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Sauerkraut Shopping Guide: Where to Buy & Aisle Locations

Sauerkraut is often available in jars or cans, but if you’re looking for fresh sauerkraut, the best places to buy it are in a European or German delicatessen.

Whether you want mild and creamy white kraut, tangy red kraut, or a mixture of both colors, you can find all varieties of this fermented cabbage dish along with knockwurst, bratwurst, and other homemade specialties at a German delicatessen.

In this article, you will also learn how to buy sauerkraut in German deli’s.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Sauerkraut in?

which grocery store aisle is sauerkraut in

In grocery stores, you can often find jarred sauerkraut packed in water or oil, as well as canned sauerkraut.

These are usually purchased as condiments and eaten at home.

However, if you want something more traditional and would rather eat it fresh, then you’ll have to check out a German delicatessen.

The fresh sauerkraut is usually found in the deli, sold by weight.

You can find it with other German specialties such as bratwurst and bierocks.

Look for a small plastic container filled with a tangy, vinegar-based cabbage.

If you prefer a more sour taste, choose one with higher acidity.

Sauerkraut is often available in two options: pasteurized and unpasteurized.

If you’re buying sauerkraut for the first time, then choose the pasteurized one.

It’s already partially fermented and will taste best in most recipes.

Where to Buy Red Cabbage Sauerkraut?

where to buy red cabbage sauerkraut

Red cabbage is a popular ingredient in many German dishes.

The main difference between red and green cabbage is that it has a milder flavor and less fiber than its green cousin.

While you can find bagged sauerkraut in most grocery stores, you should try to seek out German delicatessens.

They should provide fresh cabbage that is naturally fermented and then packed into jars.

Look for jars with an expiration date stamped on the top, which indicates how long the product will stay good for.

If you cannot find a German deli nearby, you can always order sauerkraut online.

Amazon sells a handful of varieties that all have good reviews.

What Brands of Sauerkraut are Unpasteurized?

what brands of sauerkraut are unpasteurized

If you like sauerkraut but don’t want to eat the stuff that modern industrial techniques have processed, you may be wondering which brands make unpasteurized sauerkraut.

These days, most sauerkraut is industrially processed.

This means it is made in large quantities and then preserved to last longer.

Suppose you want to eat real fermented food.

In that case, you may not find many options at the supermarket because all the sauerkraut has been pasteurized — a process that kills off any beneficial bacteria.

Instead, you must find the unpasteurized stuff at health food stores or through online markets like Amazon.

Let’s look at some of the top brands making unpasteurized sauerkraut today.

  • Great Value Unpasteurized Sauerkraut: One of the most cost-effective ways to get your hands on unpasteurized sauerkraut is through the Great Value brand at Walmart. This product is found under the Deli/Bakery section of the store, and Heinz makes it.
  • Cleveland Kitchen Unpasteurized Sauerkraut: Cleveland Kitchen makes its sauerkraut with simple cabbage, salt, and water. It is said to provide a boost of natural vitamins and probiotics, which can contribute to a healthy gut microbiome. This brand supports local farmers by buying their produce from nearby farms in the Midwest. Cleveland Kitchen’s sauerkraut is available at many Krogers stores and on Amazon.
  • Saverne Organic Artisanal Unpasteurized Sauerkraut: Saverne’s sauerkraut is made in small batches using old-fashioned processes. The company uses 100 percent red cabbage to make its product, and it has enough flavor to be eaten plain or added to other dishes like soups, sandwiches, or pork chops. This brand also sells organic jalapeno ketchup so that you can get the best of both worlds. It is available on Amazon.
  • Danika’s Polish Unpasteurized Sauerkraut: Danika’s Polish sauerkraut uses cabbage that has been grown in the Midwest and then pickled using an old-world style. The product supports local farms, and it contains no sugar, preservatives, or other additives. It is offered at Walmart.

What Stores Sell Sauerkraut? Online and Local

what stores sell sauerkraut online and local

Sauerkraut can be purchased in various food stores.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • International stores.
  • European delicatessens.
  • German groceries.

If you want the taste of traditional sauerkraut with all its natural ingredients, then you’ll have to visit a grocery store that specializes in international or German foods.

You can also buy pasteurized sauerkraut at most stores, which is recommended to cook the dish.

If you want to buy unpasteurized sauerkraut, your best bet would be a traditional grocery specializing in European delicacies.

They’ll usually have two kinds: one containing vinegar and water.

The latter will be sourer flavored.

Stores that sell sauerkraut can be found both locally and online.

Most of these stores are relatively small, but you may also find them in some bigger supermarkets.

  • Walmart – Walmart’s groceries include a variety of canned and jarred sauerkraut. You can also buy canned meats, including bratwurst.
  • Whole Foods – Whole Foods carries a wide selection of foods and groceries, such as European wines and cheeses.
  • Trader Joe’s – Some Trader Joe’s groceries include German foods and meats so that you can find sauerkraut here.
  • Google Shopping – You can also shop for sauerkraut online at Google Shopping and other similar stores.
  • Kroger – If you’re looking for a specific brand, your local supermarket is the best place to go. For example, Kroger sells canned sauerkraut in its international foods aisle.
  • Amazon – If you can’t find what you’re looking for in your local grocery store, then try Amazon. For example, it carries a wide selection of canned and jarred sauerkraut.

Where to Buy Sauerkraut Juice?

where to buy sauerkraut juice

If you want to buy sauerkraut juice, you may need to search for it.

Most stores only sell the actual cabbage itself, so if you want more than that, then you’ll have to do some looking around.

  • Google Shopping – You can purchase sauerkraut juice online at Google Shopping. However, it is recommended that you buy the cabbage from local stores.
  • Amazon – At Amazon, not only can you purchase sauerkraut juice but also the cabbage itself. That way, you can get exactly what you’re looking for without leaving your house.
  • Walmart – Walmart also sells sauerkraut juice in its international foods aisle.

However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for at Walmart or any other store, try a local organic food store.

These stores have a wide selection of fresh items, including sauerkraut juice.

Closing Thoughts

Sauerkraut is often found among other German deli specialties at various stores.

These include but are not limited to international groceries, German groceries & traditional groceries.

You can also find it in some stores’ deli sections and online at Amazon and other such sites.

Make sure to check each store to find which type of sauerkraut they carry and where it’s located.

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