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Is Frozen Yogurt a Wise Choice on the Keto Diet?

If you are a fan of frozen yogurt, you will know how addictive the tanginess is.

Frozen yogurts are products of milk, probiotic culture, and sugar. These frozen desserts have a creamy composition and taste slightly tangy.

There is nothing like a tasty frozen yogurt dessert on a hot day. But if you are following keto diet, you might wonder if you can have frozen yogurt.

So, is frozen yogurt keto? Let’s check out below.

Is Frozen Yogurt Keto Friendly?

Many people see frozen yogurts as a healthier version of ice creams.

With diet becoming more important, you might find more people replacing ice creams with frozen yogurt. Instead of cream, frozen yogurt consists of milk.

Frozen yogurts are different from regular yogurt. They may contain lesser yogurt culture than regular yogurt.

Sometimes, there aren’t live cultures at all.

If you want the good bacteria from frozen yogurt, you can check out the label before buying it.

Most active-bacteria frozen yogurt will have the seal that reads ‘Live and Active Culture.’

Quick nutrition facts for 100g of frozen yogurt:



Net Carbohydrate

22 grams


3 grams


0 grams


4 grams



Benefits of Frozen Yogurt

The healthy bacteria living in frozen yogurt helps you in many different ways. Some of the benefits of frozen yogurt are as follows:

  • It helps in lowering blood pressure.
  • It enhances the immune system.
  • Some frozen yogurt might promote healthy bones.

Aside from being a healthy option, frozen yogurt is delicious and pleasantly satisfying.

And you can have it in different ways, as dessert, smoothie, and more.

Why not add some blackberries to frozen yogurt and make a gluten-free recipe?

This blackberry keto frozen yogurt contains 5g of carbs and is great during a keto diet.

You can also give a no-churn keto frozen yogurt recipe a go. This vanilla paleo frozen yogurt recipe is not only keto-friendly, but the creamy taste could take you to a new realm.

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