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What Does Everclear Taste Like? Discover Its Unique Profile

The best way to meet and greet people is at parties. And no party is ever complete without alcohol in it.

It is truly an ice breaker and a conversation starter for all.

For those who like the kicks in your alcohol or drinks, “Everclear” is the answer. It is a colorless alcoholic drink.

Everclear contains 95% alcohol content. A standard alcoholic beverage contains only up to 40-60% alcohol content.

Due to its high alcohol content, some people even consider it a poison and use it only for cleaning purposes.

There are more than fifteen states in the United States that prohibit the sale of Clearwater. Some of them are New York, Washington, and California.

What is Everclear?

what is everclear

Everclear is a brand-name rectified spirit (Ethanol). The American company Luxco (formerly known as David Sherman Corporation) produces Clearwater.

Fermented grain is the main component of Everclear. Hence also the name ‘grain alcohol.’ Many customers use it for household food-grade cleaning and cleaning stains.

According to Anne Marie Helmmenstine, Ph.D., at ThoughtCo. Everclear is a fermented mixture of corn, yeast, sugar, and water, distilled twice.

Making the mixture is an easy process, and the whole process takes about 3-10 days or longer. The final result is 100-200 proof, which is pure alcohol.

‘Everclear’ sells the 190 proof alcohol’s rectified spirit and becomes a clear liquid that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.

What Does Everclear Taste Like? Does Everclear Taste Good?

what does everclear taste like

If you ever happen to buy a bottle of Everclear and taste it, you will notice it is quite tasteless.

Everclear is more or like tasting rubbing alcohol. It contains no flavor whatsoever.

When undiluted, it tastes hotter and more peppery due to a higher percentage of alcohol.

Because of its coarse nature, it has no similarity in taste with other food products. There are no similarities in like with other food except chemicals.

Although it has a peppery effect, it is mainly due to the pureness of alcohol in it.

When mixed with other non-alcoholic content ingredients, it gives the taste of that ingredients, but the punch of Everclear still lingers.

Most people prefer it with fruits to give it a fruity flavor.

Most people have the general opinion of Everclear as a bland, dry, and burning sensation down the throat. It tastes very close to ethanol than vodka.

Vodka is more popular than Everclear for the sole reason that Everclear does not have a big marketing and advertising budget.

Since it’s mostly chemical, drinking Everclear on its own is quite dangerous.

The website, My fitness pal, measures every 1.5 fluid ounces of Everclear with about 310 calories at 190 proof (95% alcohol).

Comparatively lower proof of Everclear like 151 and 120 contains about 122 calories.

All varieties of Everclear have no percentage of carbs, fats, or proteins whatsoever.

Most hard liquids contain only about 96 calories in the same measurement with traces of fats, proteins, and carbs.

How To Drink Everclear Properly?

As per the manufacturers’ guide, it is not advisable to consume straight or pure Everclear.

It would be best if you made a diluted one to make alcohols of lower proof.

According to Karen Frazier from Love to know, Everclear is potent grain alcohol not to be drunk straight or mixing with other drinks.

It is not the same as vodka because it is double the strength of vodka.

It is very intense and unsafe, and misuse may lead to alcohol poisoning and fatal.

To make a lower-proof liqueur, you can use Everclear, and that liqueur results in a cocktail.

You can check out her recipes here.

According to Makeityourown, some of the cocktails recipes you can make are bee’s nice, chi-chi, cucumber mint cooler, easy-breezy, and limoncello.

Check out the recipes here. makes a delicious punch of kool-aid and Everclear, giving it a hilarious yet wonderful name, ‘blue kool aid jungle juice punch.’

Check out the recipe here.

Many similar Everclear recipes contain a minimum volume of grain alcohol and a generous amount of non-alcoholic ingredients.

Even though Everclear is a delight in all drinks, we advise our readers to drink responsibly and in moderation. The key in the use of Everclear is knowing when to stop.

It is also advisable to mix it in a low volume with other drinks and diluting it as much as possible.


Everclear is a product of alcohol distillation that was invented by the man many centuries ago.

So, grab a bottle of Everclear and start making varieties of cocktails for your party.

We guarantee that you will enjoy some legendary hangovers with your friends.

Disclaimer: We advise our readers to drink from the minimum drinking age and drink responsibly at their risks.

what does everclear taste like

What Does Everclear Taste Like? Does Everclear Taste Good?

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