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How Long Does Chardonnay Last? [Shelf Life Guide]

Chardonnay is a type of wine that originates from the Burgundy region in France.

Chardonnay wines are typically dry, with flavors of fruit and oak.

Chardonnays range in color from golden to light straw-yellow.

The alcohol content can vary depending on how it’s made but usually falls between 12% – 14%.

This article will provide information about how long Chardonnay lasts, how to store Chardonnay properly and how to tell if your Chardonnay needs to be replaced.

How to Pair Chardonnay?

how to pair chardonnay

There are many different ways to pair Chardonnay with food.

One of the most popular is pairing it with mushrooms and cheese, which satisfies both those who like a light wine and more robust tastes.

Other good options include chicken dishes or seafood such that fish will go best if buttery sauces are avoided in the cooking process not to overpower its natural flavor profile.

Poultry can be paired by adding bacon bits for additional depth.

At the same time, lamb goes better when seasoned simply before roasting on high heat until browned slightly but still pink inside, then drizzled generously with honey tahini sauce.

You can also try pairing Chardonnay with cheese and crackers or even chocolate.

The wine will also pair well with many pieces of bread such as brioche, French bread, challah loaf, and sourdough.

It is important to note that some types of cheeses are more conducive than others when pairing them with wines in general.

For example, if you put blue cheese on your plate, the strong flavor will overwhelm the rest of your food.

A milder cheese like Havarti works better because the creaminess offsets its other flavors without overpowering them too much.

If you are selecting a wine to go with this cheese and want something with a distinctive nuttiness, choose one from Switzerland’s Emmentaler.

This is balanced out by an earthy quality in New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, for example.

How to Store Chardonnay?

how to store chardonnay

Chardonnay is a white grape that can be stored in many different ways.

The most common way is to store Chardonnay wine in an excellent, dark spot like your basement or cellar.

However, if you don’t have the space for this, then an alternative option may be storing it on its side in the fridge.

One major drawback of refrigerator storage is that wines often get too cold and can develop off-flavors when stored near refrigerated foods such as cheeses and fruit salad dressings.

To store Chardonnays for later consumption at their best, it is essential to avoid temperatures that either dip below 45 F or get too high above 70 F.

Keep the bottle in the middle of temperatures and make sure the cork on your wine remains moist so as not to dry out.

How Long Does Chardonnay Last? Does Chardonnay Go Bad?

how long does chardonnay last

Chardonnays are typically consumed with lighter fare, such as fish or seafood.

The wine itself has fruity flavors and can be described as dry on its finish; it’s often light-bodied too.

To sum it up, Chardonnay has a shelf-life of anywhere between two and seven years.

Bottles that are adequately stored will typically last for five to seven years before they go bad.

Smaller bottles can keep longer than larger ones because the air inside can circulate better without being trapped in corners or against the cork or top of the bottle, leading to spoilage.

If you’re looking into buying large quantities, do some research on storing wine on your end first so that you know what precautions need to be taken beforehand.

Once opened, Chardonnay will last anywhere from 5 days to 7 days in the fridge.

Even though it may not last as long as other wines, Chardonnay is still a great wine to have on hand for when you want something that’s lighter and less complex than Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir.

Chardonnay can be found at most grocery stores except Whole Foods Market, which only carries California-based vineyards.

How to Tell if Chardonnay is Bad?

how to tell if chardonnay is bad

When it comes to Chardonnay, the most common question is how do you know when a bottle has gone bad?

The answer can be tricky because several factors affect how quickly the wine will spoil.

Here are some questions to ask when deciding whether or not Chardonnay is good:

Has it been stored incorrectly – for example, in direct sunlight or on its side?

Is it still sealed and has all the original labels intact?

Does it have an unpleasant smell like vinegar, moldy cheese, wet dog fur, or rotten eggs? If so, you should discard this bottle immediately.

It may also give off a sour or yeasty smell, which signifies that the wine has developed Lactobacillus.

Is it made from oak? If so, be sure to check for any off-flavors like vanilla extract and wet cardboard – if you detect these flavors, then discard this bottle.

If none of those factors are present, make sure you give the Chardonnay time to “breathe” by opening up the seal after 24 hours and see how it tastes.

does chardonnay go bad

How Long Does Chardonnay Last? Does Chardonnay Go Bad?

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  • Check the u0022Best-by-dateu0022 to know when it expires.
  • Make sure to store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (pantry or fridge).
  • Always check for signs of spoilage before using.
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