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Best Backpacking Frying Pan Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

Disclosure: Our editors independently review and test the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We receive a small commission from purchases made via some links on this website. We do not accept free products from manufacturers, and we never allow ourselves to be influenced by how much money we could make off a certain product.

Optimizing the weight of the backpack when going on a trip to the mountains or a hike is always challenging.

You have to prioritize your needs and carry only the most essential gear or tools.

And one of the most important tools, such as omelet pan/skillet, should always be included.

But skillets are pretty hefty, and you don’t want to add unnecessary pounds to your pack. This is where you’re going to need the best backpacking frying pan.

Backpacking frying pans are much lighter than regular ones such as crepe pan, or frittata pan.

These are lightweight, strong, and much more durable. They will make your hunting trip or camping an amazing experience.

This is a review of three best backpacking frying pans.

We selected the following products after careful examination, and there is no doubt, we can confidently say that these are top quality products.

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1 – MSR Alpine Fry Pan

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If you’re an adventurous person, and you go camping very frequently, then the MSR Alpine frying pan is what you should own by any means.

What we love the most about this product is that it has a compact design, and it’s very lightweight.

Speaking of the design, the MSR Alpine frying pan is made of high-grade stainless steel, and it’s designed to withstand heavy use even in extreme weather conditions.

In most cases, it’s the pan’s handle, which creates inconvenience when packing, but not in this case. This pan has a foldable pan which provides a compact packing.

In addition, this frying pan is incredibly light. It weighs 11 ounces or about 315 grams. This makes it a perfect cooking tool for camping and hiking.


  • Compact design and lightweight, easy for storage or carrying
  • Solidly built, can withstand extreme abuse
  • Heats up evenly
  • Performs incredibly well even over an open fire


  • The tape residue on cooking surface is hard to remove

2 – GSI Outdoors – Pinnacle Frypan

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If you’re looking for a lightweight, dependable, and a non-stick coated outdoor frying pan, the GSI Outdoors Bugaboo is something that you need to consider.

This pan is made of high-quality thick gauge aluminum, which makes it super strong, rugged yet lightweight, and highly durable.

This frying pan has a GSI sure lock folding handle. This is not only provides a sturdy and stable grip, but it also allows the pan to be stored or packed compactly. Also, the handle is removable. You can remove and store it elsewhere. This provides extra convenience in terms of storage.

The GSI Outdoors Bugaboo frying pan is also available in different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. It is available in 8 inches and 10 inches.


  • Users get 2 variable options when it comes to size
  • It has a non-stick surface that helps evenly distribute heat
  • Foldable/removable handle with a rubber-coated grip
  • Made of tough, durable, and lightweight thick gauge aluminum


  • The coating can get scratched easily when using metal utensils.

3 – Keith Titanium Ti6034 Fry Pan

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The design of this frying pan was inspired by passionate outdoor adventurers. The manufacturers decided to build a simple yet elegant and practical backpacking frying pan that will meet the requirements or needs of the people who spend a lot of time camping.

Their efforts finally paid off when the Keith Titanium frying pan was launched.

Even a few pounds can add to the weight of their backpack, and this led the manufacturer of this pan to make use of Titanium, which is lighter and stronger than steel. This product weighs a mere 4.5 ounces or 127 grams, which is almost as light as most smartphones.

In terms of durability, this cooking tool outperforms most of its counterparts. It is even more durable than a carbon steel skillet. And that’s not all, the handle is cleverly designed to allow compact and convenient packing as it has a folding mechanism.


  • The pan is extremely durable
  • It has a foldable handle and is lightweight
  • It’s corrosion-resistant
  • It also comes with the Lifetime warranty


  • Titanium is not an ideal material to cook food.


When choosing an outdoor or backpacking frying pan, the most expensive ones that have lots of features are not always the best option.

If you know how you’re going to use it, or what you’re going to cook, it will help you narrow down your choices. Knowing the environment of your campsite is also another thing you might want to take into account.

Based on personal experience, and customer reviews, the MSR Alpine fry pan is the best product among the three. It is highly reliable, practical, and durable so investing in this product is a wise decision.

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