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Best Sushi Making Kit Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

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Sushi is an acquired taste they say, but its popularity worldwide is increasing by the day. It is a delicacy, and restaurants sell this food item in exorbitant prices.

We may love it, but the luxury to go and eat every time we have a craving will only burn holes in our pockets.

This is when a sushi-making kit will come to play. Grab hold of the best sushi making kit and enjoy this luxurious food while sitting at home.

Also, you should know that these kits don’t compromise on taste or quality at all.

Sushi making kits are designed for individuals who want to make sushi at home. They contain all ingredients with the correct proportion so that you don’t have to break your head over it. They are easy to work with and tastes superb.

Mentioned below is a list of the top 5 sushi making kits available out there. Checkout and choose the best.

5 Best Sushi Making Kit Reviews 2024

1 – Sushefu Sushi Making Kit

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The Sushefu Sushi making kit is a great pick for both beginners and professionals.

For beginners, the kit comes with tutorials containing an ebook and also a video tutorial that tells you about using the kit and amazing tips for sushi making.

Professionals would prefer this kit for its durable built and the traditional wooden touch to all its pieces, unlike other plastic kits.

This kit comes with only three pieces, so guaranteeing a quick, easy and stress-free sushi making. It includes the base, press, and the body.

All three are made of high-quality beech wood free from any additives. There are no extra screws or glues on the pieces making them perfectly safe.

An added advantage is the attractive price this kit comes in.


  • Beechwood made pieces
  • Ebook tutorial included
  • Attractive price
  • Great for beginners and professionals


  • Need to apply extra oil while making

2 – Delamu Sushi Making Kit

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For those first-timers who are new to sushi making, this is the kit for you!!

Perfect for beginners, this kit includes all items that will teach you to make sushi like a pro from scratch.

The kit includes two rolling bamboo mats, five pairs of chopsticks, a paddle, and a rice spreader.

It also comes with an ebook in pdf format that will be emailed to you once the product ships.

Every piece in the kit is made from 100% natural bamboo making them extremely durable.

This whole kit gives you the feel of traditional sushi making since all are made of bamboo and not plastic.

The kit comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality, thus assuring you of its premium quality.


  • Best for beginners
  • All pieces made from 100% natural bamboo
  • Tutorial pdf included
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Items tend to have a chemical smell

3 – Sushi Making Kit by Yomo Sushi

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This sushi kit is a great sushi making kit for beginners and kids too.

This easy sushi making kit helps you roll sushi like  an expert in the first try itself.

It contains the main sushi-making body, a roller, and a sushi cutter.

All pieces are made from superior quality food-grade materials.

The rolling mat is a non-sticky Teflon mat, so you don’t have to worry about your rolls getting stuck on it.

Just follow four easy steps of spreading, rolling, cutting, and your sushi pieces are ready to serve.

The sushi cutter lets you cut around 8 to 10 pieces of evenly sized sushi. Simply place the roll on the cutter, and use a sushi knife to cut along the divisions. You can make four kinds of sushi with this kit.


  • Food-grade materials
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Four kinds of sushi maker
  • Sushi cutter included


  • Expensive kit

4 – Sushi Making Kit by Yomo Sushi

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With so many items included in this kit, this sushi-making kit will make the process easy-peasy.

Well-suited for both beginners and professionals, this kit comes with a sushi bazooka, bamboo mat, spreader, sushi knife, paddle bamboo chopsticks with a holder, and an avocado slicer.

Simply add rice and other ingredients in the bazooka, close it, cut it, and your sushi is ready to be eaten.

You don’t have to worry about rolling the sushi, or even cutting it because all items included in the kit makes it easy for you.

The items are made from BPA-free, food-grade plastic, and natural bamboo, making them non-toxic and free from additives.


  • Affordable price
  • Bonus avocado slicer
  • All items in one kit
  • Time and energy saving


  • Inferior quality

5 – Bambooworx Sushi Making Kit

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Sushi making has never been easy because of this all-in-one sushi making kit that comes with all essentials and top-class quality.

This kit features two rolling bamboo mats measuring 9.5″x9.5″ in size fastened by premium quality cotton string.

The other items include a rice spreader, rice spoon for mixing, and five pairs of chopsticks all made from high-quality bamboo.

The items are bamboo made, but you won’t experience any splinters.

The roller is easy to use and makes perfect rolls without any difficulty. The whole kit comes in an attractive box packaging that also makes a great gift to sushi lovers.

Hand wash the items and dry it thoroughly before storing to avoid molding.


  • Top-quality bamboo made
  • Attractive packaging
  • No splinters or unraveling of cotton strings



Sushi making is a fun process if you have the right kit and items. You can host a sushi party with friends and family if you are equipped with the best sushi making kit.

If you are searching for the best, then the Sushefu Sushi Making Kit tops our list because it is made of durable and natural beech wood, comes in a simple three-piece set, and makes perfect rolls.

With so many sushi kits available, the Sushefu steals the show also because of its attractive price.

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