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Best Roaster Oven Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

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Roaster ovens are handy cooking devices for small kitchens or just people who do not want to invest a lot of money on the traditional ovens.

If you move around a lot yet love to cook, investing in the best roaster oven will be your best choice ever!

It is an electrical tabletop cooking device which helps you to roast food by evenly distributing the heat inside the chamber.

This cooking appliance consists of an electrically operated element and a removable, large pan which you can cover with a lid.

You control the temperature in this roaster oven with a dial control which usually allows for a heat range between 200 and 450 degrees for the purpose of roasting and baking.

Roaster ovens surprisingly can do a whole load of things from slow cooking (source) a stew to baking to roasting a whole turkey for Thanksgiving dinner (recipe).

It is important for you to invest in a good quality roaster oven because it will help you every time you are planning an elaborate dinner.

The quality roaster oven will help you retain more moisture in your food compared to the traditional ovens (source).

It will also give you a speedy heating hence a faster cooking time with additional cooking space on your kitchen counter!

5 Best Roaster Oven Reviews 2024

1 – Oster Roaster Oven (CKSTRS23-SB-W)

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If you love feasts, you will definitely find a reliable companion in Oster Roaster Oven 22 Quart (CKSTRS23-SB-W).

This little roasting wonder can easily accommodate a 26 lb turkey (guide) without any problem.

It comes with a stainless steel finish which adds to the décor of the kitchen besides effectively working to save time when cooking with the help of the self blasting lid.

With this, you do not have to baste your meat because the lid is designed to hold the moisture.

You can now cook any type of dish you want with the variable temperature dial control set with a temperature that ranges from as low as 150 degrees to a massive 450 degrees.

Easily clean your oven with the removable roasting pan and the roasting rack.

These pan and rack are also highly durable since they come in an enamel surface which are made of the best quality stainless steel.

Keep your kitchen clean and neat while you are busy cooking up your magic with meats, pies, cakes, slow cooks, etc.

The lids are designed to hold the juice and hence it prevents any steaming oils and spills from staining your kitchen counter surfaces.

It has continuous recirculation of moisture with the help of the self basting lid. It is highly versatile electrically operated roaster which roasts, slow cooks, bakes and even serves.

It keeps meals at the right temperature with the warming setting. You can easily clean the rack and roasting pan because it is removable.

You can easily accommodate up to 26 pounds of turkeys.


  • It’s highly durable
  • It sits comfortably on any type of surface
  • This cooks different types of food
  • It also prevents loss of moisture from food while roasting


  • Stainless steel material is used only on the outer body of the oven
  • Enamel starts to flake after repeated use

2 – Oster Roaster Oven (CKSTRS18-BSB-W)

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This Oster Roaster Oven 18 Quart with Self Blasting Lid is a really simple unit a dark black finish but cooks your 22 pound turkey to sheer perfection.

Since the oven is tightly sealed, it will help save a lot of effort and time in your cooking by keeping all moisture inside.

This wonder working unit comes in a size 18 quarts with a removable enamel pan for the purpose of easy cleaning.

We especially love the added bonus where the heat is distributed smoothly right across the enamelled surface of the rack for roasting purposes.

This one is a God sent for those of you who especially love baking. This compact device will also save a lot of space in your kitchen.

This unit works as a buffet server and comes with three different enamel on steel pans that you can remove easily for cleaning purposes. You will also love the additional features like roasting pan and rack.

Toss that hand baster because this self basting lid will continually keep recirculating the moisture, which eliminates time consuming and tedious hand basting for you. You can now concentrate on your other cooking.

You can fit up to 22 pounds of whole turkey. The roaster oven sized 18 quarts for roasts, slow cooks and bakes.

With the self blasting lid you can get delicious and tender roasts which recirculates all moisture. We love that it uses 36 % less energy compared to a traditional oven but saves 30 % of the cooking time.

You get fast and even distribution of heat with enamel on steel pan which is removable for easy cleaning.

You can set the temperature of cooking with variable temperature dial control from 150 to 450 degrees.


  • It has great capacity
  • It offers temperature control
  • The bottom does not get hot
  • It comes with liner pan, lifter rack


  • You will have to unplug in order to turn off
  • The lid is a bit thin

3 – Nesco 481825PR Professional Roaster Oven

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If you are looking for something versatile, then the Nesco Professional Stainless Steel 481825PR Roaster Oven is the perfect choice for you.

They come with a porcelain container for cooking.

This one is for those of you who want something tough because this unit is highly durable even with continued use.

They offer an innovative heating technology called the “circle of heat”.

With this, you can move the setting temperature from as low as 200 degree Fahrenheit to a massive 450 degree Fahrenheit.

Your food will be able to retain all its moisture with the snug coking lid and the heating circulating feature even cooks your food in no time at all.

You can easily remove all your hot food without waiting for it to cool down with the help of the metal inserts.

It is a roaster oven with 18 quart capacity. This means you can fit a 9 x 9 big cake pan or a muffin pan of 6 cups all at the same time.

Beginners will love the setting label mentioned according to the type of cooking which ranges from steaming to slow cooking.

They have an exclusive heating feature called “circle of heat”. The steel coated cook well can be removed. You can even adjust the thermostat to 425 degrees.

It has stainless steel lid and body and comes with a capacity of 18 quart.


  • This roaster is very sturdy and durable
  • You can adjust thermostat to 425 degrees
  • You can clean it quite easily
  • It exclusively features “Circle of Heat” heating element


  • Size of cooking is limited
  • The temp setting gets way to hot.

4 – Rival (RO180) Roaster Oven

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This 18 Quart Rival Roaster Oven in White is just perfect for small Thanksgiving get together with family and friends.

It can easily fit a turkey or any roast weighing 18 lbs and also includes other features available in top of the line electric roasters all for a fraction of a cost.

This oven works efficiently when it comes to holding the moisture in while the outside of the roasting unit stays completely heat free so there are no burning accidents.

The temperature starts from a mere 150 degree F to a massive 450 degree F.

It has amazing oven capacity which is at 23 x 17 x 9 inches overall. If you are a beginner, you will especially find it easy because it is absolutely user friendly.

We especially love the fact that it uses a massive 77 per cent less energy while cooking 30 per cent faster than your average oven.

They come with removable pan and steel rack for easy and simple cleaning. The temperature can be adjusted from a mere 150 degree F to 450 degrees.

It accommodates up to a 22 pound roasts and turkey. Get even and perfect heat distribution for perfectly tender and moist food.

It is a versatile roaster oven for the purposes of baking, roasting, cooking and warming.


  • Comes with a recipe book to get inspiration for cooking
  • The removable pan can also be used as a serving tray
  • It comes with baking feature
  • Large accommodation


  • Cord is very short
  • Not so easy to clean after use

5 – Oster (CKSTROSMK18) Smoker Roaster Oven

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As the name suggests, this Oster 16 quart smoker roaster oven CKSTROSMK18 Red Smoke is a large capacity appliance which works as an oven, slow cooking, steaming, and even as an outdoor smoker.

This powerful unit can easily expand all your culinary options.

This 16 quart unit lets you cook whatever amount of food you want – even a 20 lb of turkey roast.

This is an easy option for cooking feasts in the house and is equal to a second full size oven.

Besides the indoor capacity, you can even use it as a smoker for outdoor activities. This is something that you will not find in a majority of the roaster ovens.

The removable woodchip pockets are so convenient and you can choose whatever flavour you want from cherry, hickory, mesquite, etc.

Besides the functionality and the versatility of this unit, it is also a great addition to your kitchen counter with the attractive look.

This is a versatile electric roaster oven which serves as a slow cooker, roaster and smoker. It can hold up to a massive 20 pound turkey.

The temperature control can be adjusted which ranges from 150 to 450 degree F. It can be used for outdoor smoking with removable pockets which holds wood chips.

It gives easy cleaning with the removable rack and roasting pan with enamel steel coating.


  • Easily roasts Turkey up to 20 lbs
  • Wood chip pockets included in smoker
  • Easily cleans with the help of the removable oven base
  • Outdoor smoking option


  • Short power cord can be quite inconvenient
  • Metal cast gets hotter than normal 

What to Look for When Buying a Roaster Oven

Roaster ovens are a great investment for your kitchen and so when you shop for one, make sure you consider these factors to ensure better quality and value for your money.


You don’t necessarily have to buy the biggest size in the market. When you are out there looking for different options, keep in mind the kind of food that you would usually cook in the oven.

If you cater to a lot of family members or love roasting 26 pound turkeys than getting a large roaster oven would be your best option (source).


Usually, steel enamels enable optimum heat distribution inside the pot and also helps retain the heat better (source). The enamel and its quality will also determine whether you can clean it in a dishwasher or not.


Let’s get back to the turkey roast again! If you love roasting a turkey as much as we do, then opt for the ones with a high dome lid. You will be able to easily roast tall ham and any large food without any problem at all.

Temperature Control

Almost all of the roaster ovens come in a maximum temperature of up to 450 degrees. Additionally, you can typically set it as low as 150 degrees (source).

Again, you don’t necessarily have to go ahead and put your money on the highest temperature oven although that is not such a bad idea just to be on the safer side.

Ideally, we would recommend you to consider the kind of food you usually roast and pick your temperature options likewise.

Other Uses

It is always better to buy one with additional options so you can make more use out of it. One example is the buffet inserts which is a great option to use on taco bars, breakfast buffets, au jus and gravy, side dishes, party appetizers, etc.

Why You Should Buy a Roaster Oven

There are so many reasons why buying a roaster oven is a great idea for you. Besides roasting your food, you can also bake your favorite pastries.

If you are creative enough, you can even tweak your recipe here and there for a great barbecue feast at home.

Roaster ovens also are a better option if you want a great tasting slow cooked roast beef stew (recipe) that just melts in the mouth.

The thing is that it is safer to cook your slow cooked meals in these ovens because they are safer compared to using a stove top which can easily lead to burns if left unattended.


Why should you consider buying a roaster oven? Oh well – the benefits are just endless (source). For instance, it frees up the big oven in your kitchen and doubles as a handy device especially if you do not want to clean the bigger oven after roasting.

This is really easy to use and versatile to use with options like steaming, slow cook, bake, roast, outdoor smoker, keeps food warm and even doubles as a serving unit at the dinner table. You don’t need to hand bast your meat anymore because a majority of the roaster ovens has lid basters.

The Oster Roaster Oven 22 Quart CKSTRS23-SB-W is a great choice if you are looking for suggestions. It can easily accommodate a 26 lb turkey roast for thanksgiving, and it has great features like self basting lid, versatile uses, snug lid for keeping moisture in, etc. This is one of the most durable roasting ovens in the market right now which means you will get more value for your money with this one.

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