serve with a squeeze of lemon.

Caution: According to USDA, for safety measures, cook the Veal at a minimum temperature of 160°F.

Plus, allow the meat to rest for three minutes before consuming or carving.


One of the first records of cooking veal dates back to the time period of Romans. The meat of the young calf is best when it is pale pink to almost light grayish pink.

Veal is a tender and mild tasting meat with a much lesser fat content.

If you are searching for meat that is not gamey like Venison, Veal is the one. It is one of the cleanest tasting red meat in the market.

Health-conscious people flock to eat Veal for its health benefits. It is the perfect alternative for those on a low carb diet.

what to serve with veal chops

What Does Veal Taste Like? Does Veal Taste Good?

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  • Depending on the recipes you choose, the taste can vastly differ.
  • For authentic results, it is important to choose a recipe that will highlight the original flavor.
  • Have fun experimenting with different recipes and taste tests!
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