Is Kefir Keto Friendly?

Is Kefir Keto Friendly? 1

Healthline suggests that keto is one of the most scientifically studied diets out there. It lets you healthily lose fat with the least number of side effects.

To follow a proper keto diet, you need to keep your daily carbohydrate intake under strict moderation.

A lot enjoys milk beverages like smoothies, milk teas, and Kefir. If you love them and want to take up keto, let’s see ‘is kefir keto’ or not!

Is Kefir Keto Friendly?

WebMD states that to sustain a proper keto diet, you need to keep your daily carb intake within the 50-gram limit.

To make sure if you can fit in a glass of Kefir within your daily keto diet, we’ll need to take a look at its nutritional chart:

(Approximate values for 1 cup serving)



Net Carbohydrate

12 grams


11 grams


12 grams


2 grams



The above chart shows that the carb content within Kefir is significantly high and is derived from sugar. Harvard Medical School states that the keto diet is different and unique because it focuses on a low carb high-fat ratio.

The Kafir milk usually has high amounts of carb that might make it difficult to sustain the diet. Almost all the food we eat has carbs in it; therefore, the trick is to spread the carb consumption among your recipes.

High sugar content within your daily diet might trick your body to think that it has an ample carbohydrate supply. This might lead your body to leave the state of ketosis. Once this happens, it’ll ruin your keto diet’s effects and remove the results as well.

Therefore, if you are sure that you can manage your carb intake from other foods while having a kefir milk cup, then go ahead.

If you think that it won’t be possible, then don’t force it. A missed Kefir is better than a ruined keto!

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Is Kefir Keto Friendly? 2

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