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Avoiding Spoilage: Does Sweet Vermouth Expire? Storage Guide

If you are a sucker for a killer Manhattan martini or an Americano, sweet vermouth is what you want to know more about.

Whether you’re having a small get together with friends at your place a nice little evening picnic, knowing your vermouth is going to help you make the perfect cocktail.

Good vermouth equals a delicious and refreshing drink. BBC Good Food lists elegant vermouth cocktail recipes that will have your mouth watering.

Vermouth is a wine that has been fortified with extra alcohol for a more varied and stronger taste and shelf-life.

There are two types of vermouth, that is, sweet and dry. Sweet Vermouth is a variety of vermouth which, before being fortified, is added with sugar syrup.

The Vermouth is usually fortified with a neutral grape spirit and mixed with aromatics and herbs.

Vermouth got its name from the German word for wormwood, ‘Wermut’, and the sweet vermouth is the OG when it comes to vermouth.

So let’s find out more about this character of a drink and answer the question, “how long does sweet vermouth last?”

How Long Does Sweet Vermouth Last? Does Sweet Vermouth Go Bad?

does sweet vermouth go bad

An unopened bottle of sweet vermouth lasts for approximately 3-4 years if properly refrigerated, while an opened bottle would last a good 2 months. This applies to good quality vermouth and not just any vermouth.

Vermouth being fortified does last for a longer amount of time than other kinds of wine.

However, this does not mean that it’ll stay unspoiled for an eternity. The best way to make sure you get good use out of your vermouth is by refrigerating it.

The vermouth certainly has its supporters and detractors. It is an interesting drink though many may say otherwise with its fascinating history and the ingredients mixed into this versatile drink.

We need to know how long Vermouth can last to do it justice. We all know that vermouth has had quite a bad reputation amongst drinkers who have called it dull and flat amongst other unappealing names.

The truth is you’ve probably heard that a lot because the bar you frequent for your martinis have been using vermouth that has lost its potency. The vermouth is an aromatized and fortified wine.

The drinks are blended with various herbs and botanicals and other spirits, usually brandy or grain spirit.

These additional spirits help preserve the vermouth for a longer period, but once it’s past its peak, your vermouth is going to flat.

So yes, your vermouth will eventually go bad, so make sure it is still well within its consumable period to ensure you get an enjoyable drink.

But hey, good news, sweet vermouth actually last longer than dry vermouth, so that’s definitely great.

How to Tell if Sweet Vermouth is Bad?

To put it simply, you can tell if a bottle of sweet vermouth has gone bad if it tastes bad. Meaning it’s not going to have any of that aromatic flavor it initially had while it was still fresh.

Other signs of vermouth gone bad are an off odor or change in color. You can still consume your vermouth months after it’s lost its potency.

It’s not necessarily going to cause your health any harm, but it’s definitely going to taste bland.

Sometimes, if you haven’t capped your vermouth properly, contaminants can accumulate inside the bottle. It is essential that you keep your bottle properly capped and in a refrigerator to make sure that doesn’t happen.

You wouldn’t want your vermouth, especially a pricey one, to go to waste and taste cheap because of that.

If you are a sucker for quality drinks, store your vermouth well and discard bad vermouth that’s been sitting in your cabinet a year past its expiry date.

Look out for signs of spoilage to make sure you’re getting the best use out of your vermouth.

Especially considering vermouth’s history as a medicinal alcoholic beverage, you definitely want to keep it in prime condition to benefit from it.

Medical News Today restates the potential benefits of consuming red wine. Sweet vermouth may have benefits for your cardiovascular health and also boost antioxidant levels in your body.

Besides, it may also help with depression, dementia, and even certain types of cancer.

does sweet vermouth go bad

How Long Does Sweet Vermouth Last? Does Sweet Vermouth Go Bad?

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