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Is Miso Soup a Wise Choice on the Keto Diet?

According to the NY Times, the Keto diet has taken over the fitness world.

The hype of the low in carbs and high-fat diet does not seem to end.

The curiosity about what you can eat in a keto diet is natural.

The craze for a low-carb diet started in the 1970s with the Atkins diet, per the study by Harvard School of Public Health.

In this article, we will discuss, is miso soup keto?

Is Miso Soup Keto Friendly?

It won’t be right to start without understanding the core of the topic. The characteristic of keto-friendly food is it should be deficient in carbs.

Plus, it should have the right amount of proteins and good fats. 

The LA Times explains Miso soup as a combination of fermented soya bean paste called miso and dashi.

It is crucial to break down the nutritional values of miso. To help us understand whether miso is keto or not.

The following approximate values are from Healthline according to per ounce.



Net Carbohydrate

7 grams


3 grams




2 grams



Interestingly the fermentation process brings out the good bacteria called probiotics.

It is said to boost digestion and assimilate and absorb nutrients faster to the body.

The amount of good fats falls short in comparison to the carbs. Study even points out that miso is not free of carbs.

When compared to other food items, the level of carbs is low. However, keto diet functions on the philosophy of high-fats, moderate proteins, and low carbs.

We can’t miss out on the healthy benefits of miso. However, from the perspective of a keto diet, the fats are too low while the carbs tower over it.

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