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Best Whipped Cream Dispenser Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

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There are lots of reasons why a great cook would want the top-rated whipped cream dispenser available in their kitchen.

A well whipped cream dispenser allows you to store and serve homemade whipped cream at your leisure.

There are also lots of types of whipped cream dispensers to choose from. Whipped cream dispensers typically use nitrous oxide chargers that are placed in special slots within the dispenser to give it the power needed to work.

The whipped cream is processed and served by the pressure that consumes the container because of the technology.

Lots of whipped cream dispensers allow you to whip together lots of delicious desserts that include frosting, yogurt, and icing.

While searching for a new whipped cream dispenser, keep in mind the type of treats you could see yourself using it for. Doing so will make your final decision much easier.

5 Best Whipped Cream Dispenser Reviews 2024

1 – ICO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

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The ICO Professional Dispenser is ideal for food lovers.

This whipped cream dispenser is capable of producing 2 quarts of whipped cream that will remain fresh if it stays in your refrigerator for up to 14 days.

This whipped cream dispenser is made out of aluminum and built to last.

Although it’s sturdy, this whipped cream dispenser is also considerably lightweight.

Because of its durability and capacity, this whipped cream dispenser is suggested for both commercial and home use.

The ICO Professional Dispenser also boasts the fact that it produces high-quality whipped cream. This particular whipped cream dispenser also comes fully equipped with three different nozzles.

Quick Results: This whipped cream dispenser can provide you with two liters of whipped cream in less than 30 seconds. With this in mind, you can easily make some last-minute changes to your menu.

No Preservatives: This whip cream dispenser will provide you peace of mind with the fact that you will never be left wondering exactly what’s in your whipped cream.

This allows you to enjoy a fresher style of whipped cream that you can’t buy at the store.

More Than Just Whipped Cream: This whipped cream dispenser allows you to do more than simply make whipped cream.

For instance, you could also make mixed drinks or cream for your coffee with this dispenser.

Compatible with multiple types of chargers: This whipped cream dispenser is compatible with multiple different brands of whipped cream chargers.

If you already own a charger, chances are it will work perfectly fine with this whipped cream dispenser.


  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • It offers maximum durability with all metal material.
  • Easy to clean with the removable piston.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • This dispenser tends to lose gas easily.
  • There are occasions when the cartridge does not load.

2 – EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

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This particular whipped cream dispenser has a black finish that keeps the device looking sharp for the long haul.

It’s easy keeping this device clean because it comes with a cleaning brush that you can use to get to those hard to reach spots on the dispenser.

The EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser is super easy to clean.

Also, there are several benefits that make it totally worth the price.

Airtight vacuum sealing: The airtight vacuum sealing that comes with the EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser allows you to enjoy the desserts that you’ve made well after you made them by placing the device in the refrigerator.

Safe to use: This whipped cream dispensary is safer to use than most other ones because of its plastic heads. This aspect makes it so that your hand is less likely to fall asleep while you’re using it.

Great for pros and home-chefs: Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you stick to cooking for you and your family, you’ll be able to make great use out of this whipped cream dispenser.

There are endless desserts you’ll be able to make with this dispenser that will impress your audience.

Durability: You won’t have to worry about having this device break down on you after just a few uses. This whipped cream dispenser was designed with long-term usage in mind.


  • Large capacity for large meals.
  • It is made of lightweight aluminum.
  • You can create many styles with the different tips.
  • It can withstand daily use.


  • The cap can be damaged through wear and tear.
  • The canister seals are hard to open.

3 – iSi 163001 Profi Professional Cream Whipper

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The iSi 163001 Profi Professional Cream Whipper, 1-Pint is our recommended pick because of the high-quality whipped cream it produces.

The fact that it possesses a stainless-steel build adds to its durability, which is a bonus.

Silicone grip for comfortable usage: The fact that this whipped cream dispenser comes with a silicone grip for easy usage is a major asset.

Unlike other products, using this whipped cream dispenser won’t lead to uncomfortable cramping or aching.

Quick clean-up process: The stainless-steel makeup of this whipped cream dispenser makes cleaning the device after usage easier than you can imagine. Not only is it dishwasher safe, but it also includes a cleaning brush for you to use.

Complementary decorator tip: This whipped cream dispenser comes with a decorator tip that will allow you greater flexibility with the types of desserts you can make. This is great for chefs with a great imagination.

Built to hold more whipped cream than the competition: If you pride yourself on making desserts involving lots of whipped cream, this device was made with you in mind. You’ll be hard pressed to find a device that holds more whipped cream than this one.


  • It is dishwasher friendly.
  • It can be used in professional kitchens.
  • Not prone to leakage and explosions.
  • Can be used in both hot and cold preparation.


  • This device doesn’t properly spray the whipped cream as neatly as some other products might.
  • It doesn’t last long compared to others.

4 – Otis Classic Whipped Cream Dispenser

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The multi-use nature of the Otis Classic Whipped Cream Dispenser Stainless Steel puts it amongst the top 5 cream dispensers on the market.

The fact that its stainless-steel is a fantastic bonus.

Lightweight Build: Because of its stainless steel makeup, you wouldn’t assume this device to be lightweight.

Fortunately, the device was constructed with easy commercial usage is mind, so it’s easy to use for long periods of time.

Capable of holding up to a pint of whipped cream: If you plan on making large dessert toppings, this device is ideal for you. The Otis Classic Whipped Cream Dispenser is perfect if you plan to make dessert for a large crowd.

Built for Commercial Use: The Otis Classic Whipped Cream Dispenser is lightweight and durable which makes it perfect for commercial, professional kitchens.

By using this device in your home kitchen, you’ll be able to anticipate great results.

Multiple use: Because of its lightweight stainless steel makeup, this device can be used for both hot and cold foods and even drinks if you’d like.


  • It has 3 different tips for decorating.
  • Easy to clean by hand with brush included.
  • It’s durable and made from durable stainless steel.
  • Versatile it can hold both hot and cold.


  • It isn’t dishwasher friendly.
  • If the seal is not secured to the device tightly enough, you may experience leakage and dilution of the cream you’ve made.

5 – Thermal Kitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

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What really stands out about the Thermal Kitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser is the amazing makeup of the device.

Unlike other whipped cream dispensers, this one guarantees users they won’t suffer from leakage or diluted cream.

When it comes to design and the artisan, nothing comes close to this whipped cream dispenser.

It is also made from the best materials to ensure that the product will last long.

The design makes the item lightweight and shaped perfectly to provide ease of use.

Another great feature of this whipped cream dispenser is that there is no gas leakage because the valve perfectly fits the N2O cartridge holder. This will remove your worries of gas leaks while your cream is inside the canister. It also ensures that you will not have watery cream.

Cleaning is also very easy as a cleaning brush is provided with the package; however, this product is not dishwasher safe. It also comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s guarantee and a one-year warranty that guarantees replacement.


  • It’s durable for years with high-quality material.
  • It includes 3 different decorating tips.
  • Easy to follow instruction and complete recipes.
  • It comes with 30 day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty.


  • It does not come with its own charger, but you can purchase it separately.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.

What to Look for When Buying Whipped Cream Dispenser

Each type of dispenser different in the way they make and dispense the whipped cream, but they all are similar in that they are crucial in enhancing your dessert menu (recipes).

If you enjoy trying out new desserts with your family, friends or guests, then a new whipped cream dispenser is a must.

When looking for a new whipped cream dispenser, there are varieties of things to keep an eye out for a while you shop. For instance, most whipped cream dispensers are made from either stainless steel or aluminum.

You’ll also want to make sure that the whipped cream dispenser you decide on is easy to use (source).

Usability is important regarding finding the right whipped cream dispenser for you because the more you plan to use it for, the more components you might need.


This is one of the reasons why you should know what you’ll be using the whipped cream dispenser for before you begin your search for one. This will help you decide how big or how small your dispenser needs to be.


You’ll want to decide on a whipped cream dispenser that will last you for a while. This goes back to making sure that you buy a dispenser made out of a material you can rely on.


Obviously you’d like to have a whipped cream dispenser that’s easy to clean. When looking for a new whipped cream dispenser, be sure to make sure you can easily clean it by running it through your dishwasher.

If you know that you’ll be using it for a regular purpose, your result will be different than someone only using it every now & again.

While looking for a whipped cream dispenser, keep in mind what you’d like to avoid. Think about if you might have had another whipped cream dispenser that didn’t live up to expectation. Considering those shortcomings will help you make a right decision.


Ultimately, you should consider buying a whipped cream dispenser because of the fact that it’ll open up the range of desserts you’ll be able to satisfy your family and friends with. If you’ve been thinking about ways to diversify your menu, this is a perfect way.

The question shouldn’t be whether or not you’ll get a new whipped cream dispenser. It should be what kind of dispenser or when. After thinking about what you should be looking for in a whipped cream dispenser, you should have a pretty good idea of which one to go with.

If you still don’t quite know which one to go with, you should consider the ICO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser. This whipped cream dispenser is great for both home and commercial usage.

It provides users with up to a pint of whipped cream. If you enjoy making high quality whipped cream, this device is one you should give great consideration to.

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