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How Long Does RumChata Last? [Shelf Life Guide]

RumChata is a delicious, sweetened cream made from the blending of rum and horchata.

It’s often served as an alcoholic beverage mixed with ice in a tall glass or on the rocks poured over ice cubes.

RumChata can also be used to make cocktails such as the “Hurricane,” “Cuban Hurricane,” and “Mojito”.

RumChata is delicious and refreshing, but how long does RumChata last? This article will help you learn how to store your delightful beverage and how long it lasts.

What is RumChata?

what is rumchata

RumChata is a delicious alcoholic beverage that combines the flavors of rum and chai tea.

RumChata has been around for over ten years, but it’s still not as popular in America as some other liquor brands.

The company claims they use an exclusive blend of rums that is flavorful and smooth.

RumChata has a light taste so that it can be mixed with other liquors or enjoyed on its own as a shot or poured over ice cream for dessert.

RumChata’s bold sweetness comes from the sugar cane used in production.

If you haven’t tried RumChata yet- we recommend adding it to your shopping list.

Especially if you’re looking for new ways to enjoy one of America’s favorite beverages: iced tea.

If you’ve never heard of RumChata before, try some today and see what all the fuss is about.

How to Store RumChata?

how to store rumchata

RumChata is one of the most popular types of liqueur.

It has a creamy texture, with hints of cinnamon and vanilla that make it just as good in coffee or iced tea this summer as its winter counterpart.

But how should you store your RumChata?

It is recommended to keep your RumChata in a cool dark place, away from any heat sources and out of direct sunlight.

If you don’t have a store-bought cabinet or other storage space for the bottle that will maintain these criteria, find an old closet with plenty of room.

This can be perfect for storing all sorts of goodies like wine bottles as well.

Just make sure there’s no risk of cross-contamination by using different shelving systems on either side if necessary.

The benefits are twofold: not only do we avoid ruining our favorite liqueur due to improper care, but it also helps preserve perishable items such as eggs and produce while maintaining their freshness longer than they would otherwise.

How to Keep RumChata from Curdling?

RumChata is a delicious non-alcoholic drink, but its flavor and consistency can be ruined by curdling.

To prevent the creamy mixture from separating into an unsightly mess when it hits cold beverages or sinks too deep in hot ones follows these easy steps:

To prevent curdling, you need to avoid using anything with citric acid in it.

This includes:

  • Canned or bottled sodas, including tonic water and ginger ale.
  • Spirits like gin, vermouth (both red and white), sparkling wine, whiskey, etcetera.

You can whip up mixed drinks with RumChata on the rocks without any problems as long as there are no other ingredients besides spirits, such as sugar syrup.

But if you add egg whites to this, it’s not a smooth or creamy consistency and will curdle in your drink.

If your drink doesn’t contain citric acid at all, then this quest is over – enjoy.

How Long Does RumChata Last?

RumChata, the sweet and creamy adult beverage with a kick of rum, is now available in grocery stores.

Who knew that this delicious drink could be stored at room temperature? The company claims it doesn’t need to go into your refrigerator because “the cream has been homogenized with the Rum,” which means they’ve mixed all ingredients before putting them inside.

This prevents any chance for spoiling, unlike other drinks that have eggs or milk as an ingredient would spoil quicker.

In addition, their high alcohol content (around 14%) acts like another preservative keeping the drink safe and fresh.

RumChata’s website states the shelf life for their product is six months from the date of manufacture, which means you can store it on your pantry or kitchen cabinet without worrying about spoilage.

However, some people have noted that they’ve still seen changes in color after a year.

The company advises you to serve chilled, so always refrigerate before enjoying the delicious juice inside.

Can You Freeze RumChata?

RumChata is a cream liqueur made from the blending of white and dark rums, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, sugar, or honey.

You may be wondering if you can freeze RumChata or not?

Luckily for those who love this drink in winter months as much as summer ones, it’s possible to put your favorite flavor into ice cube trays so they’ll stay cool at all times.

For those looking for an ice-cold drink on these hot summer nights (or any other night), you’re in luck.

RumChata can be frozen to your liking with no loss in flavor.

How to Tell if RumChata is Bad?

RumChata is a popular drink, but its shelf-life may not be as long as you think.

It’s difficult to tell if the product has gone bad without opening it and smelling or tasting it first, so here are some warning signs that your RumChata might have spoiled:

  • The container feels abnormally cold when touched by hand.
  • If there is mold on top of the bottle cap – discard it immediately.
  • There was an odd odor emitting from the canister at purchase time (this could indicate spoilage).
  • You opened up your favorite beverage only to find clumps floating in liquid along with other discoloration that indicates something isn’t right.
  • After consumption – feel nauseous, dizzy, or lightheaded.

If these warning signs sound familiar, it’s time to toss that RumChata and find a new beverage.


In conclusion, RumChata is a Puerto Rican-style cream liqueur that can be served on its own, mixed with coffee, or added to a cocktail.

With so many variations of the drink available, it’s essential to know how long RumChata lasts for you to enjoy your favorite beverages at their best.

The shelf life of this creamy concoction depends largely on storage conditions and whether the bottle has been opened.

If stored properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, unopened bottles will last up to 6 months.

does rumchata go bad

How Long Does RumChata Last? Does RumChata Go Bad?

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