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The Divisive Fruit: What Does Durian Taste Like?

Durian is a fruit that comes from Southeast Asia.

It has a strong, musty smell and tastes sweet with an onion-like flavor.

The texture of the flesh is creamy and smooth, with many large seeds about 1 cm in diameter dispersed through it.

Durian trees are large enough to be grown in gardens or on patios in temperate climates.

This article will discuss what durian fruit is, what durian tastes like, and how to eat it properly.

What is Durian Fruit?

what is durian fruit

You’ve probably never heard of Durian Fruit before, and if you have, then it was most likely because someone dared you to eat it.

The fruit is a southeast Asian delicacy that has been banned from public transportation in many countries due to the unpleasant odor they emit while ripe.

Durian fruit comes from a species of tree called the Durio zibethinus, native to parts of Indonesia and Malaysia.

The durian has been cultivated in these regions for over 400 years now despite being considered an invasive species.

Some estimates say that it makes up around 50% of the region’s total number of trees today.

It has no season; it can be found all year round at your local grocery store or farmer’s market.

Durian Fruit looks like an oversized green football ripening into yellow-orange flesh with either a creamy white or yellow custard texture inside its shell when ripe.

Spikes of the outer shell are razor-sharp, so it’s best to pick these with gloves on.

A single durian consists of 5 lobes with an edible inner flesh that ranges in color from creamy white at its most immature stage to deep yellow at its most ripe.

You can eat the durian as a whole or use it in desserts or to fill for cakes.

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Durian Fruit

health and nutritional benefits of durian fruit

Durian fruit is said to be the king of fruits.

It’s popular in many Asian countries, but it has a pungent smell that some people don’t like.

Durians are very nutritious and healthy because they have an abundance of vitamins K, A; minerals such as iron and calcium; Omega-K, and protein.

Durian fruit is very high in antioxidants which help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, skin inflammation, and many other conditions caused by oxidative stress.

The nutrients found in durians also have strong anti-inflammatory properties to protect your arteries from clogging up with cholesterol deposits.

Antioxidants can even repair damage from aging cells or sun exposure on the skin.

In addition, durian contains vitamin C, which helps maintain a healthy immune system for you, so you’re less likely to get sick all year round.

Durian is also high in potassium which helps control blood pressure levels and prevents heart disease.

It’s also a good source of fiber, vitamin A, magnesium, and copper, so your body gets all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

The fiber content in durian is high enough to help with weight loss and also prevents constipation.

In addition, the fruit’s low sugar content can be beneficial for those who have diabetes or have blood sugar disorders.

How can you take advantage of these benefits? For example, you could eat durian fruit as part of a meal or snack throughout the day – put some fresh slices on yogurt for breakfast, mix chopped durians into an oatmeal shake with milk.

Is durian illegal in the US?

is durian illegal in the us

Most people have never heard of the fruit before and are surprised when they learn how delicious it is because many countries ban them for their notoriously stinky smell.

They’re not prohibited on a federal level; however, there may still be local laws prohibiting its sale or consumption depending where you live, which can make finding one quite tricky if you don’t know the rules.

Varieties of Durian Fruit

varieties of durian fruit

There are many different types and varieties of durians.

There is a rich, creamy texture with complex flavors that can change throughout one fruit depending on what stage it’s at in its ripening process.

In addition, durians have a robust pungent aroma, which can be pleasant or repulsive to some people.

The most popular variety of durian is the Mao Shan Wang, but there are many other varieties as well:

1 – D101 – Mildly sweet &, Buttery.

D101 has a taste that is mildly sweet and buttery with light creaminess.

It also has a soft texture with low bitterness levels.

These Durians tend to be milder than those grown in Pahang due to their proximity to the sea air, making them less acidic and more susceptible to pests.

2 – D13 – Fragrant, sweet, sticky.

– Type: D13 is very fragrant with an intense sweetness level stickier than many other Durians.

These have a medium bitterness level and are often consumed by people who like to eat them with sweet sauces such as honey or sugar syrups.

3 – Tekka – Sweet, floral.

Tikkas tend to be sweeter than the D13, but they also have more acidity, which gives it an astringent flavor when unripe.

When ripe, this type of durian has a strong fragrance similar to roses and flowers, making it popular among women due to its ability to mask bad breath for up to six hours after consumption.

It also tastes slightly sour at first before mellowing out into being sweet again.

4 – D24 Sultan – Bittersweet, creamy.

This type of durian is also called the Sultan Durian due to its popularity in Penang.

It has a rich, slightly sour taste that becomes very creamy as you chew it and are often eaten with sugar or honey.

Some people even eat this fruit raw without cooking it first because boiling can cause an unpleasant smell.

D24s have a sweet aroma that may be mistaken for another more expensive variety of durian, depending on where they were grown and harvested.

What Does Durian Fruit Smell Like?

what does durian fruit smell like

Durian fruit is considered one of the most pungent-smelling fruits because it has a strong, sweet, and slightly rotten odor.

The smell becomes more powerful when they are peeled or cut open.

While many people in Asia find durians to be a delicacy, many Westerners find the smell to be gag-inducing.

The most common ways that people describe the durian fruit are as follows: “stinky,” “rancid butter,” and “sharp cheese”.

Some cultures even liken it to animal feces or burnt rubber tires.

It’s a unique smell that can be off-putting to some.

Hence, it’s no wonder that durian fruits are banned in many hotels, public transportation, and schools.

What Does Durian Fruit Taste Like? Does Durian Fruit Taste Good?

what does durian fruit taste like does durian fruit taste good

Locals often decide whether or not they want to buy a durian by smelling it first.

Strong-smelling durians are typically better tasting. Durians are typically described as “rich” or “creamy”.

Yet, they’re also so light to eat because there isn’t much flesh surrounding them (which is why some people say eating one feels more like indulging in an expensive dessert than consuming a hearty meal).

They taste kind of similar to vanilla ice cream when first bitten into; however, this sweetness quickly dissipates and leaves behind solid notes reminiscent of butter, licorice root extract, roasted nuts – almost anything savory.

The flesh of the durian is eaten raw or cooked.

Locals often use it to flavor their dishes, while others consume it for its medicinal properties, including high blood pressure and fever treatment.

How to Eat Durian?

how to eat durian

If you want your durian experience without any hassle, here’s what you do.

To cut open a durian fruit:

  1. Cover your workspace with newspaper.

2. Look for “seams” in the durian shell that grows in on each other.

3. Use a sharp knife to dig into the fruit along these seams, and then pry it apart using your hands.

4. Repeat this process until all sections of the fruit have been opened up.

The edible portion of the fruit is ovoid fruit-like pods located at the center of each wedge.

Durian has a custard-like texture, so it’s easy to tear apart and eat with your hand.

Eat durians as soon as possible after being opened up because they can spoil quickly in warm weather or if left uncovered.

How to Store Durian Fruit?

how to store durian fruit

When storing durian fruit, it is essential to consider the environment.

Durians are sensitive and should be stored at a stable temperature with low humidity levels.

Durians are best stored at temperatures between 55-76 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidities of around 70% or more.

The high sugar content can attract pests like ants and flies, and the fruit should be stored away from these.

The fruits are best served chilled for freshness and flavor.

However, they can also be frozen to preserve them for later use.

Suppose you do not plan on eating all of your durians at once or don’t need all that sugar in one sitting.

In that case, it is best to freeze them to maintain their quality longer than just refrigerating or storing them without any preservation techniques.

Durian is known to have a strong odor at room temperature.

Therefore, put your durian in an airtight container before refrigerating or freezing it to avoid the fruit’s natural smell escaping into your fridge.

Where to Buy Durian Fruit?

where to buy durian fruit

Durian is a delectable fruit with an infamous reputation.

Many people have heard of the “stinky durian” and are not afraid to try it, but others don’t know where or how to buy one from their local grocery store.

The fruit can be purchased at many Asian supermarkets and some specialty stores like Trader Joe’s in America.

They should be sold whole for you to cut into slices before eating, but you can also find durian ice cream and cakes if you are not interested in eating the fruit itself.

They are usually found on display near other produce like fresh mangos or pineapples.

They should be sold whole with a plastic wrap around them to keep their pungent odor from spilling out into the store.


Have you ever tried durian fruit? This delicacy is a boon for those who love its unique, robust flavor.

Durians are grown in Southeast Asia and Malaysia, where they’re considered the king of fruits.

It smelled like onions (potent) but tasted sweeter than anything else on earth.

My taste buds were blown away by the intense flavors that came through with every bite, but some people don’t agree with me because their noses pucker up at the smell alone.

You have to try it yourself to make your judgment about durian fruit.

what does durian fruit taste like

What Does Durian Fruit Taste Like? Does Durian Fruit Taste Good?

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