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Thickening Milkshakes: Easy Guide to Creamy Indulgence

A milkshake is a creamy beverage that can be made using various flavors.

It is consumed cold and is known for its thick consistency. It is mostly rich in cream and milk.

It is common to serve milkshakes in tall glasses with a straw for drinking them.

This helps people who order the beverage avoid spilling it on their faces or clothes while savoring the drink.

Milkshakes are usually served at bars, parties, or picnics in the United States.

It is not a common drink outside the US, and therefore, people who are visiting that country should make sure they don’t miss such opportunities to try it out.

In this article, we will advise a few ways on how you can make your milkshake thick enough for drinking and serving.

How to Make and Serve Milkshake?

how to make and serve milkshake

Before starting to make a milkshake, you have to prepare the following:

  • Ingredients such as ice cream, whipped cream, sugar, and milk.
  • Blender – this will help you mix all ingredients into one drink. It comes in handy when you want your drink to be smooth with no lumps of any kind.

The ingredients should be placed in the blender after being well squeezed.

This is very important if you want to make your milkshake smooth and silky.

The amount of sugar used will be determined by your taste and adjusted depending on how sweet you want it.

The ice cream should be used in a quantity that is proportional to the amount of cream and milk you will use.

You can follow these steps:

  • First, take your ingredients such as ice cream, whipped cream, sugar, and milk. Make sure all ingredients are put into the blender before starting to mix it.
  • After blending all ingredients together, wait for some time before taking a spoon and trying to scoop the milkshake. This is because you should allow it to be frothy as this will help you enjoy it more.
  • If there are still lumps of cream or any other ingredient, you can use your blender to mix it again. After the blending, put the milkshake into a glass and serve immediately.
  • Garnish the milkshake with a scoop of ice cream, and you can use fruits such as strawberry, chocolate chip, or anything that suits your taste.

A milkshake is a drink with thick, creamy, and sweet consistency.

It is usually served in tall glasses for two reasons; it looks attractive when served, and it helps people avoid spilling the beverage on themselves while taking a sip or drinking it completely.

Milkshakes can be served on certain occasions such as birthdays, parties among many others.

When serving it to kids, ensure you prepare new glasses that have never been used before for the same purpose, or else you might get complaints from them regarding the drink’s taste.

When it comes to garnishing your milkshake, you can use any ingredients you like.

Some people prefer chocolate sprinkles on their drinks, while others opt for cherries or even cookies as toppings.

Common Mistakes When Making Milkshake?

common mistakes when making milkshake

People make a few mistakes when making milkshakes, which can affect the quality of the drink.

Some of these mistakes include:

1 – Using too much milk.

It is good to use large amounts of ingredients like cream or sugar, but; using too much milk will result in weak density.

The beverage also becomes watery. To avoid this, you can choose to use whipped cream instead of milk or use less milk to overwhelm the texture of your drink.

2 – Adding ice.

Some people will consider adding ice into their milkshake because they want it to be frozen more quickly.

It is advisable not to add ice into your beverage as this will result in a weaker taste. The ice can also melt and dilute the drink’s texture.

3 – Adding ice cream but no milk.

If you add the ingredients such as whipped cream before adding ice cream, there is a high possibility that your milkshake will become runny as one of its main ingredients (milk) will be used on the whipped cream.

This will not give your drink a good consistency and is not desirable, especially if you plan to serve it to kids.

4 – Not blending the ingredients enough.

Even if the milkshake tastes like what you have imagined, there might be lumps and chunks of your milk or cream that didn’t dissolve.

To avoid this, you should blend all the ingredients well before serving them to your guests.

5 – Using the wrong topping.

There are a lot of toppings that you can use on your milkshakes, such as fruits such as pineapple, kiwi, and cherries.

However, if you don’t want to overpower its texture with strong flavors, think twice before adding them to your drink.

6 – Not giving it enough time before serving.

Try taking some time to let the milkshake sit. This will help dissolve all ingredients together.

You should also note its thickness so you can serve it accordingly, such as using thick glasses for tall drinks and thinner glasses for short ones.

How to Thicken Milkshake?

how to thicken milkshake

A milkshake is a drink that can easily get diluted if you make it without using the right ingredients.

Here are some tips on how to thicken milkshake:

1 – Add Less Milk

The best way to thicken your milkshake is by adding less amount of cream, milk, or other ingredients such as crushed ice to not overwhelm the texture of your drink.

Since the drink is usually consumed before it gets cold, this will help you thicken your beverage and prevent any spills or accidents.

2 – Add More Ice Cream

If you are serving the milkshake to kids or people who have a sweet tooth, you should add more ice cream into your beverage to mask the watered taste of milk or cream.

Adding extra ice cream will also help thicken the milkshake.

3 – Blend the Ingredients

Blending all your beverage ingredients until it becomes smooth is another way to thicken the milkshake.

This will help dissolve larger particles of ice cream, milk, and other ingredients that are hard to get dissolved, like crumbs or whipped cream.

4 – Add More Fruits

Fresh fruits such as strawberries or bananas can greatly improve the taste of your milkshake.

They are sweet and flavorful, so; adding more of them will help you correct any watered taste produced by adding large amounts of cream or milk to your beverage.

They are also good thickeners because they contain a lot of fiber.

5 – Freeze the Drink

If you are making your milkshake for a party or get-together, you should freeze it cold before serving it to guests.

This is very important if you want to serve your drink longer, so; avoid stirring while preparing to prevent water from seeping in.

Freezing the recipe for a few hours makes the drink much thicker.

6 – Add Cookies for Thickening Milkshake

You can also add cookies to your milkshake as this will provide a good texture to the drink and is one of the best ways to thicken the milkshake.

You should grind the cookie so that it won’t be too distracting to your guests.

They should not overpower the flavor of your drink.

7 – Use Heavy Whipping Cream Instead of Milk

You can change the texture of your milkshake by using heavy whipping cream instead of plain milk.

This will make the drink thick and tasty because it has a much higher fat content than regular milk.

You just have to make sure that you are not using too much. Otherwise, your beverage will become runny again.

Also, you should make sure that the cream is frothy to avoid having a watered taste.


In conclusion, a milkshake can give you a creamy, tasty, and refreshing beverage if you follow the right recipe.

If you are going to serve it at parties or get-togethers, you should thicken it properly to not be too diluted compared to the usual milkshake that you can buy in stores.

However, if you want a drink that doesn’t have as many calories or are trying to lose weight, avoid messing with its recipe because adding more cream and milk into your beverage can make the drink unhealthy.

how to thicken milkshake

How to Thicken Milkshake? Easy Guide to Thicken a Milkshake

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  • Your preferred thickening ingredient


  • Prepare all the required ingredients and equipment in the article.
  • Select and follow your desired method to thicken.
  • Depending on your desired thickness, you can add more or less.
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