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How Long Do Dried Peppers Last? [Shelf Life Guide]

Dried peppers are a great way to add a little spice to your food.

They can be used fresh or they can be dried and stored for future use.

They come in many varieties, such as jalapenos, habaneros, and ghost peppers.

If you’re wondering how long dried peppers last or how to store dried peppers properly, so they don’t go bad, this post is for you.

What Kind of Chiles Can You Buy Dried?

what kind of chiles can you buy dried

There are many types and colors of dried hot chili peppers available to buy online or at your local specialty grocery store.

The heat level can vary depending on what type of peppers you buy or use, so adjust the amount accordingly to suit your taste buds.

Remember that dried peppers are much more potent than fresh ones and require a lot less flavor.

  • Trinidad Scorpion Butch T: This fiery pepper is available in powdered form. It’s so spicy. It comes with a warning label.
  • Guajillo Chile: The subtle flavor of this chili makes it ideal for sauces and salsas.
  • Cayenne Pepper: These peppers are well known for their heat level; they’re perfect for livening up soups or stews as a last-minute addition to the pot.
  • Anaheim Chili: With its mild taste and meaty texture, Anaheim chiles are often cooked before eating raw in salads or chopped into salsa verde.
  • Poblano Chilies Roasted & Dried: Rounder than other varieties of dried red chili peppers, these chilies are often roasted and peeled before being dried.
  • Thai Chili: These chilies are so mild that they’re used as an ingredient in Thai dishes to add flavor.

How to Use Dried Peppers in Recipes?

how to use dried peppers in recipes

Fresh peppers are always best, but you may have a few questions when it comes to dried peppers.

At first glance, they look like shriveled-up carrots and celery (which is close), but the flavor of these peppers will be different than fresh ones.

Dried chilies, in particular, offer an earthy, smoky aroma that can boost dishes such as black beans or soups with a tomato base.

The heat level from drying them depends on how long they were left out before being processed into flakes, powders, or ground for chili’s – so if you’re sensitive to spice, this might not be your best bet.

When using dried peppers in soups, you won’t need to add much liquid and can simmer the soup at lower temperatures than when cooking with fresh ones since they’ll release their flavors over time instead of upfront.

The following is a list of dried peppers and what they are best suited for:

Poblano – A sweet pepper with smoky, earthy flavors that can be used in black bean dishes.

This pepper can also be roasted or made into Romesco sauce.

Anaheim: Slightly spicy with hints of sweetness which make it perfect for turning into chili powder or adding flavor to rice dishes like arroz con pollo.

Ancho: Mild with a fruity and earthy flavor, perfect for stews, chilies, or things like mole sauce.

Thai Chili: If you’re looking for some spiciness and flavor without the heat, these are your best bet.

Thai chilies have a fruitier taste than other dried peppers.

Jalapeno: A spicy but rich-tasting pepper perfect in Mexican dishes from tacos to enchiladas with its earthy flavors (though it can also add spice).

How to Store Dried Peppers?

how to store dried peppers

Dried peppers are a favorite around the world.

They can be found in every cuisine and provide an extra layer of flavor to dishes that often lack.

The color is also a great way to add some visual flair.

But how do you store dried peppers? Here we will show you everything you need to know about storing your dried pepper collection:

  • Store in a dark space, preferably without much light exposure. This will help to preserve the color of your pepper and keep them fresh for years.
  • Keep humidity levels low during storage. Humidity can lead to mold growth, which is never good for any food product.
  • Store at a cool temperature. Dried peppers are not very tolerant to high heat and can be damaged by it, which will lead to them losing their flavor.
  • Store in airtight containers. This will ensure that your dried peppers are kept fresh and protected from any outside contamination, pests, or insects.

Dried pepper storage is a big part of the fun when it comes to cooking with them.

Follow these tips for storing them properly, and you’ll always have the perfect dried pepper on hand whenever you need one.

How Long Do Dried Peppers Last?

how long do dried peppers last

Dried pepper shelf life varies by type of pepper.

Peppers like the jalapeño, cayenne, and serrano will only last for one year before they go bad, while a bell or banana pepper can stay good for two years.

Generally speaking, dried peppers should last about one year before they start to go bad.

If you’re going to use them for longer than that, it’s best to keep the temperature at around 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

You should consume the dry pepper within three to six months after opening it because that’s when its flavor is at its best.

Throw out any jarred chilies that are discolored on their surface or have mold growing inside them even if you’ve eaten some with no problem.

This is extra careful not to get sick from spoiled food.

How to Tell if Dried Peppers are Bad?

how to tell if dried peppers are bad

Peppers are a great way to add spice, flavor, heat, and nutrients into your diet, whether eaten fresh or dried (and even pickled).

But they can go bad, and you want to make sure you know how to tell if dried peppers have gone bad before using them in your cooking.

Here’s what it looks like when the pepper has spoiled:

  • The color is off or faded (should be deep red).
  • The pepper is shriveled.
  • The pepper has a slimy coating or mold growing inside the jar, bag, or container.
  • They may have a strong, off-putting smell.
  • If you notice insects in the container, jar, or bag.
  • If you notice a broken seal on the packaging.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to toss the pepper.

Dried peppers can be stored for about a year in an airtight container or bag in your pantry; make sure they are completely dry before sealing them up.

do dried peppers go bad

How Long Do Dried Peppers Last? Do Dried Peppers Go Bad?

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  • Dried peppers
  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
  • Labels and markers


  • Read the guide thoroughly to learn how long it lasts.
  • Label your container with the content and date and keep track of how much you’re using!
  • Make sure to store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (pantry or fridge).
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