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What Does Monster Taste Like? Decoding the Unique Flavor

With 34 different flavors, Monster Energy Drink is distributed and introduced by Hansen Natural Company.

Today the company is known as Monster Beverage Corporation. It came into being in April 2002, and it has 35% shares in the energy drink market.

It is the 2nd highest, next only to Red Bull, which has the highest share in the said market.

Since the drink has about 34 different flavors, its taste differs. Some taste like green apples, oranges, berries, etc.

What does Monster taste like? Continue reading to find out.

What is Monster Drink?

what is monster energy drink

Monster is an energy drink processed by Monster Beverage, like Red Bull.

The company supports and sponsors extreme sports events like the UFC, Moto GP, etc. They also invest in the bag of the famous golfer Tiger Woods.

It is a drink with most of its content is- Caffeine. Carbonated water, glucose, citric acid, natural flavors, etc., make up the energy drink ingredients.

It a sweet and robust drink with caffeine and is an excellent substitute for coffee.

What Does Monster Taste Like? Does Monster Taste Good?

what does monster taste like

The Monster Energy Drink is sweet to drink but not like the taste of syrup. As it has 34 flavors, the taste of one differs from the other.

The original Monster tastes like apple juice with fizz, and we cannot describe some different flavors.

Energy drinks are like any soft drink but with more caffeine content. But of course, soft drinks with soda are way safer than energy drinks.

They have a lot of ingredients not found in soft drinks and sometimes have allergic reactions to them.

Here are some of the flavors and what they taste like:

  • The Ultra Blue version of the Monster drink somehow tastes like berries.
  • Even the Ultra Red tastes mildly of berries.
  • The Mango Loco tastes a mixture of oranges and peaches. 
  • Dragonfruit tastes like black tea with litchi and passion fruit.
  • Ultra sunrise tastes like lemon and a little tangy to drink.

Monster and other energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, so it is terrible for the body and its functions.

Research in recent years shows that energy drink consumption regularly is very detrimental to health in the long run.

Monster and other energy drinks are not advisable for children, pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, and people who have allergic reactions to caffeine.

Large amounts of caffeine in a person’s diet may cause heart and blood problems shortly.

It can also cause anxiety and other issues if consumed in large quantities. So it is better to take caution when drinking energy drinks.

How to Drink Monster Properly?

drink monster energy drink

Energy drinks have become very popular among adolescents and young adults. It has become like a trend to hold a can of energy drink everywhere.

But what we don’t realize is that it can cause dependence, insomnia, dehydration, and increased heart rate in both children and adults.

  • Monster has a very high content of sugar and caffeine and so is not advisable to drink daily. Limiting to one drink a day is advisable than drinking more on average. Excess sugar in your system can lead to higher blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, fatty liver, and weight gain.
  • Do not drink any energy drinks or Monster before working out or any physical activity. It would be best if you never mixed alcohol with energy drinks. You should always keep a check on your daily intake of caffeine and sugar for a healthier body. Never use energy drinks as an alternative for proper sleep.
  • Above all, pregnant women or nursing women must never consume energy drinks. Children of a younger age must also reduce the intake of such energy drinks. We must use energy drinks wisely to avoid unwanted problems in the future.


Thus, energy drinks like Monster are nothing but drinks to improve physical and mental endurance.

Some research has proven that energy drink provides physical endurance but no visible effect on muscle or strength.

It all comes to how responsible we are, how much we drink such energy drinks. We must do so wisely and with caution.

Even the energy drinks themselves have cautionary messages on the back of the labels.

Consume energy drinks carefully and live a better and healthy life.

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