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Is Soy Suitable for the Keto Diet?

According to Pubmed, Keto, or Ketogenic Diet was first introduced in the 1902s as a form of treatment for Epilepsy.

It was a special diet, low in Carbs, which helped the body burn fat efficiently.

As modern medicine improved, this diet stopped acting as a treatment and started working as a weightloss program for bodybuilders.

In this article, we will be discussing if Soy is suitable for a proper Keto diet or not.

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Let’s first understand what the characteristics of Keto friendly food items are. As per WebMD, it should be deficient in Carbohydrates.

This is the main reason for pushing the body to burn up fats for meeting its energy needs.

Secondly, food items should have high amounts of good fats and proteins.

According to Healthline, SKD, or Standard Ketogenic Diet, it is the most popular form of a Keto diet, and it only allows for 5% Carb intake.

Now let’s take a sneak peek into Soy’s dietary information for adequately answering the question: Is Soy Keto?

Soy nutrition (Approx values according to Medical News Today per 100g):



Net Carbohydrate

11.05 grams


12.35 grams


4.2 grams


6.4 grams



Along with these, Soy also contains a lot of important and essential vitamins and minerals.

Even though Soy is high in Proteins and Fats, the carb content is high, keeping in mind that you’ll eat other food that’ll also contain carbohydrates.

Almost all of the food that you will typically eat has Carbs within them.

Therefore incorporating Soy into a Keto diet will make it exceptionally hard for you to balance out the carbohydrate that you will intake through other foods.

As per Healthline, while following the SKD routine, you need to eat foods with low amounts of carbs to maintain that 5% carb bracket.

Soy is an excellent vegan option to provide your body with adequate amounts of proteins and fats.

But the exceptionally high amount of Carbs makes it unfit for Keto.

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