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Clean Eating 101 – Amazing Guide to Improve Your Health & Lose Weight

It is true that you may have had diets that you have not been able to stick to. You may also have had a diet that requires you to drink only fruit juices! You may have tried numerous diets like the Paleo diet and may have also tried to dip cotton balls into the juice in order to lose weight!

But, you may have found that you have not changed at all. The weight you have been trying to shed has clung to you like a leech. You have lost all the energy and stamina you used to have too!

The glow on your face does not exist anymore and when you look at yourself in the mirror you wonder what has happened to you. It is true that you lost all the extra pounds in your body initially, but what happened afterwards?

 They came right back into your body! What on earth happened to you?

There is only one reason behind this and that is because you have unhealthy eating habits. It is because of this reason that you did not get rid of the fat that has found a home for itself in your body. Through this guide, you will be able to understand the mistakes you have been making while on a diet and how you can rectify those mistakes.

You will be given a diet that will be like no other – a diet that will keep you healthy and wait for it, help you lose weight too!

At this point, you may already be well-versed in the concept of clean eating. Or you may be wondering, “What exactly is this diet that I have heard so much about?” Imagine the lifestyle that our ancestors led. They tended the earth and relied on its fruits to sustain them.

Modern grocery stores did not even exist until 1916. The idea of a self-service grocery store was put in motion by Clarence Saunders, founder of the Piggly Wiggly chain. Saunders was awarded multiple patents for his innovations regarding convenience at the time.

In the beginning, this revolutionary idea was a lucrative and helpful addition to many communities. These stores opened jobs and increased the demand of local products from businesses and farms. But during the course of the past century, the focus has seemed to shift from the concern of accessibility to profit at the expense of public health.

Unfortunately, because of the exponential growth and demand of big box stores, the consumer often suffers from some nasty side effects. The mass production food industry has systematically reduced the quality of their product in favor of cheaper and less healthful alternatives.

The concept of clean eating is really not so far-fetched. It is simply the mentality that nature knows best and that the body needs natural food as fuel to function efficiently.

It is the decision to purchase and consume only whole foods. That is, food that is free from processes such as the refining of grains and sugars, additions of artificial additives, colors and preservatives, and the application of pesticides.

But first, before getting too deep into forming clean eating habits, let us touch on the meaning of the word ‘diet’. Dieting is not necessarily synonymous to fasting. Dieting in the context of this guide is the kinds of food you eat. It is the same context used when people refer to things like the ketogenic diet, paleo diet, and etc.

In order to form good clean eating habits, you must change and develop a clean eating lifestyle. Clean eating, losing weight, and staying fit is not a one and done deal. It is a whole lifestyle that you must adapt in order to achieve the body and health level that you want in life.

Clean Eating 101 – So What’s it?

There are numerous diets that you may have tried in order to get rid of all the fat that has settled in your body. You may have noticed that the diets have not done much when it came to help you become healthier.

Yes, you did lose weight initially, but do you have the stamina that you once had? Did you find yourself healthier than before?

You may not have it anymore and this is due to the fact that you do not have healthy eating habits. It is for this very reason that you will need to learn a little more about what clean eating is in order to get rid of the unwanted fat in your body.

You will find yourself helpless irrespective of whether or not you exercise or spend an exorbitant amount of money on fruits and vegetables that are not available at home if you do not eat right! Heath has all come down to clean eating. It has become a trend and you will find people at work or in the neighborhood discussing clean eating and how great it has been for them.

But, like every other trend, this one has its own misconceptions too! There are certain people who believe that kiwi in New Zealand is the best for health when it comes to obtaining Vitamin C. This is great news for the people living in New Zealand.

What about the people living in the other parts of the world?

If you go to a gym, the trainer there will tell you what it is that you need to do in order to lose weight. They will ask you to buy whey protein shakes and you will rush to the nearest supermarket to do the same!

There are people all over the world who would love to mislead you. This is because of the fact that they believe that the diet that has helped them will help the rest of the world! However, often at times these diets always leave people feeling malnourished and unhealthy.

Let us consider that you have walked into a diner and have ordered their Big Juicy Burger! This is a delicacy is it not – the lovely buns, with the patty and the layers of vegetables. It does sound healthy to you does it not?

Well, that is where you are wrong! The food that is used to make the burger has been produced industrially implying that it is full of fat, which will leave you with more calories that you had accounted for!

What does this mean for you then? Do you have the basic picture of what clean eating is? It means that you have to consume food that is whole, natural and something that does not pour itself out of the different containers in the supermarkets.

It is always good to consume food that comes from gardens since they have the best nutrients! This is what clean eating is all about. Yes, it is that simple! This is a concept that has emerged in the late 1970s when people were craving to find their health!

I mentioned earlier that there were misconceptions about clean eating. Let us clear those out shall we?

Most Popular Myths of Clean Eating

1 – It is a diet

Well, let me stop you right there. When you lookat the honest meaning of the word diet, you will be shocked or slightly guilty. A diet is a plan that any human being will willingly follow for a month or twoin order to lose all the unwanted fat in his or her body. What happens after?

You will be sick of the fact that you are starving yourself when you canconsume whatever food you love since you have lost enough weight. These dietsare short-term solutions and leave you unhappy since they require that youthrow out all the snacks in your house!

Have you seen the show on Modern Familywhere Cameron decides to go on a Juice Fast and gets rid of every single itemhe loves to eat? You may be forced to do that too.

Instead of going through allthis pain, it is best for you to start eating clean! You will be able to keepyourself healthy and will also find yourself feeling positive about life. Youwould not be a crabby person like Cameron was when he was on the diet. 

2 – A restriction on intake of calories

When you begin to eat in a clean manner, you will be able to fill your body with all the nutrients you need. You will find yourself energetic and happy no matter what the situation may be.

Any requirement that your metabolism has will have been met if you start eating clean. You will never have to worry about the numerous calories you may be consuming in the process since they are used up by your body in the right way.

3 – Higher frequency of meals

There are people all over the world who will tell you different things. Some may ask you to consume meals thrice a day while some may say that you will need to consume meals six times or maybe even ten times a day. What they have forgotten is that you will need to focus on the content of the meal and not on the number of times you consume a meal.

You could consume small portions every day but there is no point in eating chips, cereal or even chocolate! This is because of the fact that your health will go for a toss if you do this! You have to be careful of what you eat.

If you consume all the right amount of food, you will find that your weight has begun to stabilize itself and your energy levels have gone up! You will be allowed to eat whenever you want and how much ever you want as long as you choose to eat clean.

4 – Deprivation

When you begin to eat clean, you do not have to stop consuming the food that you love. You will only be looking for alternatives that are healthier.

Now, if you are someone who loves potato wedges and fries, all you have to do is bake them instead of frying them in oil! Ensure that the desserts you consume are made using flour that is healthy for your body.

Try to make any form of fast food at home instead of consuming that from any diner near your house! If you want to give in to comfort food, all you have to do is compensate for that food with a healthier meal during the day!

You could consume a huge chunk of a blueberry cake with one wholesome meal and you would be giving yourself the nutrition that you need.

Understanding The Principles of Clean Eating

You have now gathered a decent idea on what clean eating is all about, so let us look at a few principles that will help you with eating healthy. You will need to keep these principles in mind before you jump on board with clean eating.

1 – Natural Food Over Processed Food

If you purchase food from the supermarket and find that you are picking up products that come out of a bag, can, or even a box, remind yourself that these foods are definitely processed.

However, you may think to yourself that the frozen vegetables are not processed, so why choose frozen vegetables instead of fresh produce? When you consume fresh food, you will be able to ensure that you have great health for a very long time.

It is always good to consume fresh and crisp food if you are looking at keeping yourself healthy. If you find that you are feeling good on the inside it will reflect on the outside.

2 – Prefer Unrefined Food

This is a fact that everybody needs to remember! Make sure that you consume your share of wheat, rice, barley, millets and quinoa whenever you can!

It is always good to consume food that gives you protein – make sure that the food is not refined! If you love sweetened food, make sure that you consume maple syrup or even honey instead of downing spoons of sugar.

Always choose these foods over boxed foods since they are the best for your health.

3 – Always Consume a Balanced Meal

When you are preparing a meal for yourself, you have to ensure that you have not broken the contents of the meal down. Do not tell yourself that you need proteins and carbohydrates right before a workout since this does not help your body.

You will have to include every nutrient that you need in one meal a day! You will have to avoid depriving your body of these nutrients simply because of a certain a schedule or diet you used to follow.

4 – Keep an Eye on Sugar and Fat

The fat we are discussing about here is trans-fat which is extremely and terribly bad for your body. These fats find their homes in your arteries and conveniently block them causing millions of heart diseases.

If you consume salt and sugar in the right amounts you would not be harming your body. But, too much of these ingredients would only lead to numerous health issues that you would never want to be associated with ever!

5 – Always Understand Your Body’s Needs

Every human is different from the next. The way your body is built is definitely different from the way mine is built. Therefore, it is difficult to tell you to stick to a diet that I may have tried since that may not work for you!

You have to consume three meals a day and will need to ensure that you have included every group of food into those meals. The minute you begin to skip meals, your body begins to starve itself and will use up the fat in your body.

This is good news but what you have forgotten is that the next time you eat food, it all gets stored as fat in your body! You could also consume healthy snacks in between if that is what your body needs! Make sure that you consume a salad or fruit.

6 – Always Exercise!

This is something that you will definitely need to do. You will not have to work out in the gym for hours together. You just need to ensure that you continue to move.

If you are watching the television and the advertisements have begun, go for a walk around the living room. Make sure that you incorporate as much exercise as possible.

There are countless apps forsmart phones and other short 5 minute workout programs you can include in yourday to day life.

7 – Always Shop Smart

When you have entered the supermarket, what aisle do you walk up to first? You will walk up to the aisles where you have seen the numerous boxes with all the lovely food stored in them.

You put the fresh produce out of your mind and continue to shop for these packaged items! The next time you enter a supermarket, walk up to the fresh produce first and pick the ingredients you need before you walk down the other aisles.

8 – No Added Sugar

This is a principle that every human being has to follow! You will need to stop consuming excessive amounts of sugar. You will only be feeding your body with calories that do nothing to keep you healthy.

Food in the natural form contains the required amounts of sugar. You could consume fruits or even a few vegetables to obtain the sugar you want. Ensure that you do not consume cold fruit juices or soda since they are filled to their brim with sugar.

Just take a look at the amount of sugar in a can of soda. You will find yourself loving natural foods when you have warmed up to the idea mentioned above. You may find that not consuming as much sugar as normal will decrease your energy levels, but that is okay!

The reason why is that your body will need to go through a temporary transitional period in which your body is not so heavily reliant on artificial energy through the means of consuming sugar. Once this transitional period has passed, you will have constant real and healthy energy!

8 – Drink Lots of Water

You have been told that you need to consume close to eight orten glasses of water and this is with great reason. There are reasons behind this.

The first is that you have to keep your body hydrated since your muscles will be able to respond faster and you will also be able to continue to the work out with ease.

The second is that the organs in your body will begin to function in the normal way. The final reason is that you always confuse your thirst with hunger! 

9 – Always Sit Down to Eat

Every human being has become very busy these days. They do not have the time to sit down and consume their meal since they are always rushing out of the house in order to get to work on time.

Other times you consume your dinner in front of the television. You will find that you will consume too much food that may also include junk. You have to stop this and will need to start making sure that you make every meal a special affair.

You will need to set the table out and also ensure that you serve each morsel with care. You could invite friends over and also have your family sitting with you at the table.

You will find that you will be able to consume a great home cooked meal.

10 – Are You Scared of the Flour Used in Desserts?

You could definitely eat that lovely pastry, the mouth-watering pie, and the lovely cake just by substituting the flour with a healthier version of the flour! You could definitely use millet flour or even almond flour instead of the all – purpose flour when you are baking at home.

You will find that the final product is not that different from the original recipe and the advantage here is that you will be able to eat your favorite food in its healthiest form. 

11 – Are You Scared of the Flour Used in Desserts?

When you are looking at the boxes you have purchased, have you made the effort to read the list of ingredients that have been mentioned at the back of the box?

  • Do you understand every ingredient that has been mentioned?
  • Are there certain items that you cannot read at all?
  • Can you pronounce every ingredient?

It is best if you do not consume such processed foods filled with preservatives. You could always choose to stick to food that you have a great knowledge of.

If you find that the food you want to eat comes in a box, you will need to chuck it. Always try to use food that you can read and pronounce.

The food could be exotic but this does not mean it is good for your health. Always consume whole food!

12 – Nutrition is More Important than Calories

Every person in the world has become very conscious of the food that he or she consumes. It is true that people need to control their caloric intake, but this does not mean they cut it out of their diet.

The calories are needed by your body in order to help it function. You need to focus on the nutritional value of the food you consume and stop worrying about the calories.

Your body is more intelligent than you know and can always differentiate between good and bad calories.

Why Choose the Clean Eating Lifestyle?

Eating a clean and unprocessed diet is first and foremost for your overall health. Weight loss is just an added bonus.

You must enter into this decision with the mentality that you are doing this for the big picture because getting into a state of better health is paramount. We come equipped with only one ephemeral vessel to carry us throughout our years and that cliché’ phrase, “You are what you eat” remains true.

The food we choose fuels these wondrous machines of ours. In order to best care for ourselves and ensure a long and healthy life, we must become more mindful of our eating habits.

We have discussed the many benefits of what I call a lifestyle because it requires you to change your outlook and not just your grocery list. Now, we will touch on the results you will experience by using this knowledge over any fad diet.

Dr. Layne Norton claims that most diets fail due to lack of consistency and an inability to adapt the lifestyle necessary for continuance on your path. His research has also found that within a year, 80% of dieters will gain back the weight they had lost and a quarter of those eventually gain more weight. This yo-yo effect of crash dieting is extremely detrimental to your health, motivation and progress.

Adopting a clean lifestyle encourages the intake of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts (pine nuts, walnuts, cashews, …), seeds (sesame seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, …), healthy grains and fats. It also promotes exercise and restricts additives and preservatives commonly found in most processed foods.

Chowing down on nuts like almonds or walnuts, for example, can lower your cholesterol and thereby greatly reducing the risk of heart disease. These, as well as olive oil, avocados, and fatty fish like salmon, sardines, all have something in common. They contain unsaturated fats. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats – including the famed omega 3 and omega 6 – are essential fatty acids that your body can’t make on its own.

Whole grain fiber and protein from nuts, legumes and lean meats are digested slowly and serve as a sustainable energy source that will keep you fuller for longer periods of time. And among other benefits, plant foods contain the high probiotic and enzyme content essential for a healthy intestinal ecology. Thriving gut flora enables proper nutrient absorption and disposal of waste.

A study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology suggested that young adults who observed a clean eating lifestyle experienced a greater “flourishing”, meaning they were happier, more positive, creative, and curious.

Another study, found in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, has found a correlation in patients who experienced psychosis and their intake of fruits and vegetables.

There are countless other social experiments and studies which point to an overall feeling of happiness and tranquility associated with clean eating habits.

When we understand what our bodies need to thrive and provide them with such they will in turn take care of us!

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Can you not seem to relax or clear your mind?

Well, you are not alone. Over 50 million Americans claim they do not get enough sleep. Modifying your diet to include fish such as salmon, pompano fish, halibut, and tuna can boost vitamin B which is needed to make Melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. I would bet that you never thought of carb loading to induce sleep, either.

Well, in one study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants who consumed high glycemic index (GI) jasmine rice at dinner fell asleep faster than those who had a meal prepared with lower GI long-grain rice.

This could be attributed to the greater amount of insulin which jump started the production of tryptophan,another sleep-inducing chemical.

Whatever your reason for taking up the cause of caring for your body might be, whether it’s weight loss, better sleep, improved brain and gut health, immune boost, high cholesterol, cancer treatment, or even a general state of happiness and well-being, the importance of eating for your health is obvious and the time is now. 

The Negative Effects of Processed Foods

An epidemic is currently sweeping this nation with over half of Americans classified as either overweight or obese. Ranking among the lowest of industrialized nations in terms of life expectancy, Americans spend on average about $1,200 each year on fast food.

Monetary concerns aside, the negative health effects of processed foods are staggering. Foods can be considered processed through a number of alterations ranging from chemical fillers to just adding heat during cooking. Observing a clean eating lifestyle, you would want to stay as close to the foods whole and natural state as possible.

The exception would be a process – such as cooking or dehydrating at home – that doesn’t add harmful chemicals into the mix. When foods start receiving chemical fillers, additives, and preservatives that is when we cross over into more dangerous territory.

Junk foods are comprised of anything that contain hydrogenated fats, chemicals, nitrates, preservatives, or a high refined sugar content.

These processed options have something in common; the cost of digesting, absorbing, and eliminating these non-foods is far greater than any nutritional and caloric benefit they may offer.

The ancient art of food preservation such as canning, salting, fermentation, and sun-drying are almost extinct in the modern world of mass production. Today, there are thousands of additives and chemicals used by food companies.

Not all of which are bad such as the addition of calcium or vitamins. Many of these, however, can wreak havoc on our bodies.

Nitrates are chemicals used to preserve and cure certain meats and have been associated with cancer, asthma, nausea, and headaches. Sulfur dioxide is another toxic preservative that is used in dried fruit and molasses and also prevents brown spots on peeled fresh food like apples.

The application of this chemical snuffs out the vitamin B content of these foods and often hides telltale signs of inferior produce. When you hear that antioxidants may be used to preserve certain foods, you would probably think, “Great! Antioxidants are good for the body, right?”

Well, not always. Antioxidants such as BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHA (butylated hydroxytoluene) are two of the most controversial and widely used examples. The results of animal testing were so disturbing, that a number of countries have significantly restricted their use or banned them altogether.

Some scientists have found correlations between these additives and hyperactivity disorder, behavioral problems, allergic reactions, cancer, and neurological damage.

Despite these findings, the United States has not put any limitations on companies who use these antioxidants. The prevalence of BHA and BHT in food products has actually increased in the U.S.

Artificial food dyes are another additive that food companies use in everything from orange rinds, to chicken feed in order to produce a more yellow yolk. Blue #1 was found to cause kidney tumors in mice, according to an unpublished study concerning the effects of dyes on animal subjects.

Blue #2, commonly found in colored beverages, candies, and pet food was found to significantly increase the incidence of brain gliomas and other tumors in male rats. Citrus red #2 is the dye used to enhance the color of orange skins and also caused tumors in rodents.

Recognized in 1990 as a thyroid carcinogen, red #3 is added to sausage casings, maraschino cherries, and candies. Red #40 is widely consumed and has been said to accelerate immune system tumors in mice.

Found in baked goods, dessert powders, candies, cereals, and cosmetics, “Allura Red” has also been linked to hyperactivity in children. Yellow #5 and yellow #6 have both been studied in connection with hypersensitivity and hyperactivity in children and adrenal tumors in rodents.

These two are commonly found in products such as gelatin desserts, candies, soda, and cosmetics.

Artificial sweeteners have been the subject of much scrutiny over the years. New alternatives come and go.

Most notably, saccharine and aspartame. Saccharine was found to increase the incidence of bladder cancer in animals and companies that still use this product have been required to include warning information on the label. Aspartame is one of the most common artificial sweetener used today.

Countless studies have been conducted about the safety of aspartame and most were inconclusive or chalked up to coincidence and other variables.

Consumers have reported headaches, dizziness, digestive symptoms and mood swings as well as more serious health issues like Alzheimer’s, birth defects, diabetes, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders, Parkinson’s disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis and seizures. However, studies on these effects have proved inconclusive as well.

The most common additive used by the food industry are artificial flavorings with over 2000 different formulations currently in use. These chemicals are not required to be listed though some have been linked to allergic and behavioral reactions.

The Common Mistakes When Starting Clean Eating Diet

A person who is starting a diet for the very first time will find it difficult to stick to the diet. This section covers the common mistakes that are made by people all over the world.


Consuming Extra Fat

When you start a diet for the very first time, you will see that you will need to cut down on the fat that is harmful to your health. This does not mean that you cut down on the fat that you need to consume.

You have to control yourself from starving yourself. You have to ensure that you consume carbohydrates and proteins in the right amounts.

When you are on a diet remember that the calories are important and you have to ensure that you consume enough of these calories.


Too Much Starch

It is true that you need to consume carbohydrates when you areon a diet. This does not mean that you consume every carbohydrate since youwill need to cut down on the glycemic content in the carbohydrates.

You willneed to stop consuming carbohydrates with too much starch in them since they donot help you with losing weight or with staying healthy. 


Too Many Fruits

You may be surprised at this statement since you have been told to consume a lot of fruit. It is true that fruits contain minerals and nutrients and it is important that you consume pieces of fruit.

But, too much is always bad for you. Be sure to keep everything in moderation.


Gorging on Protein Bars

Everybody knows that protein is extremely important for the human body since it helps in repairing any tissues and any harm that you may have caused to your body internally.

This does not mean that you consume protein bars as your primary source of protein. Real protein obtained through whole foods such as meats and nuts are the sources where you should be getting most of your protein.


Not Consuming Enough Food

This is a mistake that every diet rookie makes. People believe that you have to stop eating if you are looking to weight. You will need to live only on water and on fruit juices in order to lose all the unwanted fat in your body.

This is not the right way since you will be starving yourself, which is an extremely bad idea. You have to ensure that you eat the right amount of food at the right time.

Make sure that you stick to the schedule. It is one thing to be at a caloric deficit in order to lose weight, but it is a completely different and detrimental thing to be at a daily nutritional deficit.

You have to ensure that you do not make these rookie mistakes since you have to keep yourself healthy. If you find yourself making any of these mistakes, stop and start over again.

You have to ensure that you keep motivating yourself in order to succeed at maintaining clean eating habits.

Detox for a Head Start

A single utterance of the word “Detox” is enough to strike fear and dread into the hearts of even the strong-willed. I am sure you have probably heard of or even tried one of the many Hollywood-endorsed cleanse programs. Some of which, verge on cruel and unusual.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way! Whether you want to dive head first into the clean eating life style or you are just feeling it out while making small but meaningful changes in your life, a simple lemon water detox is a great way to start.

Each morning when you wake or each night before you go to sleep, have a mug of hot water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed in. I add a drip of honey for a little sweetness and extra antiseptic properties.

The benefits of this miracle elixir are numerous. For example,lemons contain potassium which is helpful in lowering blood pressure, reducing in flammation and strengthening capillaries.

The high concentration of vitamin C found in lemons aids in immune support, decreases the appearance of wrinkles,and is useful to manage stress. Sipping hot lemon water has been shown to help prevent and shorten the cold virus and improve digestive health by relieving symptoms of nausea, heartburn, and constipation.

Lemon juice encourages the liver to increase production of bile, an acid required for digestion and the effective elimination of waste from the body. Using lemon water as a cleanse for your liver has been proven extremely effective.

For weight loss, you can rely on the lemon’s content of pectin fiber. Fiber slows the digestive process,thereby reducing food cravings and leaving you feeling fuller for a longer period of time after meals.

Lemons can help regulate the pH of the body, as well. Research has shown that cancer cells thrive in acidic environments. The large majority of processed fast food and junk foods are highly acidic when metabolized in the body causing the pH to shift into acidity and providing cancer cells the perfect setting in which to grow.

The whole foods you will consume during your clean eating journey such as fruit, vegetables, tofu, soybeans, nuts, seeds and legumes are all alkaline-promoting. Lemons and other citrus fruits with the iralkalinity hold underneath their waxy flesh the ability to prevent cancer cells from flourishing and reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

In tandem with the warm lemon water at bed, you will want to be mindful of your water intake throughout the day. The rule of thumb is to drink– at minimum – half of your body weight in ounces.

So, if you weigh 150 lbs.,you are going to want to ingest at least 75 ounces per day. This calculation is for routine tasks. The amount of water your body needs to simply function on anormal level.

Staying properly hydrated is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. An adequate intake of water will result in less fatigue and increased focus.

Are you one of those types who doesn’t care too much for the taste of water, or lack thereof? The solution to that little problem is an easy one.

Just squeeze a bit of citrus in! Or better yet, make your own flavored water infused with fresh fruit. Personally, I believe that making your water abit more interesting and desirable will lead to an increased intake.

Plus, you will be receiving the benefits of whichever combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs you include as well.

Some of my favorite mash-ups are as follows:

  • Lemon, strawberry, and basil
  • Blueberry, orange, and ginger
  • Citrus, cucumber, and mint
  • Strawberry, lime, and cucumber
  • Grapefruit with rosemary
  • Blueberry and lavender
  • Honeydew and raspberry
  • Mango, coconut, and lime

Most commonly, mason jars are used to store fruit-infused water but any sealed container would do. Simply stick it in the fridge overnight and enjoy on the go! Feel free to make a few in advance, if you would like.


This guide has provided you with great detail about what clean eating is all about. Let us make a checklist of all that we have learnt so far shall we?

  • 1No Paleo, crash or Juice diets
  • 2Only consume unrefined food
  • 3Make sure that you eat healthy!

You have to remember that when you are on a ‘diet’, you usually have to avoid consuming all the foods you love. You will also need to give up desserts if you need to lose your calories.

However, this does not happen when you eat clean. Make sure that you go natural with all your food and also get enough exercise and rest!

You have been given delicious recipes for clean eating and have also been given a sample plan that you can follow for three days. If you ensure that you follow this diet, you will be able to keep yourself healthy and fit.

You will also be able to lose weight without any extra effort. Make sure that you stay true to the plan. Clean eating is not really a diet.

It is a lifestyle change- a healthy one at that! It is about maintain the appropriate nutritional value that will feed your body what it really needs in order to operate at maximum efficiency!

Let your body work its magic! Thank you!

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