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Best Non stick Crepe Pan Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

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A crepe pan comes in a round bottomed or flat shape and effectively cooks a thin crepe (recipe here).

The rounded surface in the round bottom extends upwards, allowing the pan to dip right into the crepe batter once it is heated.

The round bottomed crepe pan will make thin coated layers an easy task as it evenly and steadily heats and cooks your crepe (source).

The latest designs include non-stick surface and even well seasoned surface for easy removal of the crepe and cooked to a golden delight.

The best crepe pan will come with a heavy base to enable even diffusion of heat across the pan surface.

Getting a good quality pan for this recipe is very important because unlike other recipes, crepe making is a rapid process and a lot will depend on the pan you use.

Unless you make crepes almost on a daily basis, this is not something you can pull off easily because it takes just seconds to make or break the recipe (source).

These pans are quite affordable these days and you can also use it for multiple other purposes.

Using a crepe pan will help you to control the heat and turn your crepe like a pro (even if you are doing it for the first time).

Here is quick demonstration from Williams Sonoma to make a perfect crepe.

5 Best Non stick Crepe Pan Reviews 2024

1 – Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Hard Anodized Nonstick Crepe Pan

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This 10 inch non stick hard anodized crepe making pan will offer you cooking for multiple purposes.

It is versatile enough to handle just about any frying jobs.

This is not heavy or excessively thick yet evenly distributes the heat and gives you restaurant quality crepes.

Sturdy Construction

This Cuisinart 623-24 comes with an exterior of hard anodized. It is highly resistant to daily wear and tear and is also not porous at all.

Though it is light, the high durability of the pan makes it ideal also for heavy duty use in commercial cooking areas like the restaurants.

Consistent Cooking

Irrespective of what you use it for, this Cuisinart 623-24 crepe pan will give you consistent cooking results since it evenly distributes the heat and is heat conducive throughout the surface.

The flat interior also enables spreading of the batter effortlessly.

Non-Stick Coating

Most crepe pans nowadays are non-stick. What makes this special?

Because it uses top quality non-stick material most commonly found only on commercial use.

The titanium used in this one is highly durable and one of the best in the market right now.

Easy To Use

This crepe making pan is very easy to use. The batter or any food slides around smoothly in the interior part.

Since nothing sticks there, cleaning is also a breeze with this Cuisinart 623-24 crepe pan.

Varied Cooking Tops

This crepe pan is suitable for almost all kinds of cooking tops.

You can even use it in the oven and can take up to a temperature range of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Non stick titanium coating for sturdy use
  • Takes less oil while making pancakes or omelette
  • Tapered rim prevents messy drips when pouring
  • Stainless steel solid handles that stay cool and easy grabbing


  • Not safe for the dishwasher
  • Cannot be used on induction cooking stove

2- Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic 10-Inch Nonstick Crepe Pan

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The Cuisinart FCT23-24NS is a great choice for you if you are looking for an affordably ranged crepe pan.

This stainless steel version will give you the sturdy construction that you need for many years to come.

Tri-Ply Aluminum Core

The star feature of this Cuisinart FCT23-24NS is the tri-ply steel with aluminum core.

This feature enables for an even distribution of heat that is vital to crepe making.

This is a feature that you will normally not find in most of the average stainless steel pans.

Heat Surround Tech Design

Another stand out feature of their crepe making pan is none other than the heat surround tech design.

This is to make sure that the heat in your crepe pan is evenly distributed. You can also use this in any kind of induction stove.

Multipurpose Use

Buying this Cuisinart FCT23-24NS is a great investment.

This is because of the fact of the matter that besides the good old crepes that you can make with it, you can also sear your delicate fish, make restaurant quality omelettes or fry any other type of food.

Warrantied For Life

Not a lot of crepe making pans will offer you a life time warranty.

Yup! You heard me.

Buying this Cuisinart FCT23-24NS means you can get a life time warranty. Talk about family heirloom!

Great For Daily Use

Unlike most of the other types of crepe pans, you can actually store this one in the fridge without worrying about getting it damaged.

It also means the size is compact enough to fit inside your congested fridge filled with the goodness of delicious food.


  • Tri-ply durable steel construction
  • Better heat transfer with aluminum core
  • Handles remain cool for a really long period of time
  • Offers a comfortable grip and is induction friendly


  • Warps at really high temperatures
  • Non-stick coating is fragile

3 – Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Crepe Pancake Pan

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This Cook n Home Heavy Gauge 10.25 inch nonstick crepe pan is actually a great choice if you are looking for something to make larger than regular sized crepes at home.

If you usually cook for a lot of people than making the larger size and then slicing it into halves will also help.

Heavy Duty Aluminum

Although this good old Cook n Home Heavy Gauge 10.25 inch nonstick crepe pan is meant for daily home use for your spouse and your kids, it is actually made from the heavy duty aluminum.

Great Quality Non-Stick Surface

The surface is very important for making crepes. It is one of the things that will either make or break your crepe recipe.

The cook n home crepe pan has made sure that the surface has a durable non stick coating which will not wear off even with years of regular usage at home.

Great Lasting Handles

Another great feature of this Cook n Home Heavy Gauge 10.25 inch nonstick crepe pan is none other than the soft feel to the handles.

Even with hours of cooking in the kitchen for your spouse and your kids, you will not tire from touching the soft handles.


  • Safe for cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Provides you with the ability to release easily and clean the nonstick surface which is double coated
  • Made of the material aluminum which enables the even distribution of heat
  • Is compatible with almost any kind of cooking tops


  • The edges are angled and hence it is better for making Indian crepes
  • You cannot clean it with the help of the dishwasher

4 – Matfer Bourgeat 062034 Round Crepe Pan

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The black steel material is not only for a sturdy use but it also gives you the benefit of an even distribution of the heat in the cooking top.

Since the heat is evenly distributed, you can also rest assured that there is not be any heat spots on your crepe.

Easy To Use

This Matfer Bourgeat Round Crepe Pan 062034 is designed to be compatible with all kinds of cooking tops.

Since it has a long steel handle and comes in high quality material, you can easily flip your crepes with grace like the professional cooks. Making pancakes are also great.

Easy Seasoning

Seasoning is easy with this crepe pan. Simply hold it under hot running water and gently scrub off the food remains stuck to it.


  • It is available in 4 different kinds of sizes
  • It can be used for heavy duty purposes
  • It can be easily used on any type of hobs
  • It comes with an extra long handle for easy grabbing


  • A little on the heavier side because of the black steel
  • A little heavy duty for every day use

5 – Saflon Titanium Non-Stick Scratch Resistant Crepe Pan

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Gone are the days when you have to tip toe around your non-stick crepe making pan while washing it in the kitchen because of the fact of the matter that you are afraid the “non stick” coating will come off.

This non-stick coat is also resistant to repeated scratches by you.


This Saflon Titanium Non stick Scratch Resistant Crepe Pan is very eco friendly. You can easily dump it in the dishwasher and forget about it totally.

In addition to being a non stick surface, this crepe pan is also cadmium free, lead free and PFOA free.

Even Distribution Of Heat

Even if you are a beginner, you can get professional looking crepes with the thick forged aluminum pan.

 It can heat up really fast and then deliver a reliable and even distribution of heat throughout the surface of the pan every time you try to make your crepes in it.

Latest Technology

This crepe pan is thicker than your average crepe pan because it has 4mm of quality forged aluminum that offers a stronger and thicker pan.

It is also coated with three different layers of the most premium Quan Titanium titanium non stick coating for a sturdy feel to your crepe pan.


  • Crepe frying pan with 4 mm forged aluminum thickness
  • Titanium coating is resistant to scratch and stickiness
  • Eco-friendly features with dish-washer safety
  • Cadmium free, lead free, PFOA free


  • The finishing tends to come off with rough handling
  • Quite heavy for extended use by hand

Features To Consider When Buying A Crepe Pan


The first thing you want to consider when buying a crepe pan is the size. The standard size for most commercial purposes is 15 ¾ inches or 16 inches. As for home crepe making, you preferably need something smaller like 13 inches of griddle plate.


If you are just a home cook who wants to make crepes for your spouse and kids, the light duty plastic frames and exteriors will do. You can also opt for the non-stick griddle plates (source). For a longer use, the stainless steel exterior or cast iron griddles are preferable.

Gas Or Electric

Both electric operated and gas operated versions have its own pros and cons. Electric crepe pans will be energy efficient and easy to use. The gas units, on the other hand, may not be portable since it needs liquid propane or natural gas supply.

Single Or Dual

This will depend on the quantity of crepes that you plan to make every time you use it. The double version is also an option only if you have enough worktop counters in your kitchen. Most home cooks will do perfectly fine with the single unit since it can make a decent amount.

Range Of Temperature

Most of the crepe pans come in a temperature range of around 120 to 575 degree Fahrenheit. There are varying crepe recipes and you can control the temperature according to the kind of recipe that you are following. Turning the temperature up a notch also helps when in hurry.

Cooking Surface

Cast iron is a popular quality choice (source). As opposed to other alloys like aluminum or steel, cast iron distributes heat consistently and evenly. It also becomes practically non-sticky after seasoning. There are also the non-stick variations if you want something easier for your daily cooking.

The Verdict

These are the features that you would normally get from a typical crepe making pan – carbon steel, cast iron, non stick surface, hard anodized aluminum, even distribution of heat, flat surface, less consumption of oil, etc.

All these features are great for making the perfect crepe. Besides this, you can also fry and cook just about anything in these great flat pans. This is why purchasing a crepe pan is a great investment for your kitchen for the purpose of daily cooking.

The Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Hard Anodized Nonstick Crepe Pan is a winner because of the non stick surface reinforced by titanium which provides a lasting release of food and enables easy cleaning. It can also take superior heat so you can use it in ovens as well.

This is truly a great pick not just for restaurant quality looking crepes but also for the multipurpose use that you will get out of purchasing this crepe pan.

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