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Mastering Thickness: How to Thicken Your Quiche

Quiche is a savory pastry with a filling that usually consists of cheese and eggs.

Quiche is made from either shortcrust, flaky, or puff pastry, although more exotic recipes may be based on yeast dough to make the crust.

It may also be cooked with vegetables (potatoes) and instead of meats and cheese.

Some people have difficulty understanding how quiche can be thickened since it has eggs, mostly water.

The answer lies in a classic culinary technique known as tempering.

Since heat will curdle the proteins in egg yolks and disrupt their structure, the last thing that should happen is directly heating an egg mixture (or any liquid for that matter) before it is incorporated into a dish.

The solution to this problem lies in beating the egg mixture very vigorously for about one minute, which cooks the yolks slightly and firms them up.

In this article, we will show you how to thicken quiche and a few tips on cooking it right.

Can You Eat Curdled Quiche?

can you eat curdled quiche

Whenever you make a quiche, it is important to understand that the eggs are usually not cooked before adding to the pie.

If you have ever had a curdled custard, then you know how gross it can be and why most chefs try to avoid curdling their eggs.

Quiche is the same way, and the best results will be had by making sure everything for a quiche recipe comes to room temperature before preparing it.

This includes your eggs, milk, butter, or other fats in the recipe (if added) and your meats as well.

If you try to cook this dish immediately after combining all its various ingredients, the eggs will actually curdle, which produces something that looks very similar to cottage cheese.

Moral of the story: You should not eat curdled quiche.

Let your quiche cool down for at least fifteen minutes before you take a bite into any part of it.

If you are serving guests and have already tasted some of the quiches, remove any part of it that may have been exposed to the heat for too long.

If your quiche is already curdled, you can still salvage it if you act fast.

Simply take the dish out of the oven and remove any visible curd.

Next, whisk a large egg and mix it into the remained quiche mixture.

Pour everything back into the pie crust and return to a 325F degree oven for about five more minutes.

Take this out of the oven and let it stand for at least ten minutes before serving it.

Common Mistakes When Making Quiche

common mistakes when making quiche

Many people make the mistake of believing that a quiche is a quick and easy dish to make.

While it does not require any special skills or fancy equipment, there are some things you can do right to help ensure that your next quiche recipe turns out great.

One of the most important tips for making a good quiche has to do with the pie crust.

The most common mistake when making a quiche is not properly insulating the crust from the oven’s heat.

If you are cooking a quiche without a top crust, it should sit on an insulated baking sheet or tray to prevent any part of the crust from becoming too golden.

One of the effects of the eggs used in a quiche is that they will release steam when heated.

If your crust is directly exposed to this hot air stream, it will become very dark and brittle as well as moist.

This can be corrected by using aluminum foil to mask any parts of the crust exposed to heat when the quiche is in the oven.

Also, make sure you pre-bake any pie crusts before adding them to your custard filling.

Can You Rebake a Quiche that is Undercooked?

can you rebake a quiche that is undercooked

Yes, you can.

Assuming it is not curdled, a quiche can be rebaked if necessary.

Just make sure that you give it enough time to cool down completely before trying any part of the dish.

Also, do not put too much pressure on yourself while making this dish.

You cannot expect to make a perfect quiche, even if you are a seasoned chef.

Be sure to let your other ingredients come to room temperature before mixing them all together, or they could curdle, just like the eggs.

To rebake a quiche, it will take about five more minutes at a 325F degree oven if your dish has already been in an oven for about ten minutes.

If you are making your quiche crust from scratch, it will take longer for the pie to bake completely.

If necessary, use a meat thermometer to ensure that your quiche is fully cooked before serving it.

Why is My Quiche Watery in the Middle?

why is my quiche watery in the middle

This is probably the most common question people have asked about quiche.

If you see any watery or soupy liquid in your quiche, then it means that there are not enough eggs to bind all of the ingredients together properly.

The best way to solve this problem is to mix more of the flour into your custard mixture.

You can also try to add some extra egg yolks if you have them available.

The important thing here is to avoid overworking the custard or become tough and rubbery instead of light and fluffy.

How to Thicken Quiche?

how to thicken quiche

To thicken a quiche, you can do two things.

First of all, you could decide to add more egg yolks into your mixture to create a thicker consistency and richer taste.

It is important that these extra egg yolks are added one at a time and thoroughly mixed in before the next one is put in.

You can achieve the same result by using a more substantial type of crust like shortcrust pastry.

Also, make sure you are not baking your quiche too quickly and that it has ample time to cool down before serving it.

You can also thicken your quiche by using a thicker sauce.

You can add gruyere or parmesan cheese to the top of your quiche before putting it in the oven.

Cream, salsa, and tomato paste are all examples of ingredients that thicken the consistency of a quiche while flavoring it at the same time.

You mustn’t put too much of these things into your quiche if you want it to taste good.

Quiche is a dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast or lunch, with the more elaborate versions being reserved for special occasions.

Making a quiche is not hard, but it does require patience and skill.

Using the right amount of yolks in your custard mixture and carefully insulating the crust will help you make delicious quiche that can be enjoyed for many years.


In conclusion, quiche is a dish that can be used for many different occasions.

Whether you want to have this dish as part of your breakfast on the weekend or as a side to your dinner entree, quiche will always deliver.

To make your quiche taste even better, be sure to use fresh eggs and real butter in every step of the process.

how to thicken quiche

How to Thicken Quiche? Easy Guide to Thicken Quiche

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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Cooking


  • Quiche
  • Whisk or spoon
  • Stovetop
  • Your preferred thickening ingredient


  • Prepare all the required ingredients and equipment in the article.
  • Select and follow your desired method to thicken.
  • Depending on your desired thickness, you can add more or less.
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