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How Long Does Chicken Salad Last? [Shelf Life Guide]

Chicken salad is a dish that contains white meat like chicken, mayonnaise, and dressing.

The ingredients are combined to create a delicious meal.

There are so many variations of making chicken salad, but one thing remains the same – how long does chicken salad last?

In this post, we will answer this question by discussing how to store chicken salad and how to know if it needs replacing with new food.

How to Store Chicken Salad?

how to store chicken salad

The chicken salad is an excellent option for summer food.

It can also be served as a party appetizer because it’s easy to eat, and you don’t have to cut the pieces into small sizes like with other finger foods, such as chips or crackers.

Usually, there are two ways to store chicken salad.

The first option is the simplest one, and it’s called refrigerator storage.

You can just put it in a container, cover it with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and keep it for up to three days at a refrigerated temperature between 40 degrees F (or below) and 70 degrees F.

If you want your meat product to last longer than that, you need something more robust like vacuum packaging, extending its shelf life by as much as five times.

Another option is freezer storage.

This one is for people who like to stock up on food, have a big family, or plan to go somewhere without access to refrigeration (camping).

How Long Does Chicken Salad Last? Does Chicken Salad Go Bad?

how long does chicken salad last

The shelf life of chicken salad depends on a few factors:

  • Type of chicken salad (mayonnaise, mustard, or vinaigrette).
  • Refrigerator temperature.
  • Other ingredients in the dish or sauce used.

Chicken Salad Mayonnaise is more susceptible to spoilage than other types of salads because it contains raw eggs.

If not properly stored and refrigerated, mayo can cause bacterial growth that leads to food poisoning.

The shelf life for this type of salad will be lower than others due to less perishable ingredients like veggies and fruit.

Salads made without creamy dressings such as vinaigrettes are typically safer but still need to be refrigerated to maintain freshness.

In general, any chicken salad will last up to 4 days in the refrigerator.

Make sure to use a lid or container that is air-tight to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Don’t forget to label the container with the date you made it.

How to Tell if Chicken Salad is Bad?

how to tell if chicken salad is bad

When it comes to chicken salad, the critical thing is checking its consistency.

If it’s a little lumpy, that means the mayo-to-chicken ratio is off, and you should avoid dishing.

It also needs to be refrigerated as soon as possible because bacteria can grow in food if left out for too long.

Another sign is a sour smell, which means it’s gone bad.

A rotten egg-like scent might be another sign of spoilage as well as an increase in temperature, according to

As for the color, if you see that your chicken salad has turned brown or gray in some spots, then it might be spoiled.

If you spot mold, toss the salad because that’s a sign of spoilage.

It would be best if you also were on the lookout for bubbles and liquid separation in your chicken salad, as this could indicate it has gone bad.

Bacteria is one of the biggest causes of spoilage, so always check to make sure there are no signs or smells before eating.

does chicken salad go bad

How Long Does Chicken Salad Last? Does Chicken Salad Go Bad?

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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Shelf Life
Servings 1 Serving


  • Chicken salad
  • Air-tight containers
  • Labels and markers


  • Read the guide thoroughly to learn how long it lasts.
  • Label your container with the content and date and keep track of how much you’re using!
  • Make sure to store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (pantry or fridge).
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