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How to Plan a Successful Catered Event in Melbourne

Are you looking for the best way to crown your catered event? A lot of effort and work goes into planning a successful catered event.

You ought to take your time and plan your catering event with the right people by your side. To have the best social or corporate event, you need to out some tips into practice.

Here’s how to plan a successful catered event.

Check the Guest List


Who do you intend to invite to the event? A guest list could contain a small gathering of allies to corporate clients. The first step towards any successful catering event is identifying the attendees.

Most professional business individuals attend conference meetings as well as slight social events throughout the year. It can often get tiresome consuming the same meals.

You need to work hand in hand with a caterer while planning the menu. It’s because the caterers work with different corporate events and know what’s required.

Know Your Guest Choices of Cuisine

You need to be extra concerned and offer your guests something close to their home. Looking into their ethnic background will enable you to know the types of meals to prepare and serve. You ought to customize your menu options to entice all your guests.

If you are going to entertain travelers, its best to serve spicy and ethnic choices, ask to know if your guests follow a strict dietary diet. You must inquire if you have vegans, vegetarians, gluten intolerance guests, among others.

Offer a Vast Menu Option


Once you have factored in the guests’ preferences, you ought to offer them different appetizers, entrée choices as well as a buffet. You need to have a definitive guideline when crafting a catering menu lest your plan becomes botched.

You can decide to provide more than a single entrée choice. Thus, you will cater for vegetarians as well as meat lovers.

Avail three of more salad options, which must include vinegar as well as quality oil to provide for health-conscious guests.

You can choose to allow each guest to add the condiments separately.

Don’t forget about the dessert. You can decide to have one sugary dessert and another for health-conscious.

Provide Special Dietary Needs

For your event to turn out as a great hit, you must cater to all the guests. Choose to work with corporate catering Melbourne, who has various dietary preferences as well as restrictions. The event’s planner must know if there are guests with special nutritional needs.

Are you wondering what some of these special dietary requirements look like at all? They are as follows; some people have food allergies and are lactose intolerant or might have nut allergies.

Other guests might have food intolerance like individuals with celiac disease are allergic to gluten.

There are also religious requirements for guests who follow a halal diet or kosher.

Then lastly, you might have voluntary dietary restrictions for the vegans and vegetarians.

Go Fresh with The Menu


The slightest mistake with the meals can cause food poisoning. Avoid serving stale food at all costs as it can attract severe lawsuits. You need to work with a catering team that can source fresh produce from local farmers. It’s one of the keys to obtaining a healthy and delicious menu.

You must consider the seasons as there exist seasonal foods that play a significant role in determining the meals as well as beverages that you will serve.

You must plan your menu with the seasonal fresh food options in mind. Another item to consider is the location or region where the event will take place.

You can serve popular food within the area as people will identify with that. It’s also a chance to reflect the local region by making your catered event extraordinary.

Have a Unique Service Style That Befits Your Event’s Timing

Timing is critical when determining the meal services as well as a menu option. You must select the ideal meals that suit the specific time the guests have meals.

Will you have guests who become limited by time for breakfast or luncheon? You can decide to go with box meals.

A buffet is ideal when guests have more than an hour for mealtime. It will enable them to pick and select the meals they would enjoy.

The cocktail catering reception might take a one-hour minimum before dinner gets serves. It’s a special moment where guests can catch up over a beverage.



You must hire a trustworthy corporate catering Melbourne, to have the best possible event. Check if they are fully insured their business license as well as the operating kitchen facility.

It would be better if you worked with an experienced corporate caterer who will out the needs of your event first.

You can opt to adhere to the above guideline to have the most successful catered event of the century and leave guests talking about it for weeks on end.

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