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Best Carbon Steel Pan Reviews 2024 – Top 5 Picks

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Sometimes the key to ensuring a good cooking procedure may lie on a simple yet overlooked aspect of your kitchen hardware.

Carbon steel pans are one such cooking accessory that can accelerate your cooking duration and also ensure a hassle-free process.

So, why carbon steel pans in specific? And what is the difference between carbon steel and the traditional iron pan?

Carbon steel pans, as the name indicates, are made from an alloy of carbon and steel.

These pans are distinctly more lighter than their conventional iron hardware counterparts and can be used ideally as a frying pan, but more importantly, they are considered one of the safest (non-toxic) cookware.

In addition to that, carbon steel pans are also known for their ability to withstand high temperatures, and also for heating up faster than other types of cooking equipment.

This makes carbon steel pans one of the most important cookware to store on your kitchen shelf.

However, if you go out in the market trying to purchase one, you will most probably get lost in the sea of abundant carbon steel pans

We have, thus, taken the liberty to list out some of the best carbon steel pans you can buy at the moment.

3 Best Carbon Steel Pan Reviews 2024

1 – Matfer Bourgeat 62005 frying pan

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When it comes to manufacturing premium-quality cooking pans, the French sit comfortably on the driver seat, and this carbon steel pan from Matfer Bourgeat is one of the prime examples of why the brand is considered one the best.

The pan is constructed with all-body premium-grade black carbon steel that ensures the highest level of durability and sturdiness, as well.

The black carbon steel material plays a key role in ensuring good heat absorption capacity and retains the majority of heat from the bottom as well.

The pan is constructed in such a way to ensure it can withstand exposure to high temperatures.

Also, the surface of the pan is designed ergonomically to distribute uniform heat throughout the corners to ensure even cooking, making it an ideal pan for searing as well.

This particular carbon steel pan also comes with a convenient handle to ensure maximum maneuverability and control, so you can move around the pan even at high temperature.

In addition to all that, this unit also comes with a wide variety of size options ranging from 8.6″ to 17.7″ as well.

If you’re particularly interested in a premium-grade cooking pan that works well with all hob types, the Matfer Bourgeat 62005 is the best option to consider. 


  • The black carbon steel retains good heat
  • The design is simple and ergonomic
  • The unit comes with a wide range of surface sizes
  • Suitable for all hob type


  • The pan is not exactly seasoning-friendly
  • The coating can be hard to remove

2 – De Buyer MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan

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Over the years, the name De Buyer has become famous with kitchen cookware products, primarily because they manufacture some of the best and “safest” cooking hardware.

This carbon steel pan comes with ample features that make it one of the easiest options to consider.

The pan is constructed using 99% pure iron and 100% natural material making it one of the safest and also the most eco-friendly cooking pan in the market.

Also, one of the unique and compelling features of this pan is that it has excellent protection against oxidation, making it an ideal pan for seasoning.

This feature is primarily attributed to the usage of Bee wax that De Buyer originally discovered as well.

The premium construction material of the cooking pan also makes it one of the most durable cookware capable of performing consistently well under any temperature exposure.

This mineral B round pan also comes with a warp-resistant construction material that prevents it from contracting under high cooking temperatures.

The two handles on either side are also built with convincing craftsmanship and provide optimum support and control even under high heat conditions.


  • It’s nice and heavy to handle.
  • The French craftsmanship makes it a class apart
  • It uses 100% natural, and 99% pure iron for its body construction
  • Extremely durable


  • Very expensive price.
  • The coating handle starts chipping off on high heat.

3 – Matfer Bourgeat 062003 Black Steel Round Frying Pan

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Another Matfer Bourgeat carbon steel cooking pan that gives you exceptional value for your investment is the 062003 steel round frying pan.

Similar to other products in the long line of carbon steel pans from Matfer Bourgeat, it is constructed using a black steel material that ensures superior heat absorption and retention capability.

The build quality of the pan is also rigid and guarantees a convincingly longer life span than most of its other counterparts.

The unit is considerably lighter than most frying pans, weighing just about 3.11 pounds (1.4kg), making it extremely easy for you to toss around the food while cooking.

The pan also has a uniformly flat surface that ensures the heat gets distributed evenly throughout.

The extra-long steel strip also ensures good control, so you can maneuver the pan around irrespective of the temperature below. In addition to all that, it can be used for almost all types of hobs, including induction as well.


  • The black carbon steel promotes good heat retention
  • The pan is lightweight
  • It can be seasoned and used as a non-stick pan
  • It does not warp under high heat


  • The build quality is not the most durable
  • The protective coating is difficult to remove


Having a high-quality carbon steel pan in your kitchen can prove to be an extremely handy thing, especially if you need to prepare food faster and also ensure you don’t face any difficulties while trying to clean it afterward.

If you are particularly confused about the three products mentioned above, we recommend you consider the Matfer Bourgeat 62005 Carbon Steel Pan as it provides an extremely good value-for-money and also ensures exceptional heating performance as well.

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