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A Taste of Tradition: What Does Mutton Taste Like?

As the rest of India are insane about watching cricket, India is also crazy about the mutton meat cuisine, although it’s expensive than the other meats. So what does mutton taste like?

One of the best ways to experience heaven is to taste the Indian Bengali mutton curry Kosha Mongsho; the mutton curry is spicy, crunchy, and mouth-watering because of its strong aroma.

Kosha Mongsho is just one among the delicious 30 Indian mutton cuisine. 

India ranks first position as the leading producer of goat population, according to the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying.

It is also a consumer of mutton meat, but the Republic of China stands at top no.1 in the world as the highest consumer. 

What is Mutton?

what is mutton

Mutton meat is always derived from goat meat, although Mutton meat is commonly known as goat meat in the United States of America, whereas it is popularly known as mutton meat in South Asia. 

Most people get confused between a lamp and mutton meat; lamb meat is generally less than one year, whereas mutton is preferably older than three years, although both are from the family of sheep.

Mutton meat is generally strong in flavor, and it is red. It demands to be marinated ideally for a night because of its unique smell. 

Mutton contains vitamins B-12, which is vital for producing healthy red blood cells; it has iron; zinc helps build a robust immune system, and potassium, which helps control high blood pressure.

What Does Mutton Taste Like? Does Mutton Taste Good?

what does mutton taste like

Recent convert- non-vegetarian might be confused with the taste of beef meat and mutton meat since both are red meat with rich components and vital fiber.

Mutton meat tastes like a crossbreed between beef and pork. 

One can also be jumble with duck meat, ideally older duck, because of its dark and thick layers of meat.

Veal and mutton taste similar as they are from the same family of Bovidae

Mutton is also known as “Chevon” in North America; it has its origin with the French language as Chevre( French for goat) and Mouton( French for mutton).

In Germany, mutton meat is called Hammelfleisch. 

Not all mutton meat tastes the same, it can vary from farming to breeding structure, and mountain goat taste differs from the plain rearing goat.

Mountain goat is a juicer, less saturated fat, and tastier, whereas plain farming goat tends to be less juicer and more fats than the former, although compared to other red meats such as pork and beef mutton tops as the healthier.

The diversity and variety of breeding can also depend on the rise of the consumer.

There is a vast potential for the mutton meat industry if produced more diversely. 

Compared with other meat such as pork, beef, and chicken, mutton is the healthiest among them.

It has the most proteins and vitamins with the lowest fats and cholesterol than beef, pork, and chicken. 

Mutton contains vitamins B-12- iron, zinc, potassium, and, which are also present in other meats but comparatively lower than mutton. 

How to Prepare and Cook Mutton?

how to cook mutton

The mutton cooking process demands extra attention because of its gamey components and rich fiber.

The popular and one can say the best way to cook mutton is to marinate the meat for a night to bring out the uncompetitive taste. 

Preparation of mutton is unique in every country from American burgers, and Indian style with varieties of spices added British roasts and Middle East stews. 

Generously used spices such as Coriander powder, cardamom, cloves, garlic, and ginger are magic tricks to increase the taste and the aroma. Marinate is a process of mixing the spices to make them more tender and juicy. 

It is such meat that demands constant attention while cooking, although marination does the trick.

Cook the meat at a high temperature until it takes out the juices and then lowers the flame to retain its tenderness. 

The confusing part while cooking mutton is when to add salt; applying salt at the wrong time can prevent its beauty; adding salt through the half of the cooking is the way to make the meat brownish. The marinated time depends on the cuisine.

Some of the known recipes are Galati kebab, Laziz handi, Mutton curry, mutton cutlets, Dhabi da keema.


Consumption of mutton meat is increasing steadily; in recent years, the country popularizing mutton is America.

It is mainly used for making cheese and milk but not famous for meat-eating. 

Mutton is goat meat; farming goat meat is friendly and considered a healthy choice according to the studies made by Prairie View A&M University.

what does mutton taste like

What Does Mutton Taste Like? Does Mutton Taste Good?

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