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How Long Does Sweet Potato Pie Last? Does Sweet Potato Pie Go Bad?

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A classic Thanksgiving dessert, sweet potato pie is a traditional dish that will not disappoint.

Sweet potatoes are mixed with eggs and sugar to form the filling of this rich pumpkin-pie inspired treat.

The crust is made from buttery pecan crumbs and processed until it forms a dough before being pressed into the pie pan.

This post discusses how long does sweet potato pie last, how to store your pie, as well as how you can make sure your dish lasts for days.

What is Sweet Potato Pie?

what is sweet potato pie

Sweet Potato Pie is a type of baked dessert that features sweet potatoes as the primary ingredient.

It can be served in slices, wedges or whole pies with different toppings ranging from whipped cream to chocolate syrup and cinnamon sugar.

Most Sweet Potato Pie recipes have a custard-like filling that is made from eggs, sugar and vanilla extract.

This mixture can be either baked or cooked on the stovetop until it becomes thickened before being mixed with other ingredients such as cream cheese, butter, and milk.

It’s is a popular Thanksgiving dish in the Southern United States, where it is often served on the side of other desserts or as a substitute for pumpkin pie.

How to Store Sweet Potato Pie?

how to store sweet potato pie

When it comes to storing your prized sweet potato pie, you may be wondering what is the best way.

Well, there are a few options to consider.

The first option for storing your pie is in the fridge.

This is a good option if you want it to last longer but will be consumed within about three days of being stored.

Putting it on a tray with some wax paper underneath and then covering loosely with aluminum foil or plastic wrap can help preserve its moistness.

You should also use this method if you plan on taking it out as needed since there won’t be any need to warm up before serving, take it right out of refrigeration.

If you think that you will not be consuming your pie within the next few days, you can store it in the freezer.

Please put it on a tray and then cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil for best results when reheating later.

It would be best if you also thought about allowing at least two hours before adding any topping.

How Long Does Sweet Potato Pie Last?

how long does sweet potato pie last

The shelf life of sweet potato pie will vary depending on the recipe and preparation.

Some recipes allow for longer shelf time than others, but they are all still subject to spoilage after a certain point.

Pie will need to rest at room temperature for between 2-4 hours before being placed in the refrigerator, where it should remain for a maximum of 3 days.

For best results, keep it refrigerated and serve within two days to avoid mold or dryness.

It’s important not to slice until you’re ready for consumption as this will cut into its freshness and shelf life period.

Pie is a classic Thanksgiving and holiday dessert that should be enjoyed by everyone.

But make sure you keep it safe to eat.

Can You Freeze an Already Baked Sweet Potato Pie?

can you freeze an already baked sweet potato pie

The answer is yes.

The best way to do this (so it doesn’t get soggy) would be by loosely wrapping the pies in foil, and then placing them inside of freezer safe bags or Tupperware containers.

You can freeze them for up to one month before they start to lose their flavors and textures.

How to Tell if Sweet Potato Pie is Bad?

how to tell if sweet potato pie is bad

Tired of your sweet potato pie going bad before you can eat it? The key to knowing whether or not a baked good is still safe to consume lies in its appearance.

Here are ways for determining if the dish will be fresh and tasty:

  • Check the color. If it’s brown, mushy, or too dark in general, then your dessert is bad.
  • The pie has turned green, brownish in color or is moldy.
  • There are bubbles on the surface of the pie crust.
  • The filling may have an unpleasant odor (this would be indicative of spoilage). .
  • Smell can also give you a clue as to if something has gone wrong with your pie. It should have a sweet aroma that doesn’t smell like fruit or anything sour.
  • Lastly, and most importantly: taste. This is really the only way to know for sure whether or not the dish will be good enough for consumption (and enjoyment).

Remember these steps every time you bake a sweet potato pie so that your family and friends can enjoy it for years to come.


In conclusion, it’s best to store it in the fridge.

If you’re not going to be eating your sweet potato pie right away, make sure that you wrap a slice of aluminum foil around each piece so that they don’t dry out or develop mold while stored in the refrigerator.

The life span of any given baked good is dependent on many factors such as how well it was made, how long before consumption, what type of ingredients were used (including seasonings), and more.

But all things considered, we would say that most people will find their pies last up to 3 days under refrigeration.

How Long Does Sweet Potato Pie Last? Does Sweet Potato Pie Go Bad?

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  • Sweet potato pie

  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags

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  • Read the guide thoroughly to learn how long it lasts.
  • Label your container with the content and date and keep track of how much you’re using!
  • Make sure to store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (pantry or fridge).

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