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Savor the Creamy Goodness: How to Reheat Risotto Perfectly

Risotto is a dish with origins in Italy, and it’s traditionally made from rice, broth, vegetables, and cheese.

It can be eaten as a main course or side dish.

Since risotto dishes are usually served at room temperature or cold, reheating them is not always the most comfortable task to complete.

However, there are some ways that you can make this process easier for yourself.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to reheat risotto in 4 easy methods.

What is Risotto?

what is risotto

With the popularity of risotto growing, it seems that everybody is wondering what this delicious dish entails.

Risotto originates from Italy, where rice was grown and eaten by peasants for centuries before being introduced to France in the late 18th century.

The most common type of risotto is arborio rice, which has a high starch content and releases the starches during cooking to thicken the dish.

Arborio rice gives off an almost creamy texture when cooked and can be used in everything from soup to desserts because it’s versatile.

How to Keep Risotto Warm?

Risotto is a delicate dish that needs to be eaten as soon after cooking it.

However, no one wants to eat hot risotto and then have their mouth burned with the rice’s temperature.

Luckily there are ways of keeping your finished dish warm until you’re ready for dinner.

Here are some methods:

A) Keep in mind how long ago you cooked the food; if not too long (within an hour), just set on low heat or use a warming tray/pan.

If longer than an hour, keep each portion separate from another by covering them tightly with aluminum foil and then keep them in the oven at 100-150 degrees Fahrenheit.

B) Keep food warm by placing it on top of a bed of towels, such as terry cloth or flannel.

This is great for keeping lots of dishes warm.

C) If you’re hosting a large dinner party with many hot dishes, try to serve your risotto first before everything else so that anyone who wants seconds can take them.

At the same time, they are still fresh out of the pan instead of being reheated from earlier dishes.

D) A rice cooker will hold leftover portions after cooking until you need them – be sure to mix up any sauces like soy sauce or butter before serving since this type often congeals if heated too long.

How to Reheat Risotto in a Microwave?

There are many ways to reheat risotto.

One way is to use your microwave, which I’ll discuss in this section.

You’ll need:

  • A microwaveable container with lid/cover or microwavable plate and cover.

I recommend using glassware containers because they are microwave safe.

  • The desired amount of microwavable rice – I recommend using brown or white rice; you could also use barley, quinoa, etc.
  • Water to cover the grains in your container/plate.
  • Salt for flavoring (optional).
  • Milk or cream (optional).

Cover your microwaveable rice with water.

If desired, add salt for flavoring.

If not salty enough after microwaving, then use some butter to taste the dish better.

Add milk or cream as well if desired – this helps make risotto creamy without adding too many calories.

Microwave on high power for about six minutes or until it is heated through (this includes when the clock reaches zero).

Stir every two minutes while cooking so that nothing overcooks.

You’ll know because there will be steam coming from the top.

Remove from the microwave and enjoy.

Risotto becomes dry when reheated in a microwave, but using appropriate moisture-producing ingredients can help to maintain its texture.

How to Reheat Risotto in an Oven?

Slowly reheating your risotto in an oven may sound like a lot of work, but it’s pretty easy.

Here are some simple steps to help you get started:

  • Heat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Grease a baking pan or dish with olive oil and add your desired amount of risotto (you can use as much or little as you want).
  • Cover the dish in foil, making sure it’s not tight so that steam isn’t trapped inside.
  • Bake for 15 minutes until hot throughout.

It may take longer than 15 minutes depending on how cold your rice was before reheating, but this is an easy way to keep everything warm without babysitting a stovetop.

You can also add your spices or flavors to the dish, such as a bit of chili powder and some cheese.


How to Reheat Risotto on a Stove?

If you don’t have microwave or oven access, reheating risotto on the stove is straightforward.

Compared to other ways of reheating food, it is a relatively low-effort task.

The first step in reheating risotto is to empty the pot of any leftover rice.

Next, add more water and a good hand full of butter or oil.

The most important thing is not to let your risotto dry out for too long as it will become hard and rubbery.

You can also use broth instead of water if you want to give it some extra flavor kick.

Bring the liquid up over high heat until it starts boiling.

Once at a boil, turn down the stove so that medium-high becomes low heat and continue cooking for about 15 minutes or until heated through (not bubbling).

The last step in this process is adding your favorite vegetables such as mushrooms, green beans, peas, broccoli into the mix before reheating them together with broth and rice.

Once the vegetables are cooked, add your cheese and pepper for garnish.

How to Reheat Risotto with a Steamer Basket?

The last method to reheat risotto is to do it in a steamer basket.

This is the most versatile and most straightforward method as long as you have a steamer basket that fits into your pot of boiling water.

First, you’ll need a pot that large enough to hold your steamer basket and water with some room at the top for boiling.

Next, add about an inch of cold water to the pot and set your steamer basket in it.

Next, put your leftover risotto into the steamer basket and cover it with a lid.

Finally, bring your pot of water to a boil and steam for 15-25 minutes until heated through.

You can use this method on risotto that’s been chilled or frozen as well.


Risotto is a hearty, often heavy dish that should be enjoyed fresh and hot.

If you’ve made an extra batch for dinner guests but are running out of time to eat it all, there are some easy methods to reheat risotto so it can still taste delicious without being overcooked.

The trickiest part about making risotto may just be figuring out how to reheat it after cooking without drying it out.

We hope these tips will make your next meal even better.

Which method of heating leftovers do you prefer?

what is risotto

How to Reheat Risotto? The Best Ways

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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Reheating


  • Leftover risotto
  • Baking Pan or Skillet with Lid
  • Stovetop
  • Microwave


  • Prepare all the required ingredients and equipment in the article.
  • Select and follow your desired method to reheat.
  • Make sure to set a timer according to the guide.
  • Serve and enjoy.
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