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Tropical Essence Unveiled: What Does Guava Taste Like?

Guava is a delicious tropical fruit that has become a personal favorite to many of those who tried.

People who haven’t tried guava tend to wonder, what does guava taste like? Given its attractive pink pulp inside and its aromatic smell from the outside.

One can never know the taste and benefits of eating it unless they have tried.

Mostly grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates, this fruit is native to Mexico, northern South Africa, and Central America.

Guava is popularly eaten raw as a fruit, but it can be used to make various other food items such as desserts, jams, juices, salads, etc.

What is Guava?


Psidium guajava or common guava is a tropical fruit and belong to the myrtle family of trees.

There are different types of guavas that differ according to their color and shape and even flavor.

The guava fruit is usually oval shape with the rough outer skin and a typical aromatic fragrance.

Some of the common types of guavas are:

  • Tropical yellow
  • Tropical white
  • Tropical pink
  • Red Malaysian
  • Lemon guava

The out skin of unripe guava is green in color. Once it is ripe, it turns yellowish or pinkish, and the inside also turns pink.

What Does Guava Taste Like? Does Guava Taste Good?


The guava fruit tastes like a combination of strawberry, pear, and even mango. It has a sweet taste once it is ripe.

Unripe guavas are sour, and the outer skin will have a sweet-sour taste. Some of the varieties are sweet and can even taste like a cross between grapefruit and pear together.

Ripe guavas can also be figured out through sniffing. It will release a sweet aromatic fragrance and will feel a little softer.

The pulp inside is juicy and soft and feels more like papaya inside the mouth minus the seeds. Guava go bad very quickly and hence it should be refrigerated right after plucking.

Guava fruit has immense health benefits as it is a rich source of vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants.

Even the guava leaves have medicinal properties and are used as a health supplement. The leaves are known to have anti-cancer properties.

The nutritional value of guava is very high compared to other fruits like persimmons, that are grown in similar conditions.

The high levels of fiber and potassium in guavas are known to improve the heart’s health and help in lowering cholesterol and control the levels of blood sugar.

Best Ways To Eat Guava?


The versatility of these fruits makes it combine well a lot of dishes. There are many ways to eat this fruit, but the best way would be to eat the fruit raw and as a whole.

This will enable us to exploit its benefits fully. You can add salt and pepper on top of it to add some more flavor.

The other ways to eat guava are:

  • Juice

Guava juice tastes great and is loaded with nutrients. It is thick and pulpy. This fruit is great to make smoothies and nutritious shakes.

  • Salads

Cut slices of fresh guavas in salads give a low-calorie diet.

  • Jams and desserts

Guavas have a thickening agent called pectin, which makes it a great choice for making jams and fruit pastes. It also tastes great with vanilla ice cream or with pastries.


 Before consuming raw guavas, make sure you cut it into half and check for any worms inside. Guavas are popular with worms.

Final Thought

Guava is a delicious tropical fruit that is commonly found in most parts of the world.

This fruit is sweet and packed with nutritious components that are beneficial to human health. It can be consumed in many ways and makes a delectable treat all the time.


What Does Guava Taste Like? Does Guava Taste Good?

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