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Nutty Indulgence: What Does Amaretto Taste Like?

If you are fascinated with Italy, its landscapes, language, fashion sense, cuisine, and everything else, we recommend adding another item to your list. Amaretto.

Amaretto is a sweet and heady drink. It is a popular choice in Hollywood and the fashion world. It is also an essential drink stocked in everyone’s cabinet.

What does Amaretto taste like? It is pretty mild and sweet to taste. It is an essential ingredient in every popular cocktail mixes and drinks.

It is enjoyed by all and serves as a good ingredient in cooking recipes too.

Drinks similar to Amaretto are Triple Sec, Baileys Irish cream, and Kahlúa.

What is Amaretto? 

The origin of the name ‘Amaretto’ is from Italian, which means ‘a little bitter.’ It has its roots in a small province in Lombardy, Italy. Although the name suggests it as a bitter drink, Amaretto is actually sweet when you taste it.

Many people confuse Amaretto with another popular drink called Amaro which has a similar name. Unlike Amaretto, Amaro is very bitter in taste.

Initially, Apricot kernels were the main ingredients to make Amaretto, but now there are many variations of the popular drink.

You can drink Amaretto as a whole drink or mix it with other beverages. You can also incorporate Amaretto as an ingredient in your cooking recipes.

What Does Amaretto Taste Like? Does Amaretto Taste Good?

Amaretto, as the name suggests, means bitter. But when you take a sip of Amaretto, you will notice it is anything but bitter. In fact, Amaretto is quite sweet to taste.

There are many ways from where you can get the Amaretto drink. The most popular methods of deriving Amaretto are usually from apricot kernels, almonds, bitter almonds, and peach stones. All these have something similar.

They all contain the compound, Benzaldehyde. Benzaldehyde has an odor that is similar to the scent of almonds. The trademark of Amaretto is its almond-like odor.

It was one of the best-kept secrets of the Italian family, the Reinas. Now that the secret is out, many people can already guess the ingredients that Amaretto contains.

The family claims that Amaretto contains apricot kernels infused with oil, burnt sugar, ethanol, and around twenty types of selected fruits and herbs. Because of the apricot kernels, Amaretto stands out with its trademark Amber-colored drink.

It is interesting to note that, Amaretto is a popular drink showcased by actors drinking this trademark drink in the famous Italian mafia movie, The Godfather.

As mentioned, the primary purpose of Amaretto is to serve as a drink, but in the culinary world, it is an ingredient savored in many dishes.

According to Weight Loss Resources, a 100 ml of Amaretto drink contains

  • Around 350 Calories
  • Around 50 grams of Calories
  • Around 25 grams of Alcohol

If you take Amaretto in a moderate amount, it can prove beneficial for you.

It can relieve your stress and signs of anxiety. It can help decrease the symptoms of stroke and lower the chances of getting a stroke.

How to Drink Amaretto Properly? 

Originally Amaretto is enjoyed as a drink. There are many cocktails that you can make with Amaretto as the main ingredient. For instance, there is the famous Amaretto Piña Colada which contains light rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk, and Amaretto liqueur.

You also have the famous French Connection made with Cognac and Amaretto liqueur, an official cocktail selected by the International Bartenders Association (IBA).

For a cocktail to drink in Hollywood style, you can make this Godfather Cocktail made from Whisky, Orange twist, and Amaretto.

Aside from drinks, you can incorporate Amaretto in your cooking recipes. The most popular way is adding Amaretto as an ingredient in the famous Italian cake, Tiramisu.

You can add finishing touches to your pancake by making Amaretto syrup. You can also add Amaretto to your coffee to give it a strong flavor. You can add Amaretto into your whipped cream.

Please ensure that you use your bottle of Amaretto soon after you open it. It may lose its flavor if you keep it for a long time.

Excessive drinking of Amaretto or any kind of Alcohol can lead to health hazards.

Amaretto contains about 20 % to 25 % of Alcohol. Please drink Amaretto or any kind of Alcohol only when you reach the legal age in your country.

Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please refrain from drinking or using Amaretto in your recipes.


Amaretto is so special in Italy that every year 19th of April marks Amaretto day. This is the drink that makes Italy famous in the drinks and alcohol world. So, you can also celebrate with the people and show them how much you savor this drink.

We hope that this post will help you regarding Amaretto more and help you try out other drinks with Amaretto in them.


What Does Amaretto Taste Like? Does Amaretto Taste Good?

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