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Is Pesto Keto-Friendly? Exploring a Low-Carb Delight

The history of the Keto diet goes back as early as the 1900s, according to Wikipedia.

The original purpose of the ketogenic diet was to treat epilepsy patients. It pushed the body to burn ketones instead of glucose.

It is now a modern technique sought out by many to lose weight. The purpose of the article is to get to know “is pesto Keto?”

Is Pesto Keto Friendly?

To understand this topic more, let us go to the core and learn what a Keto diet is.

According to Harvard Medical School, a keto diet centers on fats, unlike other low-carb diets that focus on protein instead.

A strict keto diet would require 60-75% of calories from fat and 15-30% calories from protein.

Regarding carbs, 5 to 10% means you cannot exceed more than 50 g of carbs per day.

To answer the question of whether pesto is keto is possible by looking into its dietary components.

With the help of WebMD, let us see whether pesto is keto?



Net Carbohydrate

1 grams


2 grams


0 grams


8 grams



Pesto is one of the healthiest condiments. Pesto uses fresh basil leaves, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, and olive oil.

Thus, it packs a good source of healthy fats, protein, and fiber for the body.

Pesto is an excellent source of zinc. Thus, it is the perfect choice for vegetarians who need an intake of 50% zinc per day.

In general, all food that you consume will typically have carbs. Thus, adding pesto into your keto diet with help in balancing your carbs level.

Since the carbohydrate level for pesto is just 1g, it is the perfect keto condiment indeed.

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