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What Does Corona Beer Taste Like? Unveil the Flavor

When you want a refreshing beverage to quench your thirst and cool off on a hot summer day, what do you reach for?

If the answer is Corona, then this blog post is for you.

Corona is a type of beer made by the brewing company Grupo Modelo. You can find this beer in Mexico, other Latin American countries, and parts of the United States.

If you’re wondering what Corona tastes like, then keep reading to get some answers.

What is Corona?

what is corona beer

If you’re like most people, the word “Corona” makes you think of a refreshing Mexican beer served in a chilled glass with a wedge of lime.

Corona is one of the most popular beer brands in Mexico and Latin America, but it’s been a challenge to break into the U.S. market due to its image as a “working-class” beverage for Latino men.

It is brewed in Mexico by Grupo Modelo, the largest brewery company on both sides of The Pacific. Corona was first brewed 60 ago and is available all over Latin America as well as some parts of North American countries like Canada.

The alcohol content varies depending on where you are drinking it but most places have a standard beer that has an ABV between 4% to 6%.

There are several flavor variations available as well. Corona Extra is the most popular flavor, but there are many others including Corona Light, Corona Refresca, Corona Hard Seltzer, and Corona Familiar.

Is Corona a Sweet Beer?

Corona beer is popular for its citrusy flavor, it is not a sweet beer. However, Corona Extra is the sweetest version.

The Extra has an ABV of just over 4.6% and contains more calories than most other variations on Corona because it also includes cane sugar in its fermentation process as well as being made with “dextrose”.

As a result, the taste is sweeter and rounder than any of the other variations.

Do Coronas Get You Drunk?

do coronas get you drunk

The short answer is yes. Corona is a type of beer that is about as strong in alcohol content and calories (if not higher) than the average American IPA.

So it’s easy to see how someone could get drunk with a few too many.

To be considered legally drunk in the United States, you must have a blood alcohol concentration level of over 0.08%.

The typical alcohol content of Corona is between 4 and 6%. So it only takes roughly 3 Corona for someone to be legally drunk according to the American legal system.

Why is Corona Beer So Expensive?

The price of Corona beer depends on the country you’re in. Corona beers are all brewed exclusively in Mexico and then distributed around the world.

Corona is a global beer with production happening in Mexico.

This means that the prices for Corona vary depending on location, which can be affected by Value Added Tax (VAT), local costs, and import regulations.

Why Do You Put a Lime in Corona?

When order Corona you often have the option of putting lime in it. It’s kinda a traditional way to drink Corona.

This is done to make a Corona taste more refreshing because limes contain citric acid, which makes them sour and tangy tasting when you mix with alcohol.

Also, it adds citrus flavor to the beer and helps balance out the sweetness.

Lime also has antibacterial properties that help prevent people from getting sick after drinking beer.

Corona Light vs Corona Extra

corona light vs corona

Corona Light is a lower calorie beer than regular Corona, with around 50 calories per serving.

The main difference between the two is that Coronas light uses a different type of hops in its recipe to achieve its lighter taste and has less alcohol content at about four percent ABV.

While Corona Extra is a heavier beer, with about 158 calories per serving and a stronger taste. It is also more expensive than regular Coronas and has a higher alcohol content, up to 4.6%.

What Does Corona Taste Like? Does Corona Taste Good?

what does corona taste like

For many people, Corona is a staple of their summer barbeques or beach parties. But for those who have never tried this Mexican lager before, it can be difficult to know whether they’ll enjoy its refreshing taste.

It tastes very refreshing when served cold with salt and lime wedge. But it can be enjoyed at room temperature too.

It is a typical Mexican-style lager beer, with a dry taste and no bitter aftertaste.

Corona has an almost sweet flavor that is aided by the lime juice in it to balance out some of its sweetness.

Best Ways to Drink Corona?

best way to drink corona

There are many different ways you can enjoy your Corona beer:

– Served cold, it becomes a delicious and satisfying drink with its dry taste without the bitterness of other lagers or ale

– Serve with a fresh lime wedge, then add a pinch of salt to the rim of the bottle.

– Make your own Margarita mix with Corona.


In conclusion, Corona is the perfect drink for a hot summer day.

The refreshing taste of lime, salt, and cold beer will set the mood as you relax in your hammock or on a beach chair with friends while enjoying this great Mexican tradition. Grab one and enjoy!

what does corona taste like

What Does Corona Taste Like? Does Corona Beer Taste Good?

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