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Wilderness on a Plate: What Does Elk Taste Like?

Have you ever tried eating elk? What does elk taste like? Did you love it?

Although all hunting animals are charming in their own special way, only a few animals are as fascinating as the elk.

Elk is referred to as one of the most famous hunting meats, but not all people have the chance to have a taste of it.

If you haven’t tried this before, you might be wondering what does wild meat as elk taste like.

Aside from that, are you also wondering what the best ways to cook elk are? Continue reading to learn about these and more!

What Is Elk?


Elkor wapiti (source) is one of the species that belong to the deer family and is native to the Western grasslands –thus making it one of the rarest animals in the world.

They’re well-known as fast animals, as well –just like horses.

In fact, it is thought that they can run at a maximum speed of 45 mph. Although in lands, they might also run speedily.

Among hunters, elks are very famous targets, yet since they can move fast, it may be difficult to catch them.

Furthermore, elks eat native trees and grass that are rich in grains. Because of what they eat, elk meat is also healthy and lean. Indeed, it’s a famous choice for jerky and steaks.

What Does Elk Taste Like? Does Elk Taste Good?


Those who have tried elk, we are sure that they’d always love tasting this meat every single day. To some point, an elk actually taste like beef.

But, this meat has a distinct dark red color, which sets it apart from beef.

The elk meat also known as venison (source) is a savory source of protein that has ample nutrients and tender texture.

Also, this meat is lower in fat compared to some other beef, chicken, and seafood. This meat is sweet and so easy to prepare.

Aside from its savory taste, it also has a delectable smell. Since elk feeds generally on grass, the elk meat is full of diets.

Moreover, when a lean elk meat is prepared properly, it will be flavorful, tender, and essential for people who want to lose weight.

Just like some other wild-caught protein sources like squirrel meat or rabbit meat, elk meat has unique benefits too.

In fact, you can be sure that it’s free from antibiotics and it grew up in an environment that is free-range.

How To Cook Elk?


Elk meat has a very distinctive texture and taste. When cooking, it is important not to overcook the elk meat, or else it will get tough.

Likewise, it must be grilled and/or fried speedily so it will not dry out.

A young, high-quality farm-raised elk doesn’t need to be marinated to change its texture or mask its flavor.

However, a light marinade may help in keeping the meat moist and enhance its flavor (recipe).

In cooking elk, the maximum internal temperature must not exceed 60° Celsius. Using a meat thermometer is the best way for you to determine when the meat has already reached its desired doneness.

Elk is best in almost all typical ways of cooking –you can broil, grill, or fry it.

Nonetheless, what you should always remember is to not overcook the meat –you must quickly cook it. And before serving, you should let it rest and covered.


There you have it! Apart from having the answer whether what does elk taste like, you’re also provided with essential information about elk.

Yet again, the elk meat might be so much the same as beef, yet there are also some notable differences. If you haven’t tried elk meat, then why not try it now and experience its taste yourself!


What Does Elk Taste Like? Does Elk Taste Good?

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