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Gastronomic Secrets: What Does Pangolin Taste Like?

Pangolin is a type of animal that lives in Africa.

It looks like an armadillo, but it’s not related to them.

They are mammals and have scales on their skin which makes them look like they’re wearing armor.

They eat what most animals do (grass, fruit, insects).

In this blog post, we will discuss what pangolins taste like, what they eat, and what their habitat looks like.

What is Pangolin?

what is pangolin

Pangolin is a small, nocturnal mammal that lives in tropical climates.

It has tough scales over its body as armor and will curl into a ball when threatened to protect itself from predators.

The pangolin can live up to 40 years, with females producing one offspring every two years or more often if conditions are good – sometimes four per litter.

The gestation period is about three months, followed by another six weeks of being nursed (lactation).

When found at all, it’s usually just the mother on her own, which leads us to believe that they may be solitary animals who only come together for mating purposes.

There are eight different species of pangolins: Chinese Pangolin (Manis pentadactyla), Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata), Sunda or Malayan pangolins (M.

javanica), Tree pangolins, Philippine or Palawan pangolin (M.

ciliogenesis) and African species – Black-bellied Pangolin (Phataginus tetradactyla) and White-bellied Pangolin (P. tricuspidens).

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has now declared all eight species as endangered, with four out of five being classified as critically endangered due to illegal poaching for their meat, which is considered a delicacy in some cultures worldwide, particularly East Asia.

Is Eating Pangolin Illegal?

is eating pangolin illegal

The pangolin is an endangered mammal, so eating or trading it can lead to stiff penalties.

The international body that regulates wildlife trade made a special exemption for the sale of African Pangolins caught in Africa to meet demand from Asia and other regions where they are prized as a delicacy.

This means that the pangolin is now a much sought-after item in Africa.

Poachers, often armed with rifles or other weapons and using their knowledge of tracking, have been killing them at alarming rates to meet demand abroad.

Some estimates say as many as one million African Pangolins were killed between 2010 and 2015 because there was no international trade ban on it until 2016.

It’s also illegal for people to purchase this animal from sellers not by CITES regulations (though enforcement can be difficult).

If you’re considering eating an endangered species like the pangolin–or any other food product sourced illegally.

It would be wise to think about what you could do instead: donate money or time to help conservation efforts.

Why are Pangolins Endangered?

why are pangolins endangered

These animals live in Asia and Africa, but they’re now endangered because of the demand for their meat and scales as food or medicine ingredients.

Fashion designers also prize pangolin skins.

This has led to over one million pangolins being killed every year.

The illegal wildlife trade is the biggest threat to pangolins today, and it’s not just happening at home.

The United States—the second-biggest importer of illegally traded animal products after China—plays a significant role in driving this trend towards extinction.

Another major threat comes from the fact that all eight pangolin species are now threatened with extinction.

Is Pangolin Good to Eat?

is pangolin good to eat

Pangolin means “scaly anteater” because it has scales on its body for protection against predators.

However, the pangolin’s specialty isn’t eating ants with their long tongue.

Pangolins don’t eat termites, though.

Instead, they protect themselves from the soldier termites by rolling up into an armored ball while chewing through woody materials, such as ant mounds.

The scale-covered skin of the pangolin is hard to cut through, so hunters use axes and machetes.

In the south of China and Vietnam, pangolin meat is prized as a delicacy.

In these two countries, it’s believed to have nutritional value, particularly for aiding kidney function.

One restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City serves various exotic meats, but its priciest menu item by far is a pangolin.

Customers must make a deposit upfront and give several hour’s notices so that an employee can kill one at their table.

Believe me when I say they put on quite a show; you’ll see them slice open this creature while keeping your appetite right where it belongs: whetting your curiosity over how such things are done without going hungry yourself.

Pangolins are often killed live-on-premises because many diners believe that this way, the meat tastes better.

What Does Pangolin Taste Like? Does Pangolin Taste Good?

what does pangolin taste like

The pangolin animal has an appearance similar to that of the anteater or armadillo.

The meat of the pangolin tastes very gamey because it eats so many insects.

It isn’t easy to describe the taste of pangolin because it tastes so different from other meats while still being meat.

People like this animal usually compare its flavor and texture to that of pork, while those who don’t enjoy eating it often consider its taste similar to beef or lamb with a strong smell.

Meat has been used as an ingredient in dishes worldwide for many years, but now due to conservation efforts, people are less likely to purchase this type of meat at restaurants or grocery stores.

Pangolins have long claws on their front paws, which they use primarily when climbing trees and defending themselves against predators such as tigers and lions.

Despite this defense mechanism, they’re still hunted for food in many cultures worldwide or captured alive just so that they may be sold on the black market as exotic pets because of how unique these animals are.

How Much Does a Pangolin Cost?

how much does a pangolin cost

Pangolins are expensive creatures, costing anywhere from $24 to $38.

They can cost up to $350 in China and Taiwan, although prices vary by region.

A pangolin costs an average of only about a hundred dollars on the black market because they’re so hard to get their hands on without resorting to illegal trade tactics such as smuggling them in suitcases or stuffing them in to cooking pots.

The price also varies depending upon what part of Africa it is found and how much bigger its size is.

Smaller animals typically don’t go for more than 150 euros, while larger ones may sell for nearly 3000 euros each.

While this might sound like a lot, these fascinating animals are worth every penny, considering that they are the most trafficked mammal on Earth.


In conclusion, the pangolin is considered to be a delicacy in many Asia countries.

The taste of pangolin meat is a bit hard to describe, it’s quite gamey in flavor, but the texture can be compared to veal.

The meat is often considered a rare dish because it’s not available in many restaurants or stores.

We wouldn’t recommend anyone to try the dish because it’s illegal and many other dishes they could enjoy.

what does pangolin taste like

What Does Pangolin Taste Like? Does Pangolin Taste Good?

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