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Shelf Life Guide: How Long Does Sherry Last?

If you love consuming liquor, sherry may be one of the top-notch choices.

Every wine lover keeps one bottle of unopened sherry hidden somewhere deep in their kitchen cabinet, which is a common practice everywhere.

We keep wine for years, and the same goes for sherry as well. We keep it hidden so well that sometimes it passes the best-by date, which can be a bummer for most wine lovers. So does sherry go bad?

Many people use sherry for cooking as well, and storage issues are common with them as well.

Sherry adds flavors to most recipes, but not all and indeed not always, so do you leave it in your pantry or freeze it in your freezer or, more importantly, how long does sherry last?

There are questions that need answers, and if you have the same questions, then this article is for you.

Does Sherry Go Bad? How Long Does Sherry Last?


Sherry contains additional alcohol, which means it is a strong wine. Sherry wine bottles do come with a best before date, but that date only indicates the time until which the bottle will retain its peak quality.

There are different types of Sherries, and most of them have a unique taste to it.

However, you may want to consume it within a year of bottling, which is often termed as the best period to consume sherry wines. But that doesn’t mean your sherry will not last for long periods.

Did you know – Many people consider Baileys Irish cream as a cream sherry, but they differ in many aspects.

Many people compare the sweet taste of sherry with standard mead, which means that sherry loses its flavor with time. The shelf life of sherry varies for different types.

For instance, Manzanilla and Fino lose their shape in just a few days after you open the bottle, but can last for 18 months if it stays intact.

The best way to store a bottle of sherry is in a dark and cool place. This technique works very well, even for open bottles too.

However, you may have to finish it within a few days to prevent it from becoming tasteless.

The best place for an opened bottle is in your refrigerator, where it can last for more than a month.

According to Winerist Magazine, sherry is making a comeback, and parallel lines are being drawn with gin.

In fact, the recent surge in demand for Sherries, especially Fino among youngsters, is the prime reason behind it.

How to Tell if Sherry is Bad? Sherry Shelf Life!


Though sherry is a wine, it contains a high alcohol content, which means that once you open it, sherry undergoes a rapid change in its chemical composition.

The oxidation process enhances the flavors in some Sherries, but you have to keep in mind that continuous exposure can also damage it.

Sherry loses flavor compounds as long as it remains open, which might make the drink flat.

Though it is safe to drink a flat sherry, many people would agree that in this condition it will suit cooking more than drinking.

Check out these amazing recipe ideas that promise a perfect use of sherry with other ingredients such as amaretto and triple sec.

If you notice that the cork bit is floating inside the bottle, you may want to get rid of your sherry as probably molds will develop, which is another sign that your sherry has gone bad.

A condition known as cork taint also makes your wine smell like cardboard, which hinders the experience.

Tip: Cork taint has a fix, and this Los Angeles Times article guides you through the process.

dark sherry wine

Does Sherry Go Bad? How Long Does Sherry Last?

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  • Sherry
  • Air-tight containers or bottle
  • Labels and markers


  • Read the guide thoroughly to learn how long it lasts.
  • Label your container with the content and date and keep track of how much you’re using!
  • Make sure to store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (pantry or fridge).
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