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What Does Malort Taste Like? Unveiling Its Distinct Flavor

Malort is a bitter spirit that has been produced in Sweden for over 100 years.

It’s usually drunk as shots and is popular among Swedes who enjoy what some would call the burning taste.

If you’re interested in what malort tastes like, this article will cover what malort is all about so that you can decide if it’s right for your palate or not.

What is Malort?

Malört is an alcoholic beverage of sorts.

It’s a bitter liqueur made from wormwood and other herbs native to Sweden.

The recipe was created by the Swedish pharmacist Carl Jeppson in 1941 following his return from service with American forces during World War I when he started work at Skånska Manufaktur AB, a distillery in southern Sweden.

Wormwood, the most recognizable ingredient in Malört, is also the ingredient with the harshest taste.

People say that less than a shot of Malört will make you feel like you’re licking an ashtray.

This intensity means that people sometimes mix Malört with other drinks (like cola or ginger ale) to create more manageable cocktails.

You can find Malört in the United States, but it’s not nearly as popular or widely available that way.

What Does Malort Taste Like? Does Malort Taste Good?

what does malort taste like

Malört is a Swedish liqueur made with wormwood, which gives it its distinct flavor that’s not easy to drink by itself.

The best way for this unique taste to be appreciated is in small quantities over ice or mixed with tonic water.

It has an intensely bitter and astringent taste, which is why it’s often served neat over ice iced tea.

It tastes like licorice, which sounds tasty enough, but it’s not sweet licorice; there’s an herbal bitterness to it.

That bitterness is most likely what gives Malört its signature taste and color.

The color is a remarkable yellow hue, which can be explained by the herbs used to make it.

The wormwood comes from Artemisia absinthium plants and has a distinct flavor profile of its own.

This bitter taste resonates with other ingredients like juniper berries and aniseed seeds for an amalgamation of hard-to-pin-down flavors.

This bittersweet taste is not for everyone, but it has an acquired and unique flavor that can be appreciated by someone willing to take a sip of the drink out of curiosity or necessity.

It’s also been said that when Malört is mixed with tonic water, its bitterness becomes more easily tolerated because of the bitterness from the tonic water.

Where to Buy Jeppson’s Malort?

The Malort is a Swedish liquor that seems to divide opinion.

The taste of Malort will be familiar with anyone who has had Jagermeister, despite the two liquors having different ingredients.

If you’re interested in trying Malört, there are plenty of places to buy it.

You can find a list on their website, which includes online retailers and local liquor stores and bars.

The price range for Jeppson’s Malort is between $20-$30 per bottle.

How to Store Jeppson’s Malört?

Like any liquor, it’s important to store your Jeppson’s Malört in a dark place where the temperature is cool, and humidity levels are not too high.

Jeppson’s Malört should be stored at temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees with no more than 65% humidity.

Humid conditions can lead to mold growth which will affect the flavor and aroma of your liquor.

If you live in an area where this is likely, there are ways to control it, like dehumidifiers.

After opening Jeppson’s Malört, it should be consumed within about six months.

If you don’t drink all of the spirits in that time frame, they can be stored away from light and room temperature.

When you want to enjoy your Jeppson’s Malört after storing it for some time, chill it in the fridge before opening and enjoy.


In conclusion, Jeppson’s Malört is a very tasty liqueur that packs an intense and rather unique flavor.

The sweet citrus flavors obliterate the harsh taste of the wormwood in this drink.

Jeppson’s Malört would be great for people who enjoy strong drinks with complex tastes like absinthe or dark rum.

It has enough sweetness to be enjoyed by those who don’t like their liquor too strong.

So next time you’re out on the town, make sure to order a Malört.

what does malort taste like

What Does Malort Taste Like? Does Malort Taste Good?

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