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Explore Arachnid Epicurean: What Do Scorpions Taste Like?

What’s the first thing that occurs in your mind when you hear scorpions? Does it scare you or make you wonder how it’d taste?

Well, most people perceive it as a predator that’d give a painful sting, or even fatal considering the species.

Well, they may be dangerous when alive but a delicacy when dead. If you ever travel to China, Thailand, or Vietnam, you’ll find out that it’s famous street food.

They also make a popular addition to the menu in some restaurants.

Tourists usually try them as exploring something unusual against their regular lifestyle.

What is Scorpion?

what is scorpion

This eight-legged arachnid is no stranger, and almost everyone recognizes it.

Scorpions come from the arachnid class with allies such as spiders, ticks, and mites.

They mostly thrive in desert areas or arid places. But, you will find them inhabiting forests and greener regions because they are highly adaptable.

They have been on the face of the earth since time immemorial. The good news is, with over 2,000 species, only about 40 of them are poisonous.

They are carnivorous and predatory by nature, but how do they taste when they fall prey to humans?

What Do Scorpions Taste Like? Do Scorpions Taste Good?

what do scorpions taste like

Some say they taste like beef jerky, maybe because of the hard shells. At the same time, some find the taste fishy, shrimp-like, and a little bitter.

However, the taste may be, it is one of the fascinating foods in Thailand. You will find them in skewers, which may seem eerie but unexpectedly tasty.

Another way to learn the taste of scorpions is to imagine the taste of French fries. The edible scorpions are crispy but a lot healthier.

The Black Forest Scorpions are quite similar to crickets in terms of texture and flavor.

They are mildly salty with notes of bitterness and crunchy to bite. The crunch even resembles that of pork rind minus the fats.

The Manchurian Scorpions also have a similar taste but incline more towards shrimp taste.

They are yellow, but the abdomen part is darker.

Besides their much-approved flavor, scorpions are also quite nutritious. If you want to get maximum protein out of your food, have scorpions or other bugs and insects.

Besides other nutrients, scorpions have a very high level of protein content, over 50%.

Frequent eaters of scorpions have to say that they improve strength and sexual health.

Science Alert conducted a study on scorpions telling about their nutritional facts and other factors.

Scorpions are also a great source of energy with the calories they provide.

You can easily get 300 kcal energy with only 100 grams of scorpions.

Besides being nutritious, they are easy to prepare and eat, and eating them raw can be equally beneficial.

How to Cook & Eat Scorpions?

how to cook scorpions

Some scorpions come with poison, as we are aware. But it is safe to eat them with their stinger when cooked.

You should remove the stinger only when you are eating them raw. Perhaps dip them in wine to get more taste out of it when eating raw.

Here are 5 tips if you are new to eating Scorpions.

You will find scorpions both in the streets and on the menu in restaurants. But eating them is simple in either of the places.

They are wholly edible, and a gentle pull breaks them easily. Scorpions on skewers called Scorpion Lollipops are a much-preferred way of eating.

You can eat them grilled, fried, or roasted. All these methods maintain the crispiness in texture. 

That’s not all. Scorpions also go well as toppings on salads, side dishes, and even main course meals.

Cooking them doesn’t require mastery or skill.

For instance, if you are in the wild, you could treat it with fire or eat them raw.

Either way, they are perfect to satiate your hunger.

As revealed earlier, scorpions dwell in the deserts mostly and can go without eating for about a month.

Hence eating them would mean eating what they devoured on month go, such as crickets and bugs.

The best parts to eat are the claws and the tails.


do scorpions taste good

If you really want to know what scorpions taste like, it’s best to explore it yourself and join the bandwagon.

Bugs and insects are a healthy retreat and a possible solution to many world problems like hunger or even the environment.

Bugs and insects are the new viable protein to save the planet earth. All you need to be is a little open-minded as Angelina Jolie.

what do scorpions taste like

What Do Scorpions Taste Like? Do Scorpions Taste Good?

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