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Delicious Pairings: 8 Best Side Dishes for Salisbury Steak

Beef is very popular in most parts of the world, and one of the more successful dishes that utilize beef is Salisbury steak.

When making this dish, two types of ground beef are used: lean meat and regular meat.

A generous amount of onions are also added to the pan, which gives a great flavor if cooked adequately with some butter or oil.

It is also possible to add water or other liquid, but it is usually not necessary unless the meat is too dry.

When cooking, the smell of the steak is delicious and familiar to most people who appreciate beef dishes.

Salisbury steak will have a lot of great flavors which are perfectly balanced if appropriately prepared.

It can be served with mashed potatoes, rice, vegetables, and bread for a complete meal.

In this article, we will list 8 of the best side dishes that can be served along with Salisbury steak.

The following list contains some of the most popular and common side dish options.

As you may have noticed, they can all go together very well with beef making them excellent choices for dinner or lunch.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes for Salisbury Steak?

why consider serving side dishes for salisbury steak

First, it is essential to remember that a meal should include an entrée and a side dish.

As the main component of a meal, an entrée should not be overlooked.

If you consider serving a Salisbury steak for dinner, try giving the dish some exciting accompaniments to elevate its flavor profile.

The first consideration when selecting a side dish for Salisbury steak is your entrée’s flavor.

If you are serving a savory, beefy dish, you may want to avoid pairing it with anything that will detract from or overly compete with the meat’s natural flavors.

For example, steamed vegetables would be a poor accompaniment because they lack depth and richness.

Likewise, you may wish to avoid serving anything with too much sweetness or acidity; these flavors will compete with the savory qualities of the steak.

What to Serve with Salisbury Steak? 8 BEST Side Dishes

what to serve with salisbury steak best side dishes

Once you have selected your entrée, you can choose from various side dishes to serve beside the meal.

Salisbury steak is often served with mashed potatoes or egg noodles, but why not try something different?

1 – Roasted Broccoli or Cauliflower

roasted broccoli or cauliflower

Roasted broccoli or cauliflower is an excellent option for your Salisbury steak meal.

By themselves, these vegetables are bland, but they pick up flavor very well when roasted with garlic and other seasonings, such as salt and pepper.

Bake the seasoned veggies in the oven until they are tender throughout, about ten minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, sprinkle with cheese or drizzle with a sauce before serving.

You can even serve the broccoli or cauliflower over mashed potatoes for an extra-hearty side dish.

2 – Maple Glazed Carrots

maple glazed carrots

If you are looking for a dish that offers some sweetness, glazed maple carrots are an excellent choice.

These can be served with just about any meal and pick up flavor well when sautéed in butter.

Peel the carrots and cut them into small pieces before boiling them in salted water until they are tender for approximately ten minutes.

While the carrots cook, melt butter and warm maple syrup over low heat in a saucepan.

When all of the ingredients are combined, pour them over the carrots and serve.

3 – Lemon Rice Pilaf

lemon rice pilaf

Lemon rice pilaf is a unique side dish that may surprise you.

Serve this by itself or try it with Salisbury steak for an exciting combination of flavors.

To make the dish, toast raw rice in butter before simmering it in chicken stock until tender throughout, about fifteen minutes.

Then, combine lemon juice and zest with parsley and sprinkle over the dish for a burst of fresh flavor.

Serve the lemon rice pilaf warm, and you will be surprised how well this flavor complements your Salisbury steak.

4 – Buttered Noodles

buttered noodles

Buttered noodles are an easy side dish to whip together, and they go with just about any entrée.

These noodles only take a few minutes to prepare so that they can be made in just about any home kitchen.

Prepare egg noodles according to package directions before draining them, then place them back in the pot and add butter.

Toss with Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper before serving.

To alter the dish’s flavor, you can also add herbs or other seasonings, such as garlic powder and onion powder.

5 – Savory Sauteed String Beans

savory sauteed string beans

This side dish combines some green vegetables and flavors that are frequently found in Asian cooking.

String beans, also known as snap or French green beans, can be sautéed with seasonings to create an exciting entrée accompaniment.

Combine olive oil, soy sauce, ginger root, garlic powder, onion powder, and sesame seeds in a small bowl.

Then, sauté the beans in the mixture over medium heat until they are tender throughout, approximately fifteen minutes.

Serve hot with your Salisbury steak for an Asian-inspired dish.

6 – Roasted Garlic Mushrooms

roasted garlic mushrooms

This side dish is a hearty accompaniment to the Salisbury steak.

It can also be served in small portions as an appetizer or snack with bread, such as a baguette.

Prepare the mushrooms by removing the stems and chopping them into quarters.

Then, toss them in olive oil and add garlic, salt, and pepper before roasting at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for about fifteen minutes.

If you prefer a different flavor, substitute the garlic with onion or shallots and add thyme for a french-inspired touch.

7 – Calico Squash Casserole

calico squash casserole

With butternut, acorn, and other types of squash, this dish is a Halloween favorite.

This casserole has been adapted to be vegetarian-friendly by using vegetable broth instead of beef broth.

Prepare the vegetables according to package directions before baking them in a mixture of butter and flour seasoned with salt and pepper for ten minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, add vegetable broth, sugar, and maple syrup before baking for an additional twenty minutes.

The result should be tender vegetables that are cooked all the way through and covered in a thick sauce seasoned with sweet flavors.

8 – Spinach-Parm Casserole

spinachparm casserole

This dish is spinach and cheese-inspired but also unexpected because of its breadcrumb topping.

The first step is to prepare the dish’s base by steaming fresh spinach and mixing it with a mixture of eggs, cream, and Parmesan cheese before baking for twenty minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

During this time, melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat and add breadcrumbs, garlic powder, and salt.

Stir the crumbs until they turn golden brown but remain moist before adding them to the casserole dish.

The final result is a baked dish that combines spinach with cheese and bread for a savory side to your Salisbury steak.


In conclusion, Salisbury steak is a dish that can be paired with several different side dishes to create an entrée that is sure to satisfy.

Whether you prefer something new and different or traditional and home-style, there are side dish options on this list for everyone.

So, next time you plan a meal with Salisbury steak, try one of these dishes to take your dinner from good to great.

what to serve with salisbury steak

What to Serve with Salisbury Steak? 8 BEST Side Dishes

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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 1 Serving


  • Roasted Broccoli or Cauliflower
  • Maple Glazed Carrots
  • Lemon Rice Pilaf
  • Buttered Noodles
  • Savory Sauteed String Beans
  • Roasted Garlic Mushrooms
  • Calico Squash Casserole
  • Spinach-Parm Casserole


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