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Savory Delight: What Does Oxtail Taste Like?

Cattle meat has always been able to make a special place in our hearts.

Aside from being an excellent source of protein, they are the classic ingredient in the world of savory dishes.

The kitchen goes incomplete without cattle food, be it in our homes or restaurants.

Cattle meat taste different from all body parts of the cow, and all of them are delicious in their own right.

The motive behind consuming all parts of the cow or veal is to ensure zero waste.

One of the most loved parts of cattle meat is the tail or oxtail. While many love relishing this part, some haven’t tried it yet.

But the question remains. What does oxtail taste like?

What is Oxtail?

The tail of the ox, cow, or veal got the term Oxtail in the culinary world.

It used to be the tail of the ox initially, but now the term also applies to cow and veal tail.

The oxtail would usually weigh around 7 to 8 lbs, considering the average size of the cattle.

You will find it skinned and chopped into equal proportions when buying.

Although not many may have tried it yet, eating oxtail dates back to when people first ate beef.

It may not come as cheap as the rest of the meat because of the apparent reason that the tail comprises a minimal portion of the cattle.

It is even more expensive if you have to order it in restaurants.

But why is it such a delicacy? What does oxtail taste like?

What Does Oxtail Taste Like? Does Oxtail Taste Good?

Oxtail, or beef tail or cow tail, tastes so delicious that it got recognition as the food of the gods.

It may not be an attractive food to look at, but the taste of it will excite your taste buds.

It tastes like beef and gives a vibrant and delectable taste when cooked.

If we have to compare its texture to short ribs, the oxtail by far wins the race with so much more tenderness and silkiness.

Oxtail serves as a great source of nutrients. Like beef broth and meaty veal, oxtail broth is also highly nutritious because the bones in oxtail offer various vitamins and other nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous.

Other nutrients in the oxtail bone marrow include iron, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin K, Manganese, and Zinc.

With so much abundance in vitamins and minerals, oxtail offers various medicinal benefits also.

It helps maintain skin elasticity, keeps degenerative ailments at bay, enhances sexual performance, strengthens and blackens hair, and helps develop cells in our body. 

But one must also be a little precarious with consuming oxtail, for it contains a relatively high level of cholesterol which can further invite stroke.

It may contain protein, but its content is not quite complete.

When buying oxtail, look for transparency in the meat, and it should be white. Fresh oxtail should be moderately springy and not too firm.

How To Cook Oxtail?

The best way to cook oxtail is slow-cooking it to serve as a soup, stew, or braising it in cooking wine or red wine.

They make great stocks and soups because they have lesser meat content and more bone.

It is the bony part that gives flavor to the meat and makes the stock dense and gelatin-like.

To make an excellent oxtail stock, you can add other complementing ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, and Madeira.

You can also make gravy dishes from oxtail, and they taste just as delicious.

Some interesting oxtail recipes you can try at home are Oxtail Soup With Melon And SquashJamie Oliver’s Oxtail StewOxtail Braised in WineOxtail Stew in Jamaican Style, and various other recipes

It is always best to slow cook oxtail for optimal flavor, and some recipes may require cooking it in the pressure cooker to retain the taste and flavor.

If you cannot procure oxtail, you can buy veal, shank, short ribs, or beef neck as a substitute.


The oxtail may come expensive due to the shortage in supply, but it is worth every penny because of its taste.

There must be a reason why they call it the food of the gods.

Just make sure you buy fresh ones as stated above, and it is always good to maintain moderation with any food item.

It helps get the health benefits while keeping the risks at bay.

karekare oxtail stew

What Does Oxtail Taste Like? Does Oxtail Taste Good?

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