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5 BEST Substitutes for Pecorino Cheese: Delicious Shifts

Pecorino cheese is one of the best choices as it works well in several recipes.

The Pecorino cheese provides a unique texture and strong taste.

The cheese is made from sheep’s milk, and it tastes a bit saltier than other types of cheese, so you can easily identify the Pecorino cheese with the smell and straw-white appearance.

This cheese has a stronger flavor compared to most cheeses. It is best used as a topping for pasta, salads, and soup.

But with so many health benefits of including cheese in your diet, sometimes it may be difficult to find vegan alternatives.

It’s not impossible, though. You can usually find a dairy-free or vegan substitute that will work just as well as the Pecorino cheese.

So, if you are a vegan or lactose intolerant – this article is for you.

5 Substitutes for Pecorino Cheese

1 – Parmesan Cheese

parmesan cheese

Parmesan Cheese is one of the best substitutes for Pecorino Cheese.

Parmesan cheese is the most suitable option for getting a similar taste when adding it to your recipes.

Parmesan cheese has a similar texture as Pecorino, but this salty cheese is available in different types that are saltier than others.

That is why it is necessary to check the quantity before adding it to your recipe.

If you are using Parmesan Cheese as an alternative for Pecorino cheese, then taste it first.

If you find it saltier than Pecorino, reduce the salt quantity or avoid salt for better taste.

2 – Grana Padano Cheese

grana padano cheese

Grana Padano is another Italian cheese that is commonly used as a substitute for Pecorino cheese.

It has a similar taste and texture as Pecorino, and people mostly use it in their recipes because it contains fewer calories than most other cheeses.

It can add the original flavor to your recipe, as the flavor of Grana Padano Cheese is rich and comparatively different from Pecorino cheese.

When you add Grana Padano cheese to your dishes, it will taste great in most dishes though the flavors are different from Pecorino.

Grana Padano Cheese is available in both salty and sweet versions.

This cheese’s texture is less flaky than Parmesan, but mostly the same texture as the pecorino cheese.

When you use Grana Padano as an alternative for Pecorino, use a 1:1 ratio, however, make sure to check the salt as Grana Padano contains less salt content.

3 – Asiago Cheese

asiago cheese

Asiago Cheese is another Italian cheese that tastes very similar to Pecorino and has a slightly sweet taste.

This cheese is usually used in soups and sandwiches, and it has a creamy taste that helps enhance the flavor of the main dish.

But Asiago is not easily available cheese like parmesan cheese.

Asiago cheese is a very tasty cheese that is hard to find globally.

However, if you can use Asiago as an alternative for Pecorino, you are sure to enjoy your dish as it offers a mild flavor compared to other substitutes.

Also, the texture of Asiago cheese is softer than other substitute cheeses.

The cheese melts quickly when you put it in the cooked dishes or on top of the hot dishes.

You can enjoy Asiago cheese as a side dish or have it by itself to enjoy a delightful taste.

Asiago cheese gets a harder texture when the cheese ages, and texture gets closer to Parmesan and Pecorino.

4 – Piave Cheese

piave cheese

Piave Cheese is another Italian cheese that can be used as an alternative to Pecorino.

This cheese has a sweet and nutty taste, which you can enjoy in your recipes.

But this cheese should not be added to the cooked dishes or hot food because it becomes hard pretty quickly.

This cheese looks similar to Parmesan cheese, and it is considered the best alternative for parmesan cheese.

Piave cheese is the best option as it resembles Parmesan and is the best replacement for Pecorino.

When added Piave cheese to your recipes, you are sure to enjoy the extra flavors in your dish.

Piave is found in five different stages of aging. The older the Piave cheese, the texture of the cheese gets harder.

The first stage of Piave is the young cheese version, which may not be a suitable substitute for pecorino cheese.

You can use stage-5 aged cheese in a 1:1 ratio as a substitute for Pecorino cheese to make your dish flavorful.

5 – Manchego Cheese

manchego cheese

If you are looking for a hard cheese, then Manchego Cheese is the best choice as it has a high melting point.

This cheese has a nutty taste with hints of sweet flavor and works well with salads.

A Spanish cheese allows you to follow the recipe as you normally do with pecorino cheese.

Manchego Cheese is also a salty cheese made from sheep’s milk, which is why you got a similar taste and flavor when you used Manchego cheese as an alternative for pecorino cheese.

Like Piave Cheese, Manchego cheese also comes in various aging states.

However, when you use Manchego cheese as an alternative for Pecorino cheese, use over 1-year of aged cheese.

Manchego cheese is sweeter than Pecorino cheese, so check if your dish requires more salt before serving.

best substitutes for pecorino cheese

The 5 Best Substitutes for Pecorino Cheese

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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Substitutes
Servings 4 Servings


  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Grana Padano Cheese
  • Asiago Cheese
  • Piave Cheese
  • Manchego Cheese


  • Choose your preferred substitute from the list of options.
  • Organize all of your ingredients.
  • Follow the substitution ratio to determine how much is required in your recipe.
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