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Best Iced Tea Maker Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

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There is nothing better than a tall glass of iced tea to quench the thirst.

Iced tea is a refreshing drink not only during summer but can be all year round.

any people think that making an iced tea is easy.

Maybe, if you prefer the artificial variety that comes in powder form.

However, for the real deal, it takes hours to prepare. Good thing we now have iced tea makers.

The traditional method for making an iced tea calls for boiling either loose leaf or tea bags in hot water to brew.

In addition, you have to prepare a cold brew by steeping tea bags in cold water for another two hours.

Then you have to mix them in a pitcher with sugar (if you prefer sweet) and flavors like a squeeze of lemon.

Such hard work for a glass of iced tea. The best iced tea maker will make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite beverage.

5 Best Iced Tea Maker Reviews 2024

1 – Mr. Coffee TM1 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker

Mr. Coffee is not just about making coffee, it has iced tea maker too.

What is good about this machine is you can make both iced coffee and iced tea in one machine.

It features a 2 quarts pitcher, one-touch system, an automatic shut-off, a permanent filter and safe brew basket.

It can accommodate both loose leaf and bagged tea with a built-in filter.

The removable pitcher is translucent to see the contents while brewing.

While the brewing section has a programmed cleaning cycle.

All your worries about keeping the machine clean are all covered in this compact iced tea maker. It is also simple and affordable.

Making iced tea is a breeze with this machine, you only have to fill the reservoir with water, put the tea bags or your tea leaves in the brew basket then put ice in the pitcher and press brew.

It also has a fast brewing cycle, making an iced tea will only take minutes. Nothing gets any easier than this.


  • The capacity is enough for single or double serving.
  • Fully automated, making an iced tea is so easy.
  • It has a graduated pitcher, so you can measure the amount of ice and water to put on the reservoir.
  • With a built-in filter to remove your loose leaves.


  • The pitcher is made of high-grade plastic not as durable for hot and cold preparation.
  • The filtering system does not remove all the loose leaf from the tea.

2 – Mr. Coffee 2-in-1 Iced Tea Brewing System

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Another iced tea maker from Mr. Coffee, this time it has a sleek design and a glass pitcher.

Mr. Coffee is the first to introduced drip technology to coffee makers and now they are bringing the technology to your iced tea maker.

This innovative brewing method is designed to make drinking your favorite beverage a new experience for you.

The glass pitcher is dishwasher safe to make sure that you have an effortless cleaning after use.

Another reason why you will love this machine is the glass pitcher makes the difference in preserving the taste of brewed tea.

You can use both the tea bags and the tea leaves in this iced tea maker as it includes a permanent filter basket.

It has fast brewing cycle; making a 2.5-quart, iced tea will only take minutes.

Another additional feature is the pivoting brew head, which aligns with the pitcher for a mess-free brewing. Its sleek design also makes it easy to store.

Brewing a perfect tea for your taste is easy as it has a brew strength selector.

The water reservoir has a see-through window, you can see the exact water level while filling, no overflowing.

In addition, when the brewing is done the machine automatically shuts off.


  • It has a fast brewing cycle for 2.5 quarts of iced tea will only take minutes
  • The glass pitcher maintains the flavor of the brewed tea.
  • The brew strength selector can help you adjust the strength of the tea you want.
  • The window at the water reservoir will help you see the amount of water, preventing overflowing.


  • The glass pitcher is a little thin and can break easily.
  • Addition of sweeteners and loose leaf can lodge in the glass pitcher making it hard to clean even in the dishwasher.

3 – Mr. Coffee TM70 3-Quart Iced Tea Maker

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This iced tea maker from Mr. Coffee is user-friendly and has many advantages over other iced tea makers.

The 3 quarts capacity is large enough to quench a bunch of thirsty crew.

You can have this much-iced tea in just 9 minutes.

It also has a simple on and off button, with power indicator light and automatic shut-off so you can leave the machine while doing other things.

The desired brew strength is achieved using the brew strength control.

It also has a removable brew basket. 

You can use both bagged and loose leaves without the hassle of physically removing the leaves.

It has a visible water window and the whole machine is covered by a one-year warranty.

The pitcher and the removable basket is machine washable.

It is also easy to store, you can purchase separate pitcher in case you need more for different flavors.


  • The iced tea maker has a large capacity.
  • It can work with both loose and bagged tea.
  • There are available pitchers, in case you want different flavors.
  • It also has auto shut-off for safety.


  • The pitcher is machine washable but not durable to withstand hot and cold liquid.
  • The drip-spout can be messy.

4 – Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

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This iced tea maker features the renowned Flash Chill technology that easily chills brewed tea fast in 30 seconds.

It has the airtight lid that locks in the flavor of the tea that usually evaporated during brewing.

This is what makes the iced tea from this machine the best tasting there is.

It features a leak-proof, airtight lid that can withstand shaking without spilling its contents.

This tea maker has a fine mesh infuser, which has room for tea leaves to expand.

You can use both the loose leaf and the bagged tea.

The infuser holder makes it convenient to remove the bags and the leaves without spilling on the contents.

The pitcher is durable and made of BPA free material, making it odor, stain and cloud proof. It also has a non-slip grip on the handle.


  • The pitcher is made from BPA free material and is dishwasher safe.
  • It has an airtight lid that maintains the flavor of the brewed tea.
  • The silicone gaskets also make it spill proof when storing the remaining tea for later use.
  • The cooling pitcher chills fast.


  • Brewing time is slower than other iced tea makers.
  • It does not have a timer nor a brewing strength control. You are involved in the whole brewing process.

5 – Nostalgia CI3BK Café Ice 3-Quart Iced Coffee & Tea Brewing System

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This state of the art iced tea maker brews not only iced tea but also iced coffee, iced lattes and other beverages of the same kind.

The machine takes on the drip design for maximum flavor.

It has a reusable filter basket that can work with both loose leaf and tea bags.

It is removable and can be washed separately.

You can also put your additional flavors like lemon, herbs or spices to enhance the flavor in the flavor extraction chamber.

Its unique feature is the shower head drip designed for complete saturation can extract the maximum flavor.

You can select the strength of brew with the strength selector dial.

The 3 quarts pitcher is made of glass, which keeps the flavor and ergonomically designed with a large handle and is dishwasher safe.

Another feature is the three-positions you can do with the lid. You can choose free pouring, with ice or closed.

The machine has an automatic shut off, you can simply press the button to turn it on and the cord can be hidden in the simple compartment for easy storage.


  • With brew settings to select the strength of the brew.
  • The glass pitcher is dishwasher safe.
  • It has a shower head to maximize the flavor during extraction.
  • Can accommodate both loose leaf and bagged tea.


  • The glass pitcher is thin and cannot withstand the prolonged exposure to hot and cold liquid.
  • The lid is not secure; you have to hold it while pouring.

What to Look for When Buying an Iced Tea Maker

Since an iced tea maker is not a regular kitchen appliance that you can quickly see from afar in an appliance store aisle, your next option is to go online.

Before you hit the search button, it is better you know the features of the best iced tea maker.

Paperless Infusion

If you are using the loose leaf for your iced tea to get the real flavors, you need filtering paper or strainer to remove the leaves.

Aside from the mess, it is quite a hassle. When looking for an iced tea maker, make sure you choose the one with a paperless filter.

Brew Strength Selector

For tea drinkers, you know that time is the biggest factor in how strong the flavor is. The iced tea maker now has made a change to this factor.

You can set the flavor strength through a variable control setting. This time you can choose from mild to strong or in between.

You leave your tea brewing in the machine without worries. There are units with automatic shutdown feature that is even better.

Dishwasher Friendly

You want to keep your iced tea maker clean and safe from harmful bacteria at all times, right? Make sure that the iced tea make you choose is dishwasher safe. It will save you the hassle of manually cleaning it.

Double-walled Pitcher

The summer heat is unbearable and a glass of iced tea with lime or lemon is refreshing. This heat can also bring your iced tea to room temperature in record time.

Some manufacturers have taken note of this and designed an iced tea maker with a double wall. This will keep you iced tea cold outside of your refrigerators.

Other features that you might be taking into consideration should be its ability to accommodate both loose leaf and bagged tea and when it does it should have removable brewing basket and filter to clean easily. It should also have automatic shut off system, a light indicator, and warranty.


Nothing beats a glass of refreshing iced tea. When choosing the best iced tea maker make sure that it is easy to use, simple, provides time efficiency and saves you money compared with the rest. Buying one will be an investment so make sure that you are making the right decision.

You need an iced tea maker because buying from a restaurant or groceries will be costly in the end. Aside from that, you cannot get the authentic flavor you want when making your own.

However, if you are making yours using the traditional method it will be time consuming and messy. The iced tea maker is the answer.

Overall, the Mr. Coffee TM1 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker is the best pick. It has a dishwasher-safe pitcher that is covered with one-year warranty.

It is also dependable and can last years. This is the our winner pick because it is simple and not very expensive. It is easy to use, no need to study the manual on how to brew a perfect iced tea.

All you need is water, tea bag or loose leaf and ice. You just press the button and in a matter of minutes, your tea is ready. This machine has removable steeping basket too that is easy to clean.

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