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Is Zevia a Good Fit for the Keto Diet?

As per WebMD, the Ketogenic diet’s sole purpose is weight loss and potential health benefits for a short period.

It is one of the most popular modern methods of weight loss that is tried and tested.

You should avoid sugarto keep the body in a ketogenic state. This might raise the question, is Zevia keto?

Or are any sodas keto? Let’s know all about it!

Is Zevia Keto Friendly?

According to the Harvard Medical School’s research and statements, the intake of sugars ruins the effect of ketosis in the body.

Even a small amount of sugar will bring back the body into its normal state.

This is where Ketogenic sweeteners come into play.

As per Healthline, Ketogenic sweeteners are low carbohydrate sugars that provide a sweet taste but do not affect the blood sugar levels.

Zevia is popular within the Keto community because of its keto-friendly sweeteners.

Stevia is a keto-friendly sweetener that is naturally extracted from a plant.

Zevia is one of the few sodas that use it as their main sweetening ingredient.

Besides Stevia, the other nutritional elements of Zevia is as follows (Approx values per Can of soda /355mg):



Net Carbohydrate

<3 grams


0 grams


0 grams


0 grams



There are no fats or proteins within the soda, and therefore it does not contribute to the keto diet.

Despite that fact, the soda acts as a refreshing drink that is suitable and fits within the Keto diet.

Even if the sugar levels are low, it should be taken with moderation.

Most of the other sodas out there have loads of added sugars in it, which will ruin all of the hard work that you have done.

Therefore stop asking the question is Zevia keto and incorporate it into your keto diet for a refreshing change!

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