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How Long Does Red Bull Last? [Shelf Life Guide]

Red Bull is a popular energy drink that has been around for decades.

It was initially created as an alternative to coffee and contains caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, and other ingredients like glucuronolactone.

This post will discuss how long Red Bull lasts and how you can store it properly, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad.

What is Red Bull?

what is red bull

Red Bull is a carbonated soft drink that usually comes in an aluminum can.

Red Bull was created by Dietrich Mateschitz back in the 1980s.

It has grown to become one of the most influential energy drinks on Earth, with over 11 billion dollars worth of products sold each year.

The company’s slogan is “Red Bull Gives You Wings”.

When people take Red Bull, they drink around 80 milligrams of caffeine mixed with B-group vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin).

These ingredients combine to give users more mental clarity and physical stamina for activities such as sports or other competitions.

This type of performance drink will not cause any crashes like coffee would because it contains B-group vitamins.

Red Bull can also be mixed with alcoholic beverages such as vodka.

It is often consumed to wake up, for an energy boost during the day or before a night out drinking alcohol.

It’s expected that people take Red Bull when they need more energy so their body can perform better and longer than it would without it.

People might use this type of drink as a substitute for coffee or when they’re too tired and need caffeine to help them stay awake.

How to Store Red Bull?

how to store red bull

Storing Red Bull is not as simple as just throwing it in the fridge.

It has a shelf life and must be stored correctly to maintain its quality.

Most people don’t know how to keep their Red Bull properly, so we’re here to guide you on how it’s done.

It’s best to store it in an excellent, dark spot.

It’s not recommended to store your Red Bull near heat sources like the stove or oven because it can lead to deterioration of the gas inside.

You’ll want to avoid these areas for storing your drink as well:

  • Under direct sunlight (the can will be hot).
  • In high humidity (condensation on the can).
  • Within reach of pets and children (can lead to accidental ingestion).
  • In a car trunk or glove compartment when warm outside.

Hence, it’s best to store your Red Bull in the fridge, inside a cabinet or closet.

If you’re concerned about keeping it chilled while on the go (perhaps around children), we recommend freezing some of them beforehand for future use.

How Long Does Red Bull Last?

how long does red bull last

In recent years, Red Bull Energy Drink has become one of the most popular energy drinks in the world.

The drink contains caffeine and taurine, a synthesized amino acid that helps with cell metabolism and brain activity.

The question many consumers have is: How long does Red Bull last?

It’s required by law that any consumable products have a “best by” date.

This is the date after which it will be harmful to consumers if they consume it.

Red Bull’s best by date depends on how you store your product:

Drinking straight from the can – drink within 24 hours of opening or else discard the whole thing.

Pouring into a glass and refrigerating – drink within three days.

After this time frame, discard what you don’t finish.

Mixing in cups (with ice) and drinking over ice-drink within two days of opening, but no longer than seven days total before discarding whatever remains.

Like many other energy drinks, Red Bull will expire after 18 – 24 months.

The expiration date is usually on the side of the can, so if you know what that says, then it’s easy to tell how long it lasts unopened.

Unopened cans generally last longer than opened because they are sealed with a protective coating.

After about two years, most energy drinks start tasting terrible—the artificial sweeteners used in the drink begin to taste too strong and can be an acquired taste.

So how long does Red Bull last unopened? It depends on when you buy it, but around 18-24 months is a good guess.

Can You Freeze Red Bull?

can you freeze red bull

It seems like a simple question, but the answer is not so straightforward.

Most sodas and energy drinks do not freeze well because they contain citric acid, which causes them to become cloudy after thawing out again.

Moreover, it can explode in the freezer or break, making a mess.

You can chill a can of Red Bull in the freezer before pouring it into a glass to make a frozen slushie.

You can also freeze Red Bull in ice cube trays, transfer them to plastic bags and store the cubes in the freezer for easy access when you need that extra boost of energy.

If these sound too complicated, you can also store the cans in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

How to Tell if Red Bull is Bad?

how to tell if red bull is bad

We all know that Red Bull is a popular beverage.

It’s one of the most recognized brands in the world, but we may not know the answer to one question: how can you tell if it’s bad?

We all want to make sure we get our money’s worth when consuming a product, and that includes beverages.

However, there are some things everyone needs to look out for to determine whether Red Bull is still good or has gone bad.

Red Bull does have an expiration date on their products, and they do have a look-back date on the packaging.

The can will show where to find these dates, but you may want to check for an expiration sticker on one of the cans or bottles in your possession if it cannot be found there.

The best way to tell whether Red Bull is bad is by testing its clarity.

This beverage should not appear cloudy and unclear when looking through it with just natural light (morning daylight).

If this is the case, then that’s a sign that something has gone wrong within its production process.

Other signs are mold growth, which doesn’t happen often, and a color change.

It may be best to avoid consuming Red Bull if production problems have been found or when there are changes within its coloring, as these can indicate bad product quality.

You may want to contact them for more information on what happened during their manufacturing process.

So next time you drink this popular beverage, make sure it is still good by testing its clarity.


In conclusion, Red Bull is a popular energy drink that provides consumers with an extra boost of caffeine.

We hope this article has given you a better idea of how long your favorite beverage will last.

Remember to keep an eye on the expiration date and enjoy responsibly.

how long does red bull last

How Long Does Red Bull Last? Does Red Bull Go Bad?

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  • Red bull
  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
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  • Read the guide thoroughly to learn how long it lasts.
  • Check the u0022Best-by-dateu0022 to know when it expires.
  • Make sure to store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (pantry or fridge).
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