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Danby 120 Can Beverage Center DBC120BLS Review

It can be quite inconvenient walking up to the kitchen area and the main refrigerator every time you want to have a cold beer or a soda.

It can also be awkward at times to open the fridge in front of the guests or friends to offer them a cold drink. Why not do it in style?

By having a beverage cooler installed in your home at the desired location, you won’t have to go into the kitchen every time to have a drink.

Your friends will be impressed too. A glamorous appliance such as the Danby 120 can beverage center is all you need.  

Here is a complete and thorough Danby 120 Can Beverage Center DBC120BLS review.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center DBC120BLS Review

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This unit from Danby is one of the most efficient beverage refrigerators. It is packed with cool features such as reversible glass door, and door activated interior light and ultraviolet ray protection. The reversible door system will allow you to customize the refrigerator’s door to either the left or right.

The Danby 120 has a storage capacity of 120 cans. It has a mechanical thermostat with a temperature ranging between 43 – 57 degrees F. Its height is 33.70 inches, while the width is 17.87 inches, and depth is 19.75 inches.

It has three wire shelves which can be removed if you want to store larger bottles. This refrigerator has an integrated lock system, and you can keep your drinks locked in if you don’t want children to put their hands on your drinks.


  • Affordable price range.
  • A solidly built product which delivers optimum performance
  • Interior blue LED light with a control option.
  • Door lock allows you to keep your drinks away from kids.
  • Adjustable shelves offer versatile storage options.


  • This unit is a little noisy when compared to other similar products.
  • Thermostat needs some modification in some units.

Key Features And Benefits

The Danby 120 can beverage center is a trendy appliance in many modern homes. Its popularity can be credited to its compact size and incredible performance. Let’s take a look at its features.

1 – Design

This model is a cool looking appliance which does not disrupt the interior setting. In fact, it will make your home look even cooler. It has a height of 33.70 inches, 17.87 inches in width, and 19.75 inches in depth.

The black exterior with a stainless steel trim makes it look even better. The transparent tempered glass door is yet another excellent addition, and it allows you to see what’s on the inside.

The door is attached to the body with a reversible door hinge which can be adjusted to open left or right according to how your furniture is arranged.

The Danby 120 is equipped with a blue LED light on the inside which is automatically activated when the door is opened. You can also tune it to your liking, and you can choose to keep it lit in the night for your convenience or turn it off during the day.

This feature, combined with a transparent glass allows you to see what’s on the inside; it creates a stunning view on a dim-lit room. It also allows you to access the refrigerator safely.

2 – Capacity

In terms of capacity, this mini beer fridge is remarkable. You will never run out of chilled drinks – even if your friends bring a couple of extra heads with them to the party.

It has four tight-knit wire adjustable shelves, which means you can also store wine bottles by making quick adjustments.

It can store 120 standard soda cans. Or if you want, you can remove all the shelves and store a large wine bottle. The refrigerated space is 3.3 cubic feet or 93.5 liters.

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3 – Performance

The Danby 120 is equipped with a powerful and superior fan-forced cooling system which will keep your beverages chilled even when the day is unbearably hot. The internal temperature of the fridge is always consistent. This ensures an adequate and even cooling of the contents inside the refrigerator.

This model has an easily accessible mechanical thermostat which has a temperature range of 43 degrees F to 57 degrees F. You can set the right temperature for your drink manually.

4 – Additional information

Door lock – Most of the fridge on our list does not have a lock, which was a bit disappointing. But this unit has a built-in door lock; you can lock away your beer from children when you’re not around. Two keys are included in the package. Be sure to keep them in a safe place to avoid being locked out of your fridge.

Ultraviolet rays shield – This feature is often overlooked by a lot of people, but it can be very beneficial in the long run. UV rays can cause the quality of the beverage to degrade by heating it. Danby has sorted out this problem by including this impressive feature to the unit.

The Verdict

If you plan on placing it somewhere in the corner or under a cabinet, be sure to leave at least 5 to 6 inches space. The unit may overheat and lose its cooling capacity if there isn’t enough space for the air to circulate freely.Granted, it is not whisper quiet but it is very effective and spacious as well.

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Danby 120 Can Beverage Center DBC120BLS
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To sum it up, the Danby 120 beverage center is a great appliance. It looks great, works great, and has awesome features.

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