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Savor Freshness: What Does Yellow Watermelon Taste Like?

Yellow watermelons are a variety of traditional red watermelon.

They have a much sweeter and more delicate flavor, so many people prefer them to other types.

In this article, we will discuss what yellow watermelons taste like and how they are grown and what you should do with them after they’re harvested.

What is Yellow Watermelon?

what is yellow watermelon

Yellow watermelon is a variety of fruit that is both sweet and juicy.

This watermelon variety may have yellow flesh that will typically be more intensely colored than the other types, such as red or pink.

The color can vary from light to dark shades of yellow based on how ripe they are when harvested; however, there is no difference in taste between them.

This type of watermelon also has seeds of similar size, shape, and number like any other kind.

Most people believe that these watermelons are sweeter because this particular variety tastes better once cut, but this is not always true.

The yellow watermelon’s success has been attributed to the amount of time it takes to become ripe; they can be harvested in 70 days compared to other varieties that take 65-70 days.

Yellow Watermelons are best eaten fresh because they have a relatively short shelf life and don’t store well like pink or red varieties do.

Yellow Watermelon vs Red Watermelon

yellow watermelon vs red watermelon

Yellow watermelons lack lycopene, which gives its red color to fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and red grapefruit.

On the contrary, red watermelon contains lots of lycopene, and it is mainly found in the rind, making it richer than yellow watermelon.

The taste of yellow watermelon does not change much after the fruiting season, and they are grown year-round.

The flavor of red watermelons changes as they ripen from sour to sweet with an additional tangy note from citric acid.

Yellow watermelons are sweet on their own but can also stand up as a fantastic addition to any fruit salad because they provide just enough tartness to balance out other flavors of fruits.

Plus, these little guys will retain more nutrients than red ones due to mire natural acidity content which helps prevent spoilage by bacteria and microorganisms longer than their fruiter counterpart.

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Yellow Watermelon

health and nutritional benefits of yellow watermelon

Watermelons are boring.

And let me tell you something – there is nothing more disappointing than going to a farmer’s market and being confronted with an entire stand of yellow melons when all I wanted was some honeydew.

But don’t despair.

Yellow watermelon has the benefits that make it worth your time in the end.

It contains lycopene which can help prevent prostate cancer and reduce heart disease risk by lowering cholesterol.

And that’s not all.

Lycopene also helps to strengthen your immune system and can help with the symptoms of arthritis, menstrual cramps, and fibromyalgia.

Moreover, yellow watermelon also contains potassium which is good for the heart as it helps regulate blood pressure and maintain healthy levels of sodium in your system.

In addition, yellow watermelon contains beta-carotene, which can help prevent cancer by blocking cell damage caused by free radicals.

It protects from sunburns as well.

Finally, a California Polytechnic State University study found that eating one serving of raw yellow watermelon every day could result in weight loss because it contains high amounts of soluble fiber.

The health benefits of melons are underrated, but they’re worth adding to your diet if you want to stay healthy this summer.

What Does Yellow Watermelon Taste Like?

what does yellow watermelon taste like

Yellow watermelon is a type of watermelon that has been bred to be a deep yellow color.

The flavor of the watermelon is almost identical to that of a more standard red variety, with only subtle differences in taste and texture.

Seedless watermelons are very popular because they are sweeter than other types with seeds in them.

However, they also tend to be more expensive due to their rarity and are usually available only during certain times of the year.

The natural sugar in a yellow watermelon gives it a delightful, tangy flavor.

In addition, these varieties will have less inherent bitterness than the deep red ones, making them perfect for late summer or early fall consumption.

How to Eat Yellow Watermelon?

how to eat yellow watermelon

It’s easy to eat a yellow watermelon.

First, cut it in half and scoop out the seeds, then bite into one of the halves or slice up pieces for your meal.

This fruit is lovely because its sugar content increases as it matures on the vine.

You can also use a yellow watermelon to create refreshing drinks.

First, cut it into cubes, put the pieces in a blender with some cold water and blend on high until smooth.

Another option is to cut up pieces of the watermelon to make a salad.

Add a few other fruit and vegetables you like, then drizzle on some dressing for flavor.

Where to Buy Yellow Watermelon?

where to buy yellow watermelon

It’s the time of year when you can’t turn around without seeing a watermelon stand.

The days are getting longer, and summer is on its way.

To stay cool this season, we should stock up for barbecues with some sweet-tasting yellow watermelons.

The first place I would recommend looking is at your local grocery store or farmer’s market, where they sell seasonal produce.

However, suppose you can’t find any at your local store.

In that case, I suggest looking online or in specialty grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market for the best selection of yellow watermelon varieties.

Another way to buy a yellow watermelon is to join a CSA, basically like buying produce in bulk from local farms.


It’s a fruit that looks like it has been cooked in the sun but tastes refreshingly sweet.

The yellow watermelon is worth trying if you are looking for new and exciting ways to eat your summer produce.

If you’re interested in giving this interesting flavor of melon a try, make sure to pick up one from your local grocery store or farmers market today.

what does yellow watermelon taste like

What Does Yellow Watermelon Taste Like? Does Yellow Watermelon Taste Good?

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