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Chewy Goodness: What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like?

In Asia, rice cakes are a typical snack. They are made from steamed and pounded rice mixed with water or other liquids.

The texture can be described as soft or sticky but not wet.

Rice cakes come in many shapes and flavours; they can have some added ingredients such as sweetened beans, sesame seeds, black pepper grains.

So what do rice cakes taste like? Luckily, we’re about to find out.

What are Rice Cakes?

what are rice cakes

Rice cakes are a popular Korean food, and they are a healthier alternative to other snacks such as chips.

They can be eaten for breakfast with eggs or lunch on their own.

Rice cakes come in many colours, but primarily white rice cake is used in soups like Bibimbap and Juk.

There is also Red Bean Rice Cake which has been gaining popularity here in the States recently due to its heartier texture instead of the traditional White Rice Cake that crumbles easily when it’s cooked.

There are two main types of rice cakes: steamed (also known as boiled) and fried.

The difference between these two relies solely on how long you cook them.

If you want crispy ones, then pan fry them until golden brown.

Are Rice Cakes Good for You?

are rice cakes good for you

Rice cakes, made of brown rice, are healthier.

Rice grain is a good source of carbohydrates and protein.

Rice cakes are not very high in calories, but they have a decent amount of protein and vitamins, which helps to keep you full for more prolonged periods.

There is also no sugar or fat added when making rice cake products; this makes them healthier than most other snacks such as cookies, doughnuts, chips and pretzels that contain more processed sugars and fats.

Rice cakes are a quick and convenient snack because they’re filling, yet don’t usually contain the calorie-laden ingredients found in more indulgent foods.

In moderation, refined rice cakes can be healthy; however, adding nutritious toppings will help you balance your diet better.

Do Rice Cakes Make You Gain Weight?

do rice cakes make you gain weight

Rice cakes are low in calories (35 to 40 kcal per cake), and some varieties contain millet, sesame seeds, or other minor ingredients.

Rice cakes may be low in calories, but they do not make good weight-loss food.

After eating rice, the rise in blood sugar and insulin levels can cause weight gain rather than weight loss.

Eating just one or two rice cakes will not provide enough satisfaction for the person’s hunger, leading to obesity.

Many types of flavoured rice cakes have added fats and sugars.

Choose a “grainy” style for a more yummy flavour, and combine it with something high in protein.

Rice cakes might cause you to feel hungry because of their carbohydrate content, so try adding some other foods that will serve as your main meal, like ham, low-fat cream cheese or peanut butter.

What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like?

what do rice cakes taste like

The taste of rice cakes is not as flavorful compared to other snacks.

It can be a little bland and dry or a filling because they are high in fibre content for digestive problems or weight loss diets.

Though all rice cakes are made from pounded rice, their shape dramatically affects the texture.

Rice cakes come in two forms, while their compositions are different.

As opposed to the cylindrical rice cake, thin slices have slight chewiness because of their light and airy texture.

Moreover, adding toppings such as sesame seeds or seaweed to the rice cakes will also change their taste.

For example, the seaweed rice cake is salty and has a fishy taste.

Why is Rice Cakes So Chewy?

why is rice cakes so chewy

One of the keys to giving rice cakes their characteristic chewy texture is pounding a rice flour dough.

Rice cakes are often made by pounding a rice flour dough to give it its chewy texture.

Pounding the dough creates air pockets, and it is easier for water to penetrate these areas, making the cake chewy when cooked.

The other ingredients also contribute to this texture as well including tapioca starch and water.

What Do Puff Rice Cakes Taste Like?

what do puff rice cakes taste like

For many people, puffed rice cakes are best enjoyed as a light breakfast or snack.

They’re an easy way to get in your daily dose of whole grains while still feeling satisfied and energized.

Puffed Rice Cakes are delicious and have a light, airy texture.

They taste like lightly sweetened grains of rice cooked in oil until they puff up to nearly the size of an average person’s hand.

One can find them at most grocery stores in the cereal aisle, usually near other rice and breakfast cereals.

What Do Quaker Rice Cakes Taste Like?

what do quaker rice cakes taste like

Quaker rice cakes are a low-carb, gluten-free alternative to bread.

They have no added sugar and come in several flavours, including cheddar cheese, vegetable medley with herbs, and cinnamon apple.

The texture is a cross between a cracker and bread.

They are very crunchy, almost like eating a potato chip if they were round.

The rice cakes’ flavour can be pretty bland, but the different flavours help to compensate for that.

I prefer them over regular pasta or white bread because it’s less work to make and eat since all you have to do pop one in your mouth.

Quaker Rice Cakes taste great with hummus or peanut butter as well, so this snack could last throughout an entire lunch break or two.

How to Make Rice Cakes?

how to make rice cakes

No one would deny that rice cakes are an incredibly healthy and filling snack.

But where they get their name from is a mystery to many people – until now.

Rice cake refers to the Korean food called “tteok”. They are made from rice flour and water, then cooked on a stovetop or fried in oil before being steamed.

What makes these cakes so much better than other snacks is that they are gluten-free, low in calories, high in fibre and protein, and filling.

They are a perfect snack for those of us who want to diet but still have the occasional treat.

If you need an easy recipe, here it is:

  • Rice flour (100 grams).
  • Water (350 millilitres).
  • Sugar (optional).
  • Salt.
  • Tapioca starch.


  • Soak the rice flour in water for two hours to make a dough.
  • Add salt, sugar and Tapioca starch into it until you reach your desired consistency before rolling them out as thin circles or rectangles by hand.
  • Cook on the stovetop at medium heat with the lid on (for about five minutes) or fry over low-medium temperature oil for three minutes on each side. Then steam for ten more minutes if they are square-shaped while still hot from frying, else wait until cool before cooking them all together). Tteok is ready. Eat up.
  • These cakes can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge to last much longer.

How to Add Flavor to Rice Cakes?

how to add flavor to rice cakes

Whether you are cooking for a small family or having enough food to feed an army, rice cakes can be the perfect side dish.

But what is it that makes them even better? Adding some desirable flavour with your creativity.

Here’s how:

  • Dip in soy sauce, teriyaki or other Asian sauces.
  • Spread them out on a baking tray and bake with some olive oil, salt and pepper until they’re crispy enough to your taste.
  • Cut up vegetables like carrots into bite-size pieces, add rice cakes for flavour as well as variety. Add spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg to the veggies before roasting. You can also roast sweet potatoes.
  • Use brown sugar instead of white sugar when making syrup for pancakes and waffles. This will change the colour from light beige to dark caramel while enhancing flavour without adding any additional calories – it’s all-natural.


Rice cakes are a delicious snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

They come in different flavours and textures, so you’ll never get bored with this wholesome food.

If you want to try rice cake for yourself, visit your local grocery store or Amazon.

Don’t forget about our recipe section on our website as well- we have plenty of recipes there if you need some inspiration.

what do rice cakes taste like

What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like? Do Rice Cakes Taste Good?

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